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Resume Mẫu cơ bản - Mẫu 3

Chia sẻ: Meo Meo | Ngày: | Loại File: DOC | Số trang:2

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Biểu mẫu resume, tóm tắt lý lịch bản thân mẫu 3.

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Nội dung Text: Resume Mẫu cơ bản - Mẫu 3

  1. Resume Mẫu cơ bản - Mẫu 3 Curriculum Vitae Personal information: Full name: Sex: female (or male) Date and place of birth: Marital status: single (or married) Health: Excellent. Interest: Music, reading, sports, travel, helping others... Personal features: eagerness to learn, hard-working, work endurance, creativeness, willing to work overtime and far from home even for a long time if necessary. Address: Phone number: Email: Education: - Bachelor (master) of science (nam tot nghiep), University of... (ten truong). - Major (mon hoc chinh).... Minor (mon phu)... - English knowledge: Certificate of level A, B, C (nam cap, hoac bang tai chuc, chuyen nghiep, van van. Neu khong co giay chung nhan hoac bang thi ghi: Self-taught, with several years attending private lessons of renown English teacher Thai Ba Tan, see attached his Letter of Recommendation). - Computer skills: Good in operating WinWord and Exell programs. - Capable to handle all kinds of secretarial works. Work history: (Cho nhung nguoi da tung di lam)
  2. (Liet ke nhung noi da lam, theo thu tu nguoc ve thoi gian, thi du) December 1999 to present: Accountant, Import - Export Company, Hanoi. August 1996 to December 1999: May 1992 to August 1996: I certify that the facts contained in this CV are true and complete to the best of my knowledge, and understand that if proved falsified, these statements shall be grounds for dismissal. Nguồn: TimViecNhanh.Com



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