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  • Bits and Byte đã thay đổi cả thế giới, khám phá này đã đưa (PC) Personal Computer ra đời, quả là một sự kỳ diệu phải không bạn? và cũng kể từ ngày đó, thế giới chúng ta liên tiếp chuyển mình và phát minh ra các công nghệ khác làm ảnh hưởng đến tầm vóc lớn lao của các kỹ nghệ liên đới như Internet. Communication, Medical, Printing, Motion Picture, Music. Video, Digital images, (hình ảnh KTS) etc….

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  • Digital Imaging - Pixel, Resolution, PPI, DPI A- Digital Image Resizing 1- Pixels and images 2- DPI - thuật ngữ dễ gây ngộ nhận với PPI. 3-Confusion - Confusion! B- Resolution và kích thước bản in. 5- Layers là gì - Cách dùng Layers để tạo màu RGB & CMYK A- Understanding RGB Working Color space: B- Không gian làm việc CMYK: (để biết sự tạo màu của Printer) 6- Nhận dạng PPI: 7- Printer / print sharpness 8- Resampling 9- Pixels and Resolution in Web Browser 10 - Cần bao nhiêu PPI để có một bản In chất lượng...

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  • This edition is the most comprehensive revision of Digital Image Processing since the book first appeared in 1977.As the 1977 and 1987 editions by Gonzalez and Wintz, and the 1992 edition by Gonzalez and Woods, the present edition was prepared with students and instructors in mind.Thus, the principal objectives of the book continue to be to provide an introduction to basic concepts and methodologies for digital image processing, and to develop a foundation that can be used as the basis for further study and research in this field.

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  • Digital image processing is an important research area. The techniques developed in this area so far require to be summarized in an appropriate way. In this book, the fundamental theories of these techniques will be introduced. Particularly, their applications in image denoising, restoration, and segmentation will be introduced. The entire book consists of four chapters, which will be subsequently introduced.

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  • Digital Image Processing: Image Restoration - Duong Anh Duc includes Image Restoration; Restoration vs. Enhancement; Degradation Model; Gaussian noise; Erlang(Gama) noise; Exponential noise; Impulse (salt-and-pepper) noise; Plot of density function of different noise models.

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  • Digital Image Processing: Image Enhancement - Duong Anh Duc presents about Image Enhancement; Point Operations; Image Negative; Contrast Stretching; Compression of Dynamic Range; Image Averaging for noise reduction; Some Averaging Filters; Some Typical Histograms.

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  • Digital Image Processing: Image Restoration Matrix Formulation - Duong Anh Duc provides about matrix Formulation of Image Restoration Problem; constrained least squares filtering (restoration); a brief review of matrix differentiation; Pseudo-inverse Filtering; Minimum Mean Square Error (Wiener) Filter; Parametric Wiener Filter.

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  • Digital Image Processing: Compresstion talks about need for image compression; image compression overview; lossless compression (run-lenghth coding, huffan coding, lempel-ziv-welch compression); lossy compression (transform image coding, JPEG compression).

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  • Digital Image Processing: What is a digital image? - Duong Anh Duc helps you know what is a digital image? Important steps in a typical image processing system; Image Processing and Analysis Transformations; Some Image Processing Examples - Gamma-Ray Imaging; Contrast Enhancement radiography.

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  • Digital Image Processing: Human Visual System - Duong Anh Duc presents about Human Visual System; Cross-section of the Human Eye; Light and EM Spectrum; Image Sensing and Acquisition; Mathematical Representation of Images; Effect of spatial resolution; Application Areas.

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  • Digital Image Processing: Image Enhancement Spatial Filtering - Duong Anh Duc includes Image Enhancement - Spatial Filtering; How to specify T; Smoothing Filters; Image smoothing by averaging (lowpass spatial filtering); Image Sharpening; High-boost filtering; Prewitt operators.

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  • Digital Image Processing: Image Enhancement Frequency domain methods - Duong Anh Duc provides about Image Enhancement - frequency domain methods; 1-d Fourier transform of a sequence; 2-d Fourier transform of a digital image; Fourier Transform of “Rice” Image; Importance of Phase Information in Images;...

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  • Digital Image Processing: Unitary Transforms - Duong Anh Duc present about Unitary Transforms; Energy conservation with unitary transforms; Karhunen-Loeve transform; Optimum energy concentration by KL transform; Basis images and eigenimages; Sirovich and Kirby method; Gender recognition using eigenfaces.

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  • Dithering, also called Halftoning or Color Reduction, is the process of rendering an image on a display device with fewer colors than are in the image. Digital Image Processing: Some Special Techniques Dithering presents about it.

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  • Lecture Digital image processing: Affine & logical operations, distortions, & noise in images include the following content: Affine operations, logical operators, noise in images, distortions in images.

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  • Lecture Digital image processing: Edge detection presents the following content: Introduction, the sobel operator, the prewitt operator, the canny operator, the zero-crossing detector, the unsharp filter.

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  • Lecture Digital image processing - Spatial and frequency domain filter design include all of the following content: Spatial domain filter design (average/mean filter, median filter, gaussian smoothing, conservative smoothing), frequency – based filter design.

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  • Lecture Digital image processing - Image arithmetic include all of the following: Operator basics, image treatment (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, blending). Inviting you refer.

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  • Lecture Digital image processing: Image compression presents the following content: Image compression – Decompression steps, error metrics, classifying image data, bit allocation, quantization, entropy coding, JPEG compression.

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  • Lecture Digital image processing - Image restoration and blind deconvolution presents the following content: Image representation, deconvolution (Lucy – Richardson method, Wiener method, blind method).

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