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  • Motivating Factors and Perceived Benefit Successes in Implementing the ISO 9002 Registration Process Each family must rent a house. There are enough houses to go around but not so many that there can be empty communities: n( J −1)

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  • The paper determines motivational factors affecting employees’ organizational commitment in HCMC Trade Union Tourism Joint Stock Company. The research model and scales are constructed on findings of Kovach (1987) and qualitative research results.

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  • The research findings suggest that the entrepreneurs former place of employment is inadvertinly creating entrepreneurs. The findings also suggest that self-efficacy and risk taking is positively correlated to entrepreneurship, while simultaneously the fear of failure is a factor for many Irish entrepreneurs. The need for achievement and observing successful entrepreneurs were also prominent motivating factors for starting up a business.

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  • With differing views on future developments,companies, especially largeinternationalcompanies, are positioning themselves to take advantage of emerging environmental trends. Among Japanese companies visited, the panel observed an acute interest in using the environmental advantages of their products and processes to enhance their com-petitive position in the market.

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  • The study draws on recently gathered data about 210 employees of seven Taiwanese enterprises operating in the Northern Vietnam, including Hanoi, Bac Ninh and Thai Binh provinces. The data was analyzed using mean item score and Spear correlation matrix.

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  • today, across the globe, many local governmental incentives have been established to help promote the development of new cogeneration applications with an objective of driving fuel utilization. one such example is the spp (small power plant) in thailand. while such incentives are not new (for example, purpa in the us), the underlying motivations can be different.

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  • Chapter 2 - Individual behaviour and learning in organisations. This chapter describe the four factors that influence individual behaviour and performance, identify five types of work-related behaviour, define learning, describe the A-B-C model of behaviour modification, Explain how feedback influences individual behaviour and performance, identify five elements of effective feedback, describe the three features of social learning theory, outline Kolb’s model of experiential learning.

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  • We investigate linguistic features that correlate with the readability of texts for adults with intellectual disabilities (ID). Based on a corpus of texts (including some experimentally measured for comprehension by adults with ID), we analyze the significance of novel discourselevel features related to the cognitive factors underlying our users’ literacy challenges. We develop and evaluate a tool for automatically rating the readability of texts for these users. Our experiments show that our discourselevel, cognitively-motivated features improve automatic readability assessment....

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  • Factors affecting engineering students’ motivation in practising english speaking skills at college of urban works construction. Speaking is one of the most important skills to be developed and enhanced as means of effective communication. However, many students do not have enough motivation to practise speaking English though motivation is one of the vital factors determining the success or failure of language learning.

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  • Extrinsic and intrinsic motivations for learning english as a foreign language (efl) of students of public universities in Ho Chi Minh city. The article examines the reasons the students of public universities in Ho Chi Minh City have for studying English. It also looks at the relationship between the students’ extrinsic and intrinsic motivation factors in studying English.

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  • This study aims to examine the factors affecting the motivation of civil servants at the People's Committee of Thua Thien Hue province. The authors processed the data collected from 181 officers at the study site using SPSS with other techniques such as descriptive statistics, Cronbach's Alpha, Exploratory Factor Analysis, and Multivariate Regression Analysis.

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  • This research investigates the key motivating factors of Thai employees in international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The results show that both intrinsic (x = 3.02) and extrinsic motivation (x = 2.50) affect these employees (on a Likert scale of 1 to 4). Importantly, the charitable purpose of the NGO has a clear bearing on the motivation of employees, as reported by 94.7 % of respondents.

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  • In spring 2009, a group of ARL directors came together to discuss a common set of challenges and opportunities facing university libraries and identify some shared strategies for responding to them. A number of circumstances were converging that appeared to offer some potential relief from critical space pressures in the library and the increasingly burdensome operations associated with managing a large local inventory of low-use print collections.

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  • International migrants from developing countries are of both rural and urban origin (ratios vary from country to country and change over time according to socio-economic conditions in both sending and receiving areas). However, we will focus on the rural factors that motivate vast sectors of the population to consider migration in order to improve their lives and diversify their sources of income. During the last 50 years, 800 million people have migrated from rural to urban areas, and it is expected that these migrations will continue to increase.

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  • Chapter 6: Development of automotive industries in vietnam with improving the network capability. This survey focuses on the automotive industry, especially its manufacturing network and technological capabilities. The research will also identify the internal and external factors of motivation and hindering, and that firms need to implement regular innovation and upgrading.

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  • The heart is situated in the thorax and the main physiological functions of heart are: dominating the blood and vessels, opening into the tongue and, supporting the mind. The blood circulation relies on the cooperation between the heart and the vessels, dominating the blood and vessels means that the heart is the motive force for blood circulation, whilst the vessels are the physical structures which contain and circulate the blood. With the heart being of primary importance. Supporting the mind means thinking is related to the physiological functions of the heart.

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  • Hamilton and Clemens (1999) have provided estimates of genuine saving in a number of countries. Among the resources that make up natural capital, only forests, oil and minerals, and pollution were included (not included were such vital resources as water). So there is an undercount. Moreover, the accounting prices used to value natural capital were crudely estimated. Nevertheless, one has to start somewhere.

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  • In drawing sessions, I try to direct the students' thoughts to the gesture rather than to the physical presence of the models and their sartorial trappings. It seems the less the model wears, the more the thinking is directed to anatomy, while the more the model wears, the more the thinking goes into drawing the costume. It’s a deadlock that you can only break by shifting mental gears from the “secondary” (details) to the “primary” (motive or driving force behind the pose). Remember, the drawing you are doing in class should be thought of as a refining process for your...

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  • In this chapter we will discuss: What’s the motivation for studying motivation? What kinds of needs motivate employees? Is a good reward good enough? How do other factors affect motivation? What’s the best way to design jobs adapt people to work or work to people?

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  • The thesis has been conducted in Hanoi, one of two economic – cultural – political centers of Vietnam. Moreover, Hanoi is the largest centre of education in Vietnam with a variety of reputable and ancient universities. In addition, almost every lecture in these universities comes from various pronvinces in the North of Vietnam, which creates the variety in custome, culture, habits and lifestyle in comparison with lectureres in other areas. Hence, the conduct of this study in Hanoi will be more consistent.

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