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  • The System Preferences Window You can open System Preferences in dozens of ways. Most people choose its name from the menu or click its icon in the Dock.

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  • Gỡ bỏ các biểu tượng System Preferences không cần thiết trong Mac Bài viết sau hướng dẫn cách dọn dẹp ứng dụng System Preferences của HĐH Mac OS X Lion bằng cách ẩn những biểu tượng mà bạn ít dùng đến. System Preferences là một ứng dụng tích hợp trong HĐH Mac, là nơi tập hợp tất cả những tùy chọn hệ thống – do đó ứng dụng này hơi hỗn độn và cần phải dọn dẹp.

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  • Whether you're new to the Mac or a longtime user, this handy book is the quickest way to get up to speed on Snow Leopard. Packed with concise information in an easy-to-read format, Mac OS X Snow Leopard Pocket Guide goes right to the heart of Apple's latest OS, with details on system preferences, built-in applications, and utilities. You'll also find configuration tips, keyboard shortcuts, guides for troubleshooting, lots of step-by-step instructions, and more.

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  • Thiết lập để ứng dụng tự chạy khi khởi động máy Mac Bạn có thể thiết lập để chạy ứng dụng tự động khi khởi động máy Mac trực tiếp trên thanh Dock hay chọn trong System Preferences của Mac OS X. Đôi khi bạn muốn thiết lập để một số ứng dụng tự động chạy mỗi khi khởi động máy Mac. Với hai thủ thuật đơn giản sau, bạn có thể dễ dàng cho bất kỳ ứng dụng nào hay thậm chí một loạt ứng dụng tự động chạy khi khởi động HĐH Mac. Các thủ thuật sau hoạt...

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  • Build your network once using cfengine, and the network build will work, without user intervention, on any hardware you prefer. Automating Linux and Unix System Administration, Second Edition is unique in its focus on how to make the system administrator’s job easier and more efficient: instead of just managing the system administrator’s time, the book explains the technology to automate repetitive tasks and the methodology to automate successfully.

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  • So you just got a brand new Mac with Mac OS X Mountain Lion installed, or maybe you’ve just upgraded from OS X Lion. Now what? You have this brand new operating system that looks intimidating, overwhelming and confusing! You think to yourself, or maybe even post on Twitter of Facebook, “How the heck do I use this thing?” Have no fear! I’m here to help, and honestly, Mountain Lion is not as bad as you may think. Sure it will take some getting used to, but after a couple of weeks you’ll be a Mountain Lion pro – using...

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  • An empirical study of scale economies in the Chinese Railway System Although results are not presented here, I have estimated several additional specifications of the basic empirical test. The absence of a positive choice effect does not seem to derive from the particular weighting of the data used here—one might prefer to weight MSAs equally, or by the number of SAT-takers, rather than by their high-school-age populations—nor from the inclusion in the sample of schools with too few SAT-takers to permit accurate estimation of the school mean...

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  • We present a system that automatically induces Selectional Preferences (SPs) for Latin verbs from two treebanks by using Latin WordNet. Our method overcomes some of the problems connected with data sparseness and the small size of the input corpora. We also suggest a way to evaluate the acquired SPs on unseen events extracted from other Latin corpora.

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  • This paper describes Read-X, a system designed to identify text that is appropriate for the reader given his thematic choices and the reading ability associated with his educational background. To our knowledge, Read-X is the first web-based system that performs real-time searches and returns results classified thematically and by reading level within seconds.

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  • Database System: Chapter 9 - Disk Storage and Indexing Structures for Files presents about Disk Storage Devices (Preferred secondary storage device for high storage capacity and low cost, Data stored as magnetized areas on magnetic disk surfaces,...), Files of Records, Indexing Structures for Files.

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  • This paper explores methods to alleviate the effect of lexical sparseness in the classification of verbal arguments. We show how automatically generated selectional preferences are able to generalize and perform better than lexical features in a large dataset for semantic role classification. The best results are obtained with a novel second-order distributional similarity measure, and the positive effect is specially relevant for out-of-domain data. Our findings suggest that selectional preferences have potential for improving a full system for Semantic Role Labeling. ...

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  • Mobile interfaces need to allow the user and system to adapt their choice of communication modes according to user preferences, the task at hand, and the physical and social environment. We describe a multimodal application architecture which combines finite-state multimodal language processing, a speech-act based multimodal dialogue manager, dynamic multimodal output generation, and user-tailored text planning to enable rapid prototyping of multimodal interfaces with flexible input and adaptive output. ...

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  • To tackle the problem of presenting a large number of options in spoken dialogue systems, we identify compelling options based on a model of user preferences, and present tradeoffs between alternative options explicitly. Multiple attractive options are structured such that the user can gradually refine her request to find the optimal tradeoff. We show that our approach presents complex tradeoffs understandably, increases overall user satisfaction, and significantly improves the user’s overview of the available options.

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  • Many systems administrators on the Mac need a way to manage machine configuration after initial setup and deployment. Apple’s Managed Preferences system (also known as MCX) is under-documented, often misunderstood, and sometimes outright unknown by systems administrators. MCX is usually deployed in conjunction with an OS X server, but it can also be used in Windows environments or where no dedicated server exists at all.

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  • For many years, I have been teaching DSP (Digital Signal Processing) lab courses using various TI (Texas Instruments) DSP platforms. One question I have been getting from students in a consistent way is, “Do we have to know C to take DSP lab courses?” Until last year, my response was, “Yes, C is a prerequisite for taking DSP lab courses.” However, last year for the first time, I provided a different response by saying, “Though preferred, it is not required to know C to take DSP lab courses.”...

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  • Getting started You’ll work in one art file during this tour. All art files are located on the Adobe Classroom in a Book CD that is located on the inside back cover of this book. Make sure that you copy the AICIB folder from the CD to your hard drive before starting this exercise. Before you begin, you need to restore the default preferences for Adobe Illustrator. Then you’ll open the finished art file for this lesson to see what you’ll create. Note: If you’re new to Adobe Illustrator or to vector-drawing applications, you may want to begin with Lesson 1,...

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  • Although the imformation in this document is an overview, you should have advanced working knowledge of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and understand the concept of surver computing to gain a good comprehension of the imformation. For more imformation about using Red Hat Enterprise Linux, prefer to the following resources:

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  • People who pursue careers in Internal Medicine are drawn to the specialty by a love of patients, mechanisms, discovery, education, and therapeutics. We love hearing the stories told to us by our patients, linking signs and symptoms to pathophysiology, solving the diagnostic dilemmas, and proposing strategies to prevent and treat illness. It is not surprising given these tendencies that internists prefer to continue their life-long learning through problem solving. This book is offered as a companion to the remarkable 17th edition of Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine.

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  • ...balance building where customers and employees prefer to dine and work...Our state-of-the-art, computer-aided product select program...

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  • Nếu quan sát trong panel Network của System Preferences, bạn sẽ thấy rằng hầu hết các máy Mac đều gồm có nhiều giao diện mạng, chẳng hạn như Ethernet, AirPort/802.11, FireWire và Bluetooth.

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