Performance and quality

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học 'Respiratory Research cung cấp cho các bạn kiến thức về ngành y đề tài:Anxiety is associated with diminished exercise performance and quality of life in severe emphysema: a cross-sectional study...

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  • Lecture "Software testing and quality assurance - Lecture 9: Web-Base application testing" trình bày các kiến thức: Test browser, môi trường web, performance testing, performance testing, webservice testing, regresstion testing, coverage testing, automation test,... Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

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  • Chapter 19 provides an overview of fi nancial and quality control, including Six Sigma, ISO certifi cation, and a new application of the balanced scorecard, which views employee learning and growth as the foundation of high performance. The discussion of hierarchical versus decentralized control has been updated and expanded.

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  • A pot experiment was performed according to a factorial randomized design at Aligarh to study the effect of 4 levels of gibberellic acid spray (0, 10-8, 10-6 and 10-4 M GA3) on the growth, leaf-NPK content, yield and quality parameters of 2 tomato cultivars (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.), namely Hyb-SC-3 and Hyb-Himalata.

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  • The present study aims to analyze the effect of school culture, motivation and principal leadership through teachers’ performance on education quality. It is specifically intends to identify the dominant variables affecting teacher performance.

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  • “Essentially, all life depends upon the soil. There can be no life without soil and no soil without life; they have evolved together.” - Charles E. Kellogg, USDA Yearbook of Agricul‐ ture, 1938. Natural processes and human activities alter the properties and quality of soils over time. The assessment of soil quality entails the evaluation of the capability of a soil to perform its functions not only in present scenarios but also how those functions can be preserved for future land...

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  • The Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council (FINHEEC) has conducted audits of the quality systems of higher education institutions (HEIs) since 2005. The goal of the audits is to support Finnish HEIs in developing their quality systems to correspond to the European quality assurance principles 1 and to demonstrate that Finland has competent and systematic national quality assurance in place for higher education. Under the Finnish Universities Act and Polytechnics Act, HEIs are responsible for the quality and continuous development of their education and other operations.

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  • There are many factors accounting for losses after rice harvest and occurs as as early as pre-harvest period and the next stage from harvesting to storage. the the appearance of cracks in the rice-harvest period reduces the yield. Grain can be damaged or lost quantity and quality due to inappropriate practice in the sun time, harvest, harvest, dam / mechanical drying, loading / unloading, transport, milling and processing storage conditions. Milling process is an important stage because it produces the final product (white rice). Post production lines of rice.

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  • efficiency and quality. NGOs should be involved as management partners of the government for the shrimp cultivating areas. This will help reduce social tensions among various groups in the cultivating areas and ensure participation of the poor communities in all activities including decision making process. 9. Financial Support: Farmers, depot owners, small boat owners and transporters suffer from lack of capital to perform fishing activities. They have to rely on informal sources such as middlemen and traders for credit at a very high cost.

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  • Ultimately, the individual must incorporate those ideas that are most appropriate and comfortable for them; an unnecessarily rigid program is bound to deliver sub-par results. Once a program is custom-tailored to an individual’s unique style, it’s vital that they get consistent reminders, support and follow-up accountability to ensure that they actually begin to use these techniques with their clients, referral sources and prospects.

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  • This practical book provides a step-by-step approach to testing mission-critical applications for scalability and performance before they're deployed -- a vital topic to which other books devote one chapter, if that. Businesses today live and die by network applications and web services. Because of the increasing complexity of these programs, and the pressure to deploy them quickly, many professionals don't take the time to ensure that they'll perform well and scale effectively.

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  • Health and Quality of Life Outcomes BioMed Central Research Open Access Testing the performance of the ENRICHD Social Support Instrument in cardiac patients Joseph Vaglio Jr*1, Mark Conard1,2, Walker S Poston1,2, James O'Keefe1, C Keith Haddock1,2, John House1 and John A Spertus1,2 Address: 1Mid America Heart Institute at St Lukes Hospital, Kansas City, MO, USA and 2University of Missouri, Kansas City, MO, USA Email: Joseph Vaglio* -; Mark Conard -; Walker S Poston -; James O'Keefe -; C Keith Haddock - HaddockC@umkc.

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  • We find a positive and significant relationship between the ROE of the appointing firm and the relative performance of the executive director‟s ROE. In terms of magnitude, a two standard deviations increase in the relative ROE of the company where director holds an executive position increases ROE of the appointing company by 0.035. This is a very substantial increase given that the average (median) ROE is 0.10 (0.12). We interpret this result as evidence that the appointing firm gains some of the director‟s human capital in the form of better quality...

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  • The ASRM meeting produced evidence that the current oversight of ART could be improved by the addition of insurance coverage for infertility treatments. Such coverage could promote the most medically appropriate procedures and reduce the incidence of multiple births with their accompanying risks and costs. Insurance coverage for infertility could also strengthen existing oversight and quality controls by requiring adherence to ASRM guidelines or performance of ART procedures only at clinics subject to SART standards.

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  • Concerns about the cost and quality of health care have resulted in a national effort to determine the health outcomes of medical and surgical services. This report concentrates on developing criteria that risk-assessment systems should meet to permit consumers to intelligently evaluate them. It also presents a comparison of several selected mortality prediction models.......

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  • This research aims to examine a model of relationships among service quality, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty in the Laos telecommunication sector. That addresses the lack of research of these relationships in terms of research setting and provides information for telecommunication companies in Laos improving their performance and competitive abilities.

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  • This paper presents the results of an empirical study on the relationship between quality management practices and competitive performance based on our framework to analyze the evaluation criteria for the Japanese Quality Award (JQA).

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  • This paper presents a new proposal model of predictor using FAR to elevating prediction performance and avoids extraction of the fixed set of FAR before prediction progress. Indeed, a modification tree structure of a FP-growth tree is used in fuzzy frequent itemset mining, when a new requirement raised, the proposed algorithm mines directly in the tree structure for the best prediction result.

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  • Performance Measurement: Accelerating Improvement is the first in a new series of reports by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), representing the latest phase of the ongoing IOM effort on health care quality. This report introduces a framework and implementation strategy for translating public and professional concerns about performance and accountability into measures of health care quality.

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  • This is accepted according to practical experience and the lack of scientific basis because of limited research on the surface layer quality of the products after EDM and the study is focused on the evaluation of the product quality in the final processing. This study is aimed at the investigation of performance and structure of the surface layer in hot-forging die following die-sinking EDM.

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