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  • Lexieal disambiguation can be achieved using different sources of information. Aiming at high performance of automatic disambiguation it is important to know the relative importance and applicability of the various sources. In this paper we classify several sources of information and show how some of them can be achieved using statistical data. First evaluations indicate the extreme importance of local information, which mainly represents lexical associations and seleetional restrictions for syntactically related words. ...

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  • The present investigation was carried out In Bhiwapur panchyat samiti Nagpur district of Maharashtra state in 2016-2017, to assess the level of adoption and utilization of sources of information. Ten villages were selected on the basis of chilli cultivation. From each selected village fifteen respondents were purposively selected for the study. Thus, total150 farmers were selected for the study. The “Ex-Post-Facto” Facto design of social research was used for investigation. Data were recorded through interview schedule and analyzed to use appropriate statistical methods.

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  • You deal with information on a daily basis at work and at home. Most likely, you turn to specific sources for different types of information. This section provides a simple framework for looking at sources of information within a business. As you complete the activity, reflect on the sources you use at work. As a class, you will generate examples of sources of information that you would investigate for the Ferguson and Bardell, Inc. case study.

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  • Data can be defined as the quantitative or qualitative values of a variable. Data is plural of Datum which literally means to give or something given. Data is thought to be the lowest unit of information from which other measurements and analysis can be done. Data can be numbers, images, words, figures, facts or ideas. Data in itself cannot be understood and to get information from the data one must interpret it into meaningful information. There are various methods of interpreting data. Data sources are broadly classified into primary and secondary data....

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  • Livestock owners may come across large number of sources and channels of information but pursue only a few of them for seeking knowledge and information. The data was collected from 120 tribal livestock owners’ families of Pindwara and Abu road Tehsils of Sirohi district. It was observed that veterinary hospitals, farmer meeting and demonstration were perceived as most credible channels of information by the livestock owners with MPS 81.94, 73.33 and 70.00 respectively.

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  • The Internet revolution has been changing the fundamentals of the society. It changes the shape of communication and also trading process. It shifts closer and closer to vital sources of information and new trading environment by the name of "online trading".

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  • Airborne instruments designed for remote sensing of the surface of the Earth and its atmosphere are important sources of information regarding the processes occurring on Earth. This information is used widely in the fields of meteorology, geography, geology, and oceanology, among other branches of the sciences.

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  • Economic forces in mass media markets result in the undersupply of diverse sources of information, inadequate production of investigative "watch dog" news and the exercise of market power by media owners. · Increasing commercialism, concentration, consolidation and conglomeration undermine the ability of newspapers, television and the Internet to promote the robust exchange of views on which a vibrant democracy depends.

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  • This is a comprehensive source of information on the application of ion chromatography (IC) in the analysis of pharmaceutical drugs and biologicals. This book, with contributors from academia, pharma, the biotech industry, and instrument manufacturing, presents the different perspectives, experience, and expertise of the thought leaders of IC in a comprehensive manner. It explores potential IC applications in different aspects of product development and quality control testing.

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  • A more interactive approach that encourages users to develop critical-thinking skills would provide lasting value, while preventing them from becoming dependent on these portals for the correct answers. Developing other approaches requires a firm understanding of how students currently use the Internet for research. Consider the results of an informal questionnaire distributed by Angela Weiler in 1999 at SUNY College of Agriculture and Technology, Morrisville, NY.

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  • Sentiment classification is the task of labeling a review document according to the polarity of its prevailing opinion (favorable or unfavorable). In approaching this problem, a model builder often has three sources of information available: a small collection of labeled documents, a large collection of unlabeled documents, and human understanding of language. Ideally, a learning method will utilize all three sources. To accomplish this goal, we generalize an existing procedure that uses the latter two.

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  • This research investigates the current white spaces of green marketing and country of origin effects, where new research could contribute theoretical value. The conducted research examines American and Swedish consumers’ environmental awareness, willingness and initiative in contributing to their societies for future sustainability. Using a sample of 118 consumers from an intermediated questionnaire for the offline market, a conceptual framework was developed where the study created the foundation and reasonable support for the purposed framework.

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  • We demonstrate an information credibility analysis system called WISDOM. The purpose of WISDOM is to evaluate the credibility of information available on the Web from multiple viewpoints. WISDOM considers the following to be the source of information credibility: information contents, information senders, and information appearances. We aim at analyzing and organizing these measures on the basis of semantics-oriented natural language processing (NLP) techniques.

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  • Entity relation detection is a form of information extraction that finds predefined relations between pairs of entities in text. This paper describes a relation detection approach that combines clues from different levels of syntactic processing using kernel methods. Information from three different levels of processing is considered: tokenization, sentence parsing and deep dependency analysis. Each source of information is represented by kernel functions.

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  • (bq) part 1 book "essentials of systems analysis and design" has contents: the systems development environment, the sources of software, managing the information systems project, systems planning and selection, determining system requirements,...and other contents.

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  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution has been implemented in many companies. Its implementation in higher education institutions is still limited. In this study, an implementation of ERP in higher education institutions is presented. The implementation is performed at the faculty of Information technology based on the Odoo platform which is an open source ERP system. The analysis is performed based on the critical success factors.

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  • Cross border migration between Nepal and India has long history with unique dimensions. This paper highlights the migration process and determining factors of cross border migrants of Nepalese people to India. Some literatures related with migration between Nepal and India as well as main migration theories including their debates are highlighted. The study households were selected randomly by using systematic random sampling method. The information was collected through field study by using structured and semi structured questions.

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  • This study tires to measure the job satisfaction level of managers working in saving and credit cooperative societies in Pokhara. It specially, ranks the managers' feelings about the general factors related to job satisfaction. It also considers gender, work experience and remuneration in relation to job satisfaction. It is based on the primary source of information and data collected through structured questionnaire. The data cover managers (office head) of 77 saving and credit cooperatives in Pokhara. Percentage, mean score, median, rank and chi-square test were used as analytical tools.

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  • 250 dairy farmers were randomly contacted in Punjab during regional kisan melas conducted by the university. They were subjected to interview schedule to study their knowledge and practices being adopted to control aflatoxin in the dairy rations. Majority of the dairy farmers(56%)belonged to middle age group. (25.6%)of the dairy farmers had high school of education and (39.2%) had experience of more than 10 years in dairy farming. Only (37.2%) dairy farmers had any formal training. (53.20%) dairy farmers had medium herd strength and mostly comprised of buffaloes (66.0%).Majority (53.

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