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  • The study draws on recently gathered data about 210 employees of seven Taiwanese enterprises operating in the Northern Vietnam, including Hanoi, Bac Ninh and Thai Binh provinces. The data was analyzed using mean item score and Spear correlation matrix.

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  • How to Motivate Every Employee is a small but powerful book written to help managers like you utilize in your career the actions and motivational success strategies of world-class business icons, such as Disney, SAS Institute, Virgin Management Limited, Levi Strauss, Starbucks, Four Seasons Hotels, Capitol One, and more. In addition, there are creative, timely, and immediately applicable tips, tools, techniques, and suggestions—all presented in bite-size chunks— guaranteed to keep you and your employees from falling victim to mediocrity and complacency.......

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  • After reading this chapter, you will be able to: Define human relations and determine why its study is important; summarize early studies that laid the groundwork for understanding employee motivation; compare and contrast the human-relations theories of Abraham Maslow and Frederick Herzberg;...

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  • The purpose of this study is to explore the determinants affecting the employee motivation at Dong Nai University (DNU). The research result is a science evident for managers to improve the employee motivation. 250 participants working at DNU replied the questionnaire with 24 questions, but 202 questionnaires received were processed with SPSS 20.0. The primary sources of data collected from July 2017 to July 2018 at DNU using simple random sampling technique.

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  • .“In thinking about motivation from a management perspective, it’s very important to appreciate this point: You can’t motivate people, you can only influence what they’re motivated to do.” .This page intentionally left blank. .“When you look at personal growth as a motivator, you change the way employees think about their work, you help them become more capable, and you give them a meaningful purpose in coming to work.

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  • Objectives of researching the thesis topic: Providing an intensive on motives and employee motivation; on which, the thesis conducts the examination into the practical situations to to the improvements in Vietnam SOCs’ employee motivation neither macro-economic or micro-economic perspectives.

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  • Chapter 10: Motivating the workforce. This chapter include objectives: Define human relations and determine why its study is important, summarize early studies that laid the groundwork for understanding employee motivation, compare and contrast the human-relations theories of Abraham Maslow and Frederick Herzberg,...

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  • The research discusses that recession has not been particularly hard on T&D , but rather every area of the business. It also discusses how T&D is not the only element to provide motivation to employees but elements like recognition and progression are considered extremely important by employees. The findings provides new insights to the literature that is already present and can be investigated further with a larger sample size.  To consult more Economic essay sample, please see at: 113p nguyenyenyn117 17-06-2019 17 1   Download

  • This research investigates the key motivating factors of Thai employees in international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The results show that both intrinsic (x = 3.02) and extrinsic motivation (x = 2.50) affect these employees (on a Likert scale of 1 to 4). Importantly, the charitable purpose of the NGO has a clear bearing on the motivation of employees, as reported by 94.7 % of respondents.

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  • Human resource management - function of attracting, developing, and retaining enough qualified employees to perform the activities necessary to accomplish organizational objectives. Three main objectives:1) Providing qualified, well-trained employees for the organization. 2) Maximizing employee effectiveness in the organization.

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  • Accept the idea that the management function is getting things done through others. Accept the idea that you need them more than they need you. Recognize that the reward and punishments you get as a manger are not based on what you do, but on what your employees do; your employees are your score card. No matter what your style or skills or knowledge might be, their success or failure reflects upon you. If all of the preceding are true, then you will recognize that the only reason for being there as a manger is for you to do everything possible...

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  • Self-controlling over work can help people to actively carry out their work, flexibly solve problem and feel owning the result It highly and intrinsically motivates employees. But old style managers have tried to control what, when and how their people perform work. It causes contaminant in work place. Pressures for local responsiveness

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  • A De-motivating Experience (Sara’s loving of art in the class with Ms. Cumming on seventh grade and up setting with The head of art department by little regarding to Sara’s love of art) The Decline and Death of Motivation on the job Concentrate on assessment people and lose the sight of their effort. It may completely cut off opportunities for improvement. Performance Review can be De- motivating Simply grade employees’ performance. Focus on pay raise rather than employee’s abilities. One way lecture ...

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  • Chapter 16 covers the foundations of motivation and also incorporates recent thinking about motivational tools for today, including an expanded treatment of employee engagement. The chapter looks at new motivational ideas such as the importance of helping employees achieve work-life balance, incorporating fun and learning into the workplace, giving people a chance to fully participate, and helping people fi nd meaning in their work.

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  • Chapter 6 - Motivation. In this chapter, we will address the following questions: What is motivation? What three beliefs help determine work effort, according to expectancy theory? What two qualities make goals strong predictors of task performance, according to goal setting theory? What does it mean to be equitably treated according to equity theory, and how do employees respond to inequity?...

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  • The article shows the result of some surveys and research around how employees felt and behaved in job’s situations they were placed in, especially, when they were not in a good mood.The analysis has pointed out thatemployee engagement might seem like a frill in a downturn economy;it could make a big difference in a company’s survival, however.In a 2010 study, James K.

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  • After completing this unit, you should be able to: Identify the kinds of behaviors managers need to motivate in people, list principles for setting goals that motivate employees, summarize how to reward good performance effectively, describe the key beliefs that affect peoples’ motivation,...

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  • Chapter 2 - Individual behaviour and learning in organisations. This chapter describe the four factors that influence individual behaviour and performance, identify five types of work-related behaviour, define learning, describe the A-B-C model of behaviour modification, Explain how feedback influences individual behaviour and performance, identify five elements of effective feedback, describe the three features of social learning theory, outline Kolb’s model of experiential learning.

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  • Chapter 5 - Foundations of employee motivation. In this chapter you will learn: distinguish between content and process theories, compare the four content theories of motivation, discuss the practical implications of content motivation theories, explain how each component of expectancy theory influences work effort, discuss the implications of expectancy theory, explain how employees react to inequity, describe the six characteristics of effective goal setting.

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  • The main purposes of this study are: To estimate the wage regression in Vietnam, To examine the existence of gender and urban/rural wage gap, and to decompose these wage gaps to clarify whether there are wage discrimination in Vietnam throughout the wage distribution.

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