The role of energy

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  • This paper summarizes the presentations and discussion at the Energy Options for the Future meeting held at the Naval Research Laboratory in March of 2004. The presentations covered the present status and future potential for coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear, wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass energy sources and the effect of measures for energy conservation. The longevity of current major energy sources, means for resolving or mitigating environmental issues, and the role to be played by yet to be deployed sources, like fusion, were major topics of presentation and discussion....

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  • This is one result of a research project, funded by the Energy Foundation and the Council on Foreign Relations, toinvestigate the role of “technology policy” as part of a strategy for managing the threats of global warming.

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  • The empirical results indicate that the state owned oil companies underperform the private oil companies and a political preference for a state ownership oil companies will come at an economic cost. Even though the results seem to suggest privatization for KNOC, there are some empirical evidences that the existence of state ownership is still important for the stability of the domestic energy market.

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  • The results indicate that the two variables are statistically significant, while public acceptance is insignificant in explaining national adoption of nuclear energy. This may be because tolerance reflects national willingness to accept potential risk, while self-sufficiency explains a government's likelihood of developing non-carbon energy sources.

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  • Grid-connected photovoltaic power systems are power systems energised by photovoltaic panels which are connected to the utility grid. Grid-connected photovoltaic power systems comprise of Photovoltaic panels, MPPT, solar inverters, power conditioning units and grid connection equipments. Unlike Stand-alone photovoltaic power systems these systems do not have batteries. When conditions are right, the grid-connected PV system supplies the excess power, beyond consumption by the connected load, to the utility grid.[1]...

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học Minireview cung cấp cho các bạn kiến thức về ngành y đề tài: The role of RNA folding free energy in the evolution of the polymerase genes of the influenza A virus...

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  • In June 2006, seventeen scientists and educators selected by the National Academies, the Academy of Sciences of Iran, and the Académie des Sciences of France held a workshop at the estate of the Fondation des Treilles in Toutour, France, to discuss issues concerning the role of science in the development of modern societies. This location was an idyllic setting for relaxed conversations, while simplifying travel and visa arrangements for the participants.

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  • In an effort to explore the role of glycine clusters on the cold adaptation of enzymes, we designed point mutations aiming to alter the distribution of glycine residues close to the active site of the psychrophilic alkaline phosphatase from the Antarctic strain TAB5. The mutagenesis targets were residues Gly261 and Gly262. The replacement of Gly262 by Ala resulted in an inactive enzyme. Substitution of Gly261 by Ala resulted to an enzyme with lower stability and increased energy of activation.

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  • The phenomenon of energy transfer plays an important role in the development of luminescent materials, especially materials used for manufacturing white LED.The process of luminescence at wavelength 542nm from Tb3+ doped in silica or LaF3 can be stimulated by ultraviolet light near 227 nm. However, the excitation wavelength can be shifted to a more accessible value of 325 nm by co- doping Tb3+ with Ce3+ ions. At this wavelength Ce3+ ions absorb and then transfer the energy to the Tb3+ ions.

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  • Being a leader is tougher than ever! Workplaces are more complex and competitive. Change is occurring at the speed of light. Work relationships need to be built in broader, matrixed, and more global organizations. Today’s leaders need new skills and more support to respond to the challenges and opportunities that rocket their way like water out of a fire hose. I have great respect for the people who take on the role of leader. Great leaders are able to make a significant difference. They shape results and our work experience. Being a leader can also be a stressful and thankless job....

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  • Oil and gas are the most important non-renewable sources of energy. Exploring, producing and managing these resources in compliance with HSE standards are challenging tasks. New technologies, workflows and procedures have to be implemented.This book deals with some of these themes and describes some of the advanced technologies related to the oil and gas industry from HSE to field management issues. Some new technologies for geo-modeling, transient well testing and digital rock physics are also introduced. There are many more technical topics to be addressed in future books.

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  • We find that portfolios in which funds are weighted by their money inf lows outperform portfolios in which funds are weighted by TNA: New money beats oldmoney.We also find that high net f low funds outperformlow net f low funds. Thus, within the universe of actively managed funds, new investors tend to choose the better ones: Money is smart. This result holds for both individual and institutional investors, and is driven by investors’ fund buys rather than sells. The smart money effect is not explained by the Chen et al.

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  • What does a Distributer do? While Distributers are invisible to most consumers their role is to bridge the geographical gap between producer and retailer. Supermarkets and department stores couldn't exist without a complicated distribution system, capable of moving enormous amounts of product from point A – the producer to point C – the consumer. Distributors add significantly to the cost of the products we buy but they deliver a valuable service in providing access to the marketplace so producers can focus their energies on manufacturing the product.

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  • The mountainous area occupies three fourth of the total area of Binh Dinh Province. The potential of landuse is very large. However, under the influence of irrational exploitation and natural disasters in the past, the land resource has declined, thus leading to the decline of forest resource. Furthermore, the increase of unused land and bare hills along with the decrease in the cultivated area seriously influenced on the ecological environment as well as the socio-economic development.

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  • Trigeneration. The combination of gas engines with absorption chillers is an optimal solution for generating air conditioning and/or refrigeration. The waste heat from the mixture intercooler, the engin oil, the engine cooling water, and the exhaust gas serves as drive energy for the chillers. Combining a cogeneration plant unit with an absorption refrigeration system allows utilization of seasonal excess heat for cooling.

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  • While  the  Port  Authority’s  tunnels,  bridges,  and  airports  continue  to  contribute  the  vast  majority  of  cash  flow  within  the  organization,  over  recent  decades  the  Port  Authority  has  become a  significant  real estate developer and asset manager with  its own expansive  security  force,  a  posture  that warrants  further  evaluation  as  the  demands  of  the WTC  development  approaches  conclusion.   For  example,  the  Port  Authority  is  also  the  owner  of  a  resource  recovery facility, which converts waste to energy.

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  • The Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory (INEEL), through the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), has proposed that a large-scale wind test facility (LSWTF) be constructed to study, in full-scale, the behavior of low-rise structures under simulated extreme wind conditions. To determine the need for, and potential benefits of, such a facility, the Idaho Operations Office of the DOE requested that the National Research Council (NRC) perform an independent assessment of the role and potential value of an LSWTF in the overall context of wind engineering research.

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  • The design of b-glycosidases with planed substrate specificity for biotechnological application has received little attention. This is mostly a consequence of the lack of data on the molecular basis of the b-glycosidase specificity, namely data on the energy of the noncovalent interactions in the enzymetransition state complex. In an attempt to fill this gap, sitedirected mutagenesis and enzyme steady-state kinetic experiments with different substrates were conducted, using as model a digestive b-glycosidase (glycoside hydrolase family 1) from Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera) (Sfbgly50).

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  • Against this background, the Commission would like to open a debate on the role of the auditor, the governance and the independence of audit firms, the supervision of auditors, the configuration of the audit market, the creation of a single market for the provision of audit services, the simplification of rules for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Practitioners (SMPs) and the international co-operation for the supervision of global audit networks.

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  • Once the assessments are made, the next step is to identify areas in which the organization can improve. Note that nonprofit organizations are not expected to be a “Level 5” on all strategic communications practices. Rather, the assessment of where the organization should be must be based on an accounting of the organization’s realistic capabilities with respect to communications. For example, it may not be reasonable to expect that all funding that comes into an organization will have dollars earmarked for communications.

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