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  • The Abenomics has been still a hot subject for economists in the world up to now. Japan, one of the most powerful countries of the modern world, has tried all its resources for the economics reform using the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s theory.

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  • Human resources, especially high-quality human resources, play a decisive role in the sustainable development of each country. In the context of the strong development of modern science and technology, especially the Fourth Industrial Revolution, along with the strong trend of globalization and international integration, the impact on human resources, especially high-quality human resources.

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  • Social responsibility disclosure (CSR) has become one of the strategic action programs in many countries. Starting from that basis, the study examines the current situation of how corporate social responsibility disclosure in listed companies in Vietnam is taking place, along with that the study also examines corporate governance, ownership, characteristics, and financial factors that influence CSR disclosure through the development of indicators based on four dimensions of environment, human resources, products and customers, and community.

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  • In Vietnam, agriculture plays an important role in the country’s economy in terms of poverty reduction, food security. Studies have shown that Vietnam is one of the countries that most affected by climate change because of its geographical and natural conditions together with its fast but massive and unplanned urbanization.

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  • Viet Nam is considered as one of the best successful model for escaping poverty and becoming a low-middle income country within three decades. Notwithstanding that the country enjoyed average 6% of annual growth rate over the last decade, it has been facing with a variety of impediments that may threaten its sustainable development.

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  • The purpose of this research was to contribute to the development of animosity theory by exploring sources of consumer animosity that can stimulate feelings of animosity toward a target country. Also, investigate the relationships among consumer animosity, consumer ethnocentrism, cultural acceptability, product judgment, reluctance to buy foreign product and product ownership in a developing context – Viet Nam.

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  • Pursuing productivity increase is a longterm process, aimed at effectively competitive thought. The most important thing in the effort to improve labor productivity is to build a collaborative environment of improvement among stakeholders and make effective thought become a working culture in each business. Economic growth is due to an increase in labor, capital and the rest is based on increased total factor productivity (TFP).

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  • The trend of cultural tourism development makes us more and more appreciate and preserve Han Nom cultural values. Spending thousands of years of feudal northern domination, our country existed an invaluable stock of Han Nom heritage. Challenging the time and the impact of the weather, the Han Nôm culture and culture system preserves the good traditional cultural values of the nation. Therefore, each locality needs to diversify and develop tourism programs to preserve and promote these Han Nom cultural values.

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  • The aim of this paper is to gain insight into the English lexical features of travel brochures written in Viet Nam, since there has been no previous research on this topic. The study is conducted to investigate the lexical aspects of travel brochures as a promotional text and in the context of Viet Nam, a non- native English speaking country in Southeast Asia.

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  • Our paper tries to investigate this development using some significant interactive trade indicators. We attempt to study the progress in the trade integration process and the establishment of the Asian Economic Community (AEC), referring to some topics as essential as trade and export intensity and intra-industry trade indexes.

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  • This revolution is a great trend, affecting the socio-economic development of each country, each region and the world, including Vietnam. This wave of revolution also creates opportunities for significant changes in the banking sector in Vietnam, although it is not in the strongly influenced areas. As the matter of fact, this paper studies the current status of Viet Nam's commercial banking system in the period of 2014-2017, thereby, proposing some recommendations for the improvement of Vietnamese banking system in the context that influence of Industrial Revolution 4.

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  • Mobile money has been implemented in 92 countries in the world. In Vietnam, Mobile money is a new term and there has been no definition, law or regulation related. The change for Mobile money is promising but the implementation this service is facing some challenges. In order to implement this service successfully, the framework as well as regulation need to be done altogether with the mobile network operator...

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  • This paper presents results from the recent study in 2018 by the authors conducted for the Vietnam Association of Water Supply and Sewerage (VWSA) on the selected 19 urban water supply systems, representing different regions across the country, who has available database to VWSA for the analysis. The VWSA study was to acknowledge the top water utilities in Viet Nam based on their PIs [6]. This paper is to provide key information of performance of water utilities based on their PIs comparing to average values from available database of Vietnamese urban water sector.

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  • The study of the relationship between integration, energy consumption and economic growth is not only scientifically meaningful, but it also provides additional empirical evidence to help developing countries (including Viet Nam) identify Density and a tendency to contribute to each element of integration and energy consumption into the gross domestic product. Thus, the planning of integration strategies and energy security to suit the point, scale, and economic growth of the nation itself.

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  • Lesson present the content economic-social context influencing vocational training in Viet Nam; overview of the Vietnamese strategy on TVET development; cooperation between Viet Nam and Germany and with other ASEAN countries in the field of vocational training...

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  • Pangasius (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) (catfish) is a popular food in many countries around the world as well as in Viet Nam. At the same time, Pangasius also brings great economic benefits from the exportation. However, unplanned catfish farming leads to environmental degradation, susceptible to disease and high consumption of water. Modeling is a solution that helps to better control the biological processes in the pond, optimizes feed supply and water use.

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  • This writing aims to give the notion, roles and principles of sustainable tourism development; analyzing the experience of some other countries on this issue such as: Thailand, Japan, Germany, United States… From those, the writer would like to bring out some on tourism sustainable development in Viet Nam.

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  • Among the genus, Selaginella rolandi-principis Alston was first recorded in 1934 9. In Vietnam, Selaginella is found growing on rocks and/or sandy arid land along the country at an elevation of less than 1000 m above sea level. Among thirty nine recognized species, thirteen of them are common appearance including S. rolandi-principis. The plant has been used in Vietnamese folk medicine to treat acute hepatitis, cholecystitis, inflammation, dysentery, pulmonary tuberculosis and hyperglycemia.

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  • According to rapid urbanization in Asian countries, the amount of domestic wastewater discharge has been increasing, resulted in water pollution and potential health risk on human. To secure biological safety of rivers, it is critical to understand the sources of contamination. The present study applied the human-associated E.coli genetic marker (H8) to characterize the source of microbial contamination.

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  • Waste recycle have been strongly focusing in Vietnam. However secondary environmental effects of the recycling activities have been debatable. This study produces a life cycle inventory (LCI) data set of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) packages in the country with further analysis for biggest PET users such as electronic sectors and/or food processing sectors. Loop recycling allocations are approached to calculate GHGs emission and solid waste in the life cycle of 1 ton of PET packages.

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