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  • Part 1 book "Handbook of industrial organization" includes content: Recent developments in the theory of regulation; the economic analysis of advertising; empirical models of entry and market structure; a framework for applied dynamic analysis in IO; coordination and lock in - competition with switching costs and network effects.

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Advertising media planning: A brand management approach" provides readers with contents including: the changing role of media planning in brand support - media planning and IMC; establishing a media framework; outlining the components of a communication plan; how marketing objectives affect communication planning; the role of communication in advertising and marketing; working with a situation analysis;...

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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of ebook "Advertising media planning: A brand management approach" provides readers with contents including: learning about media costs; general characteristics of media; evaluating media vehicles; video media, audio media, print media, out-of-home media; search engine marketing; online display advertising; sales promotion; perspectives on international and global media planning; preparing a communication plan; media and campaign measurement;...

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  • If you want to understand everything you read in English, you need to practise reading different kinds of texts. With Collins Reading (A2) you will learn how to get the information you need from every text you read. Includes both authentic and adapted texts in a wide variety of styles: signs and labels, timetables and tickets, advertisements, newspapers and magazines, brochures, social networking sites, blogs, twenty units with a clear design in full colour. Appendices contain detailed advice targeting specific reading skills.

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  • Ebook "Collins English for Life: Reading B1+ Intermediate" presents 20 different authentic texts with exercises to help you develop the skills to read anything you come across. Texts include signs and labels, advertisements, newspapers, brochures, recipes, classic and modern novels, social networking sites and blogs.

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  • Ebook "Advertising, promotion, and other aspects of Integrated marketing communications (Ninth edition)" discusses all aspects of marketing communications, from time-honored methods to the newest developments in the field. Delivering the fundamentals you need, the text focuses on advertising and promotion, including planning, branding, media buying, sales, public relations, and much more.

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  • Ebook "Market leader: Intermediate business English course book (3rd edition)" Leader is a multi-level business English course for business people and students of business English. It has been developed in association with the Financial Times, one of the leading sources of business information in the world. It consists of 12 units based on topics of great interest to everyone involved in international business.

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  • Despite of the strong development of OTT message applications and social networks, Short Service Message (SMS) keeps its undeniable role in the marketing industry. As a top level of effective and cost-saving advertising tool, SMS has also given rise to SMS spam.

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  • Ebook "English for marketing and advertising" is suitable for anyone who works in marketing and advertising. The course covers a range of skills and topics such as talking to clients, discussing advertising campaigns, establishing a marketing plan, and writing a press release.... We invite you to consult!

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  • Part 2 book "Business marketing management b2b" includes content: E-Commerce strategies for business markets; supply chain management, pricing strategy for business markets; business marketing communications; advertising and sales promotion business marketing communications; managing the personal selling function; business marketing communications; managing the personal selling function.

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  • This study was conducted to identify and evaluate the factors affecting the intention to participate in ecotourism of tourists in Vietnam by integrating Theory of Reasoned Behavior (TRB), Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB), Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and Social Identity Theory (SIT) with an addition of four factors including ‘environmental concern’, ‘advertising’, ‘past experience’ and ‘eWOM’. By applying Partial Least Square – Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), the proposed model was verified with a sample of 221 tourists in Vietnam.

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  • presents the following content: Chapter 1 entrepreneurs: the driving force behind small business, chapter 2 strategic management and the entrepreneur, chapter 3 choosing a form of ownership, chapter 4 franchising and the entrepreneur, chapter 5 buying an existing business, chapter 6 conducting a feasibility analysis and crafting a winning business plan, chapter 7 creating a solid financial plan, chapter 8 managing cash flow, chapter 9 building a guerrilla marketing plan, chapter 10 creative use of advertising and promotion, chapter 11 pricing and credit strategies, chapter 12 global marketi...

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  • Ebook The small business bible: Everything you need to know to succeed in your small business – Part 2 includes contents: Section III: Growing your business (Part I: Advertising and Marketing, Part II: E-Commerce, Part III: Growth Strategies, Part IV: Strategies for small business success); Appendix A: How i became an entrepreneur, Appendix B: Sample business plan.

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  • Ebook Global marketing: Foreign entry, local marketing, & global management (Fifth edition) – Part 2 includes contents: Chapter 7: Understanding local customers; Chapter 8: Local marketing in mature markets; Chapter 9: Local marketing in new growth markets; Chapter 10: Local marketing in emerging markets; Chapter 11: Global marketing strategy; Chapter 12: Global products and services; Chapter 13: Global branding; Chapter 14: Global pricing; Chapter 15: Global distribution; Chapter 16: Global advertising; Chapter 17: Global promotion, e-commerce, and personal selling; Chapter 18: Organizing ...

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  • Lecture English for Specific Purposes 2 (ESP) includes lessons about: Unit 6 - Cultural awareness; Unit 7 - Trade fairs; Unit 8 - Advertising; Unit 9 - Fashion and styles; Unit 10 - Technology;... Please refer to the detailed content of the lecture!

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  • Ebook Global marketing (Seventh edition): Part 2 includes contents: Chapter 10 brand and product decisions in global marketing; chapter 11 pricing decisions; chapter 12 global marketing channels and physical distribution; chapter 13 global marketing communications decisions I: Advertising and public relations; Chapter 14 Global marketing communications decisions II: Sales promotion, personal selling, and special forms of marketing communication.

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  • Ebook Marketing management (13th ed): Part 2 includes contents: Chapter 12 - Setting product strategy; Chapter 13 - Designing and managing services; Chapter 14 - Developing pricing strategies and programs; Chapter 15 - Designing and managing integrated marketing channels; Chapter 16 - Managing retailing, wholesaling, and logistics; Chapter 17 - Designing and managing integrated marketing communications; Chapter 18 - Managing mass communications; advertising, sales promotions, events, and public relations; Chapter 19 - Managing personal communications - direct and interactive marketing and p...

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  • A study based on the basic characteristics of language and culture expressed through each element constituting advertising materials, we have come up with a pedagogical model including how to choose, how to prepare lessons, how to build activities, design content and build a system of exercises on this teaching material.

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  • Ebook Business economics and managerial decision making: Part 2 presents the following content: Chapter 9 pricing and market structure: theoretical considerations, chapter 10 pricing in practice, chapter 11 advertising, chapter 12 investment appraisal, chapter 13 the entrepreneur and the development of the firm; chapter 14 the boundaries of the firm; chapter 15 the growth of the firm; chapter 16 changing the boundaries of the firm: vertical integration; chapter 17 changing the boundaries of the firm: diversification; chapter 18 changing the boundaries of the firm: divestment and exit; chapt...

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  • Ebook 201 great ideas for your small business: Part 2 includes contents: Chapter 5: marketing strategies; chapter 6: people; chapter 7: time and personal management ideas; chapter 8: customer service; chapter 9: going global; chapter 10: great ideas and insights from VIPs.

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