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  • The main goals of this chapter are to: Understand operations and supply chain processes and why it is important to study them, contrast the differences between services and goods producing processes, define efficient and effective operations, identify operations and supply chain management career opportunities, learn how the field has developed over time.

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  • Chapter 20 - Managerial accounting. In this chapter, the learning objectives are: Identify the features of managerial accounting and the functions of management, describe the classes of manufacturing costs and the differences between product and period costs, demonstrate how to compute cost of goods manufactured and prepare financial statements for a manufacturer.

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  • Lecture Managerial Accounting for the hospitality industry: Chapter 1 - Hospitality industry accounting. In this chapter, you will review some important ways in which the hospitality industry is unique. You will also learn the definition of accounting and how accounting helps managers like you use financial information to make good decisions.

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  • Nowadays, the use of freight robots in factories will help people reduce their labor force and move into difficult and dangerous places more easily. Only smart robots will help people move equipment, goods to destinations that have been designed to own lanes in factories or remotely control these cargo robots to move following the demands of the controller.

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  • The experience of English teaching, especially speaking class, comes from the actual classroom and that is not a good news for a new teacher, who does not have it but urgently needs to acquire the basic knowledge. This writing provides the reasons why the level of interesting acts as a crucial point in the succeeding of a class. Furthermore, some methods of teaching speaking are going to be viewed and discussed to strengthen the point of view that intrinsic motivation should be applied in the class.

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  • This paper is fundamentally based on the researcher’s experience and a synthesis of some secondary sources from other researchers. It serves as a reference for other teachers and educators in the field.

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  • This study proposes an alternative approach based on the deep learning paradigm working in a complementary way with conventional methods such as the finite element method for quickly forecasting the responses of structures under random wind loads with reasonable accuracy. The approach works in a sequenceto-sequence fashion, providing a good trade-off between the prediction performance and required computation resources.

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  • There is no doubt that English is of great significance to engineering students in academic life where having good communication competence is a must for them to deal with most of theories in engineering taught in English. The purpose of the present study is to shed light on application of project-based learning in teaching English as a foreign language to engineering students in Vietnam National University.

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  • This research was conducted with the exploratory survey to examine learner autonomy in EFL classes in Vietnam, where e-learning has recently been made mandatory due to the Covid 19 pandemic. It involved the total participation of 20 teachers and 100 students randomly selected from five Vietnamese tertiary institutions. Results showed a good understanding of the course instructors about the importance of learner autonomy in the online courses and the need to promote it. The students, however, were not well aware of their self-regulated learning tasks.

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  • The aim of this study is cover background knowledge of speaking. - Find out reality of teaching and learning English at Hai Phong Management and Technology University. Find out appropriate techniques for teaching speaking lessons which draw students’ attention into the lesson. The students will feel interested, enjoyable and funny when they come into the speaking lesson. Some good extra-techniques will be given out in order to improve their speaking skill.

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  • In recent years with the explosion of research in artificial intelligence, deep learning models based on convolutional neural networks (CNNs) are one of the promising architectures for practical applications thanks to their reasonably good achievable accuracy. However, CNNs characterized by convolutional layers often have a large number of parameters and computational workload, leading to large energy consumption for training and network inference.

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  • This paper presents the Dreaming Variational Autoencoder (DVAE) for safely learning good policies with a significantly lower risk of catastrophes occurring during training. The algorithm combines variational autoencoders, risk-directed exploration, and curiosity to train deep-q networks inside ”dream” states.

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  • Grammar is the structural foundation of our ability to express ourselves. Understanding how grammar works is fundamental for all writers. It can be argued that good grammar knowledge will not necessarily make us a better writer, but it will help make us a more effective writer. This article aims to discuss roles of grammar in academic writing.

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  • The study indicated positive perception towards flipping learning mode from both the students and instructor’s perspective and the analysis of the submitted end-of-course assignmentsshowed a good mastery of essay genres, argument development and text selection.

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  • The results show that the school runs a good model of professional learning communities such as directing the development and implementation of school education plans and professional training activities. Professional Learning Communities is the target of the teachers at school developing teaching profession.

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  • In this study, learning is implemented on a reward basis without the need for learning targets. The algorithm has shown good potential in learning motion trajectory particularly in noisy and dynamic settings.

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  • Gene expression is a key intermediate level that genotypes lead to a particular trait. Gene expression is affected by various factors including genotypes of genetic variants. With an aim of delineating the genetic impact on gene expression, we build a deep auto-encoder model to assess how good genetic variants will contribute to gene expression changes. This new deep learning model is a regression-based predictive model based on the MultiLayer Perceptron and Stacked Denoising Auto-encoder (MLP-SAE).

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  • In enterprises, inventory always plays a very important role in the process of production and business activities. For good management of cooperatives, there must be an effective combination between functional departments in the enterprise, in which management accounting is an important management tool indispensable for administrators.

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  • This paper will identify some of the most common characteristics of good or experienced readers and how to become an effectual reader. It is hoped that students can learn more about the characteristics of good readers and use knowledge of effectiveness in reading strategies to improve their English reading skill.

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  • Chapter 14 - Products and services for businesses. What you should learn from chapter 14: The importance of derived demand in industrial markets, how demand is affected by technology levels, characteristics of an industrial product, the importance of ISO 9000 certification, the growth of business services and nuances of their marketing, the importance of trade shows in promoting industrial goods, the importance of relationship marketing for industrial products and services.

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