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  • Part 1 book "Animal cell technology, from biopharmaceuticals to gene therapy" includes content: Introduction to animal cell technology, animal cells - basic concepts, cloning and expression of heterologous proteins in animal cells, cell metabolism and its control in culture, culture media for animal cells, post-translational modification of recombinant proteins, mechanisms of cell proliferation and cell death in animal cell culture in vitro, mathematical models for growth and product synthesis in animal cell culture.

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  • Lecture Digital image processing - Chapter 7: Morphological image processing provide students with content about: basic set operations; translation and reflection operations; duality between dilation and erosion; duality between opening and closing; summary of binary morphological operations;... Please refer to the detailed lecture content!

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  • Lecture Discrete mathematics: Chapter 1.2 provide students with content about: predicate logic (first-order logic (FOL), predicate calculus); the language of quantifiers; logical equivalences; nested quantifiers; translation from predicate logic to English; translation from English to predicate logic;... Please refer to the detailed lecture content!

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  • In this study, we conducted the sequence polymorphisms analysis in the OsHKT1;5 coding region in order to detect the potential allelic variants in some local rice cultivars in Viet Nam. In silico analysis of protein structure and post-translational modifications indicated that amino acid substitutions had no influence on protein structure but led to changes in post-translational modifications such as phosphorylation and SUMOylation.

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  • In this paper, we experimented with and proposed several methods for building and improving models for the VL to VSL translation task. We presented a data augmentation method to improve the performance of our neural machine translation models.

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  • Ebook CheckPoint NG security administration Part 1 includes contents: Chapter 1 introduction to check point next generation, chapter 2 installing and configuring VPN-1/Firewall-1 next generation, chapter 3 using the graphical interface, chapter 4 creating a security policy, chapter 5 applying network address translation, chapter 6 authenticating users, chapter 7 open security (OPSEC) and content filtering.

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Operational excellence: Using lean six sigma to translate customer value through global supply chains" provides readers with contents including: adapting strategies for global competitiveness; translating customer value elements into products, services, and workflow systems;...

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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of ebook "Operational excellence: Using lean six sigma to translate customer value through global supply chains" provides readers with contents including: operations planning, management, and control; collecting, analyzing, and sharing information across a global supply chain; global supply-chain management integration and control;...

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  • Part 1 book "Netter’s essential biochemistry" includes content: Human karyotype and the structure of DNA, DNA repair and therapy of cancer; DNA replication; clinical tests based on DNA or RNA; basic genetics for biochemistry; transcription and RNA processing; translation and posttranslational protein processing; cell cycle and cancer.

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  • The study aims at building an English-Vietnamese parallel corpus of contemporary art terms to meet the current pressing demands in Vietnam for the translation of art-related documents from Vietnamese into English and vice versa.

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  • Ebook "How to succeed as a freelance translator" has become a go-to reference for beginning and experienced translators alike. The fully revised third edition includes nearly 250 pages of practical tips on writing a translation-targeted resume and cover letter, preparing a marketing plan, marketing your services to agencies and direct client, avoiding common pitfalls, and more!

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  • In the research, the speech “Women’s rights are human rights” by Hillary Clinton will be analyzed in the light of critical discourse analysis (CDA) as both theory and method to reveal how power and ideology are embedded in language in particular and the relation between language and society in general. Initially, the theoretical framework of CDA, the concepts of power and ideology are presented.

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  • This paper attempts to look at some small fragments of interlingual translation studies. The article begins by exploring Roman Jakobson’s tripartite division of translation of which interlingual translation is a component part. Then it presents in some detail the interlingual translation process.

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  • This paper presents a critical review of current literature on translation competence, its acquisition and various translation competence models with reference to the context of Vietnam. An in-depth analysis from the article is expected to give specific recommendations for policymakers, translation educators, translation service users and translation practitioners to strive for the common goal of a professionalized industry.

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  • The increasingly vital role of professional translators and interpreters in facilitating transnational and cross-cultural communication in various aspects of life has necessitated the need for constant improvement of translator and interpreter education, which has a long-standing history.

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  • The present study aims to analyze challenges that the translator confronts in the English-Vietnamese translation of “The Great Gatsby”. The major method adopted in the study is comparative descriptive approach, which enables the researcher to describe the difficulties in the English-Vietnamese translation of “The Great Gatsby”.

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  • The Bible is the world’s most famous book and a keystone text of Western civilization. It has been translated into more languages than any other text in history, and it remains the most prolifically published book since the invention of the printing press. Christians worldwide look to it as sacred scripture—the written word of God, given by divine inspiration. It has influenced art, language, music, and literature for more than 2,000 years: in fact, the history of Western art cannot be fully understood without at least some knowledge of the Bible.

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  • Regenerative and translational dentistry marks a shift in the paradigm of endodontic and periodontic therapy from simple pulp capping and root planning to dental tissue reconstruction. The construction of complex soft and hard tissue-based dental structures and whole bioengineered tooth aims to repair and refurbish tissues partly or wholly.

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  • Mục tiêu nghiên cứu của đề tài "Phân tích biểu cảm mặt người dùng mạng nơ ron tích chập" nhằm đề xuất cách tiếp cận học sâu kết hợp với các kỹ thuật tiền xử lý như: chuẩn hóa hình ảnh và tăng cường mẫu học bằng các phép rotation, translation và scaling trên ảnh thật (synthetic training-samples generation), với hy vọng nâng cao độ chính xác trên các bộ dữ liệu thử nghiệm đã chọn.

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  • This study aims at further exploring the effectiveness of translation as a pedagogic tool in an EFL class for Vietnamese non-English majored students. After comparing the students’ performance after learning through translation method and other methods with no use of L1, it seems that the students who were taught using translation tasks were able to use items of vocabulary and language structures they have just learned more frequently and precisely.

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