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  • Corporate governance has been identified by the Chinese government as the core element of the “modern enterprise system.” The policy focus on corporate governance reflects the significant progress that China has made in building market institutions and the importance it attaches to changing corporate behavior.

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  • Initiating business in China can be a very daunting process. First and foremost, the company must ensure the industry they are in is an accepted industry within the Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment in Industries. Within this catalog are three sections, which encompass “encouraged”, “restricted”, and “prohibited”.

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  • The China Story Yearbook brings together the various talents of the Australian Centre on China in the World. It is aimed at the engaged public, as well as specialists, journalists, businesspeople, diplomats and students.

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  • EDUCATION AND ECONOMIC GROWTH EVIDENCE FROM CHINA AND POLICY IMLICATION Column C allows the racial and ethnic composition of SAT-takers to have an independent effect on average SAT scores. If there are cultural biases in SAT scores, for example, individual ethnicity may have a different effect than does the composition of the peer group. The coefficients on racial composition variables are large and significant, but again their inclusion has essentially no effect on the parameter of interest, the interaction of average peer quality with Tiebout choice....

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  • Argues that, in order to address the growing economic, social, and political pressures of the 21st Century, China will have to build solid foundations for a knowledge-based economy by updating the economic and institutional regime, upgrading education and learning, and building information infrastructure.

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  • China faces a major challenge in managing its scarce water resources to sustain economic growth in the years ahead. This report provides an overview of China’s water scarcity situation, assesses the policy and institutional requirements for addressing it, and recommends key areas for strengthening and reform. The issues covered

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  • It is three days' easy journey from Japan to China. It is doubtful whether anywhere in the world another journey of the same length brings with it such a complete change of political temper and belief. Certainly it is greater than the alteration perceived in journeying directly from San Francisco to Shanghai. The difference is not one in customs and modes of life; that goes without saying. It concerns the ideas, beliefs and alleged information current about one and the same fact: the status of Japan in the international world and especially its attitude toward China.

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  • The revolution which broke out in China on the 10th October, 1911, and which was completed with the abdication of the Manchu Dynasty on the 12th February, 1912, though acclaimed as highly successful, was in its practical aspects something very different. With the proclamation of the Republic, the fiction of autocratic rule had truly enough vanished; yet the tradition survived and with it sufficient of the essential machinery of Imperialism to defeat the nominal victors until the death of Yuan Shih-kai.

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  • It is a very common thing now-a-days to meet people who are going to "China," which can be reached by the Siberian railway in fourteen or fifteen days. This brings us at once to the question--What is meant by the term China? Taken in its widest sense, the term includes Mongolia, Manchuria, Eastern Turkestan, Tibet, and the Eighteen Provinces, the whole being equivalent to an area of some five million square miles, that is, considerably more than twice the size of the United States of America.

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  • There are indeed enough Histories of China already: why yet another one? Because the time has come for new departures; because we need to clear away the false notions with which the general public is constantly being fed by one author after another; because from time to time syntheses become necessary for the presentation of the stage reached by research. Histories of China fall, with few exceptions, into one or the other of two groups, pro-Chinese and anti-Chinese: the latter used to predominate, but today the former type is much more frequently found....

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  • China today is an economic giant deeply embedded in global trade and production. In 2006, China’s nominal gross domestic product (GDP) exceeded two and one-half trillion U.S. dollars, larger than that of France and approaching that of Germany. Calibrated in the metric used by the World Bank to capture comparable real standards of living, China’s GDP in 2006 reached 10.21 trillion purchasing power parity (PPP) dollars, thereby placing its economy second in the world only after the United States.1...

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  • This paper examines the pollution control policies applied in China’s paper industry during the period of economic reform from 1982 to 1992. The paper industry is the source of ten percent of China’s industrial wastewater emissions and one fourth of its chemical oxygen demand. It is the largest source of rural environmental pollution. The very small size of china’s mills is comparable to that of papermills in many developing countries and this small size itself creates an interesting problem.

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  • Guangdong, a province of over 93 million residents, is located on the southern coast of China, boarding with Hong Kong, China. As China'Ź"s powerhouse for economic growth and a pioneer of reform and opening up, Guangdong has maintained an annual average GDP growth rate of 13.7 percent over the past three decades. Its historical achievements notwithstanding, Guangdong witnessed increased inequality and regional disparity.

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  • Học phần Văn bản Hán văn Trung Quốc cung cấp cho các bạn những kiến thức về quy tắc viết chữ Hán, cấu tạo của chữ Hán, đoán bộ Thủ của chữ Hán. Nhằm giúp các bạn nắm bắt những thông tin về học phần này, mời các bạn cùng tham khảo đề cương chi tiết học phần "Văn bản Hán văn Trung Quốc - Chinese document of China". Hy vọng đây là tài liệu tham khảo hữu ích cho các bạn.

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  • The thesis research focuses on analyzing the development of the 20-year Singapore - China relations (1990 - 2010) in the fields of politics - diplomacy, security - defense, commerce, investment, and several others in order to assess its nature as well as characteristics and influences.

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  • "In China, illicit drug use is an administrative offense and Chinese law dictates that drug users 'must be rehabilitated.' In reality, police raids on drug users often drive them underground, away from methadone clinics, needle exchange sites, and other proven HIV prevention services. And every year Chinese policy send tens of thousands of drug users to mandatory frug treatment centers, often for years, without trial or due process" -- p. [4] of cover.An Unbreakable CycleDrug Dependency Treatment, Mandatory Confinement, and HIV/AIDSin China’s Guangxi ProvinceI. Executive Summary ...........

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  • The People’s Republic of China has often used force in ways that surprised and perplexed other countries. The Chinese appear to believe that, by carefully designing military operations to achieve maximum political effect, they can successfully use force even when the overall military balance is unfavorable. China’s past successes in using force in this way while avoiding a massive reaction from its adversaries may give it confidence that it

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  • The U.S. Navy faces uncertainty about the degree to which it will have to prepare for a high-end future conflict against a powerful, well-armed opponent versus the so-called Long War against rogue nations and terrorist organizations. The answer depends to a large extent on the evolution of U.S. relations with China and Iran and...

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  • China is now a global actor of significant and growing importance. It is active in regions and on issues that were once only peripheral to its interests, and it is effectively using tools previously unavailable. It is no longer appropriate to talk of integrating China into the international system; by and large, it is already there. Its

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  • Restrictions on military-to-military relations with China imposed in 2001 stirred a debate about the value of those activities and their place in the overall U.S.-China relationship. This report examines the debate on security cooperation between the two countries and finds that there is value in the relationship, despite its

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