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  • The nasal route for drug administration has the potential for local and systemic delivery of a wide variety of therapeutics. Nasal spray drug delivery has the potential to administer drugs to the bloodstream, avoiding the use of painful needles. While there is great potential, studies in the area are limited and somewhat conflicting. This study aimed to support the improvement of nasal drug delivery through experimental work on a model nasal cavity and through experimental characterisation of nasal spray behaviour. Four different brands of nasal spray were investigated.

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  • The purpose of this study is to expand the understanding of IT student retention in Taiwan. Three objectives are proposed: (a) to identify at-risk students who are most likely to drop out; (b) to model Information System (IS) student retention; and (c) to inform intervention programs for at-risk students. The significance of this study is in serving to better inform faculties, staff and administrators of higher education institutions in turn to help strengthen the retention of IT students.

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  • Ebook "Leading ICT in education practices: A capacity building toolkit for teacher education institutions in the asia-pacific" presents the following content: Introduction building the capacity of teacher education institutions/agencies to support the use of ICT for teaching, learning and administration in schools: A toolkit for the Asia-Pacific region; strategic dimension one vision and philosophy; strategic dimension two program: curriculum, assessment, and practicum; strategic dimension three professional learning of deans, teacher educators and support staff; strategic dimension four IC...

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  • The GAW20 group formed on the theme of methods for association analyses of repeated measures comprised 4sets of investigators. The provided “real” data set included genotypes obtained from a human wholegenome association study based on longitudinal measurements of triglycerides (TGs) and high-density lipoprotein in addition to methylation levels before and after administration of fenofibrate.

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  • Administration of Magnoliae Cortex (MC) could induce remission of cisplatin-induced sarcopenia in mice, however, whether it is effective on sarcopenia patients and the underlying mechanisms remain unclear.

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  • Ebook The key elements of classroom management: Managing time and space, student behavior, and instructional strategies – Part 1 presents the following content: Chapter 1 setting up the classroom; chapter 2 managing instructional time; chapter 3 managing administrative tasks, transitions, and interruptions; chapter 4 managing teacher time; chapter 5 classroom climate; chapter 6 establishing standards, rules, and procedures.

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  • A glucuronoarabinoxylan (CNAL) was extracted with 1% aq. KOH (25 ◦C)from Cocos nucifera gum exudate. It had a homogeneous profile on HPSEC-MALLS-RI (Mw 4.6 × 104 g/mol) and was composed of Fuc, Ara, Xyl, GlcpA (and 4-O-GlcpA) in a 7:28:62:3 molar ratio.

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  • Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a ubiquitous polysaccharide with diverse biological functions. Is known that in the intestinal epithelium, the exogenous HA of molar mass ≥105 Da orally administered antagonizes TLR4 overexpression resulting from dysbiosis and promotes immunomodulation in multifactorial crosstalk, thus helping to treat or to prevent injuries.

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  • Ebook Operational level: F1 – Financial operations (Sixth edition) - Part 1 includes the following chapters: Chapter 1 principles of business taxation – introduction, chapter 2 direct taxes on company profits and gains, chapter 3 indirect taxes and employee taxation, chapter 4 administration of taxation, chapter 5 international taxation, chapter 6 taxation in financial statements, chapter 7 the IASC and the standard-setting process, chapter 8 regulatory framework, chapter 9 the role of the external auditor, chapter 10 CIMA code of ethics for professional accountants, chapter 11 published fi...

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  • The gut cell wall is considered an impenetrable barrier to orally administrated polysaccharides. We recently reported a selective lymphatic route for Radix Astragali polysaccharide RAP to enter Peyer's patches (PPs) to trigger immune responses. However, how RAP enters PPs is unclear.

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  • Oromucosal administration is an attractive non-invasive route. However, drug absorption is challenged by salivary flow and the mucosa being a significant permeability barrier. The aim of this study was to design and investigate a multi-layered nanofiber-on-foam-on-film (NFF) drug delivery system with unique properties and based on polysaccharides combined as i) mucoadhesive chitosan-based nanofibers, ii) a peptide loaded hydroxypropyl methylcellulose foam, and iii) a saliva-repelling backing film based on ethylcellulose.

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  • Vaginal administration is a promising route for the local treatment of infectious vaginal diseases since it can bypass the first-pass metabolism, drug interactions, and adverse effects. However, the commercial products currently available for topical vulvovaginal treatment have low acceptability and do not adequately explore this route.

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  • Alginate and nanocellulose are potential biomaterials to be employed as bioinks for three-dimensional (3D) printing. Alginate-cellulose nanofibers (A-CNF) formulations with CNF amounts up to 5 wt% were developed and rheologically characterized to evaluate their printability. Results showed that formulations with less than 3 wt% CNF did not present suitable characteristics to ensure shape fidelity after printing.

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  • The book was written to be presented at the 2018 Conference of the European Group of Public Administration (EGPA) organized at the IDHEAP in Lausanne. One of the goals was to give our colleagues some ideas about the organization and the functioning of Swiss public administration. We hope it gives answers to questions which usually come up while considering another country and provides insights into an administrative system which is quite different and complex but rather successful.

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  • Ebook Fundamentals of database management systems (Second edition): Part 2 presents the following content: Chapter 7 logical database design; chapter 8 physical database design; chapter 9 object-oriented database management; chapter 10 data administration, database administration, and data dictionaries; chapter 11 database control issues: security, backup and recovery, concurrency; chapter 12 client/server database and distributed database; chapter 13 the data warehouse; chapter 14 databases and the internet.

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  • Networking All‐in‐one for dummies, 6th Edition, is a big book made up of several smaller books - mini books, if you will. Each of these minibooks covers the basics of one key element of network management, such as setting up network hardware, installing a network operating system, or troubleshooting network problems. Ebook Networking All‐in‐one for dummies (6th Eedition): Part 1 includes chapters: Book I Planning a network, Book II Network administration, Book III Protocols, Book IV Going virtual.

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  • The article introduces the key performance index (KPI) system on its way to application in the Petrovietnam Exploration Production Corporation (PVEP). The paper provides comprehensive information with regard to KPI measurement, the implication behind indices related to business administration, alongside procedural steps to be taken.

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  • Recently, due to the influence of business management, the concepts of management and administration are used arbitrarily. This gives rise to many misunderstandings in management, leadership and administration.

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  • Ebook Information security management handbook (Sixth edition, Volume 6): Part 1 include of the following content: Domain 1 access control: access control administration; domain 2 telecommunications and network security: internet, intranet, extranet security; domain 3 information security and risk management: security management concepts and principles; domain 4 application development security: system development controls; domain 5 cryptography: cryptographic concepts, methodologies, and practices.

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  • A single anthropometric index such as stunting, wasting, or underweight does not show the holistic picture of under-five children’s undernutrition status. To alleviate this problem, we adopted a multifaceted single index known as the composite index for anthropometric failure (CIAF). Using this undernutrition index, we investigated the disparities of Ethiopian under-fve children’s undernutrition status in space and time.

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