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  • This paper is aiming to point out some of the characteristics of the changing role of the government in this 38 years, devided into three different periods (the period of 1975 – 1985: time of recovering after wars; the period of 1986 – 2006: time of Doi Moi; and the period of 2007 – 2013: time of restructuring the economy), in terms of economic development. Using the paradigm shift approach, we call each period a paradigm, and try to apply the policy analysis perspective to each paradigm to understand and analyze the change in economic development via public policies.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'igniting innovation rethinking the role of government in emerging europe', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, cơ khí - chế tạo máy phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Contents: The Pendulum of Government’s Role in Business, The Roles of Government and Business, Interaction of Business, Government, and the Public, Government’s Nonregulatory Influence on Business, Government’s Regulatory Influences on Business, Deregulation.

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  • This article aims to illustrate the role of government in the implementation of CSR in the extractive industries. The extractive industries need support from the government to resolve various problems which have emerged in conducting their CSR.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "business ethics now" has contents: the role of government, blowing the whistle, ethics and technology, ethics and globalization, making it stick - doing what’s right in a competitive market.

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  • Contents: The Sustainability Imperative, The Natural Environment, A Brief Introduction to the Natural Environment, The Impact of Business upon the Natural Environment, Responsibility for Environmental Issues, The Role of Governments in Environmental Issues, Other Environmental Stakeholders, Business Environmentalism, The Future of Business: Greening and/or Growing?

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  • Chapter 39 - The economics of developing countries. In this chapter, you will learn to: Describe how the World Bank distinguishes between industrial advanced countries (high-income nations) and developing countries (middle-income and low-income nations), list some of the obstacles to economic development, explain the vicious circle of poverty that afflicts low-income nations, discuss the role of government in promoting economic development within low-income nations, describe how industrial nations attempt to aid low-income countries.

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  • The main goals of this paper is to contribute to clarifying the nature of these challenges, outlines possible policy answers and draws some implications for Korea. In the first section, the paper uses available internationally comparable indicators to review trends in the contribution of government research institutes (GRIs) to R&D and innovation activities.

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  • n the relations between/among agriculture, farmers and rural areas, farmers are the subject of the development process. The paper analyses the role of farmers as the subject and settle the relations between law and the self-governed institutions/mechanisms in new rural development.

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  • The dissertation clarifies theoretical issues about the role of provincial authorities; Overview of experiences of some provinces in the country on the role of provincial authorities in sustainable poverty reduction in mountainous areas of Nghe An province.

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  • The government revenue and expenditure are two key words frequently discussed in economic literature. In the context of Nepal both are increasing but increase in expenditure is rapid than the increase in revenue. Government expenditure if not matched with government income, it may have accompanied with economic evils. Revenue collection if not increased or managed in time, the amount of public debt will increase more rapidly in the future. In this connection, the volume of expenditure is increasing year after year due to the increased role of government in the economy.

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  • The thesis studies the nature of the relationship between universities and enterprises in research and technology transfer to find out the main barriers affecting the relationship that universities and businesses cannot solve to Since then, there should be support from the state.

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  • The promotion of structural reforms should be encouraged for existing social structures as well as for any forces that have been resisting the various reforms that have been implemented up till this time. In the process, Japan shall aim to significantly advance into becoming a society in which more people actively have a vision and dream for the future.

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  • This Institute of Medicine/National Research Council report was written in response to a congressional request that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) contract with the National Academies for a comprehensive study of gaps in public health protection provided by the food safety system in the United States. In particular, the study was to review the role of the FDA in ensuring the safety of the nation’s food supply.

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  • In order to answer how much government should tax, we must know the costs and benefits of taxation. The benefits result from the roles of government. The costs of taxation include: The direct cost of the revenue paid to government The loss of consumer and producer surplus caused by the tax The administrative costs of collecting the tax.

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  • This book began life in many scattered forms, including some of my earlier writings. But the central argument was forced into a unified form during a course of ten public lectures that I gave in the autumn of 1998 at the American University in Cairo. There I tried to explore some of the implications of the emergence of a single global economy, of globalisation or, in its most extreme form, the fusion of national economies.

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  • Transparency, predictability and longevity of government programmes are necessary if investors are to initiate a project in green technologies. For instance, the degree of high uncertainty in American Production Tax Credits (PTC) was a contributing factor to investor exit from the wind power sector, in particular - illustrating the importance for governments of ensuring that programmes are not subject to excessive policy uncertainty (see Figure 2). Retroactive policy changes regarding solar power projects in Spain have also been concerning investors.

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  • The objectives of the thesis research: Basing on the theoretical and practice research of countries and Vietnam today, the thesis proposes orientations and solutions to strengthen the role of the Government in social welfare for farmers in Vietnam in next years.

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  • Finally, stock exchange alliances and increasing collaboration is acting to improve governance standards globally. Through exchange alliances and initiatives to attract dual listings, exchanges are also helping to spread good governance standards globally. For instance, NASDAQ OMX has been active in providing counselling to exchanges in Eastern Europe and the Middle East on how to improve transparency and disclosure in their local market though sharing its experiences in this area.

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  • This paper contrasts actual practices of the role of board of directors in two banks with different ownership structures (i.e. a state-owned bank and a joint stock bank) to identify whether there is a difference in the role of board of directors associated with different ownership structures. The framework for evaluation is the OECD and Basel principles of corporate governance

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