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  • Tham khảo luận văn - đề án 'luận văn: xác định hàm lượng cholesterol trong trứng và so sanh trình tự vung điêu khiên d-loop dna ty ́ ̣ ̀ ̀ ̉ thê cua ga ri, gà ác, gà tre ̉ ̉ ̀', luận văn - báo cáo, thạc sĩ - tiến sĩ - cao học phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • The DS3 Fiber Loop Converter (DS3 FLC) is an alternative to high bit-rate DS3 multi- plexers, allowing an economical last mile DS3 transport or a point of presence hand off. The DS3 FLC is a plug and play system that can be configured to maximize facilities utilized for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint topologies and can be optioned for 1:1 protection. The DS3 FLC supports the following applications: • DS3 Hicaps • DS3 Point of Presence (POP) Hand-off • DS3 Video Transport • DS3 ATM Transport...

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  • The Soneplex E1 Loop Extender Exchange platform provides centralized network management and point to multi-point transport for up to 20 E1 and 40 Nx64 kbps circuits over the local loop. Suitable for indoor or outside plant deployment, it provides maximum operational flexibility while minimizing network elements and installation time.

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  • The Soneplex Loop Extender system is an efficient, cost-effective solution for T1-based service delivery. It supports DS1 network interfaces and up to 28 DS1 loop transport modules. Integrated network management lets carriers save on overall operations costs through the entire system lifecycle.

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  • The Soneplex E1 Quad Loop Extender (EQLX) Four-Position Remote Chassis houses up to four EQLX modules and optional line termination unit, power supply unit, E1 alarm processor unit and E1 craft/performance monitoring module at the customer premises, for termination of two protected or unprotected optical E2 circuits (or up to eight E1s).

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  • The Quad Fibre Loop Converter* (QFLC) system is a cost-effective optical multiplexer that transports four E1s over two singlemode fibres. The QFLC system can be configured to maximize facility utilization for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint topologies. The QFLC system can also be used for fibre ring networks for both dual-feed and single-feed applications to a customer. The QFLC system accepts standard electrical E1 signals and can be used in a stand-alone configuration with any approved multiplexer or network element that generates a standard E1 (6.703 Mbps) signal.

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  • ADC has designed a family of Fiber Loop Converters (FLCs) that provides a cost-effective alternative to deploying service over copper while avoiding the high capital investment of DS3 fiber optic terminals. This family includes products designed for economical distri- bution of single or multiple DS1s. The Quad FLC multiplexes up to four T1s for transport over two fibers at distances of 16 to 20 miles (26 to 33 km). The QFLC system consists of a rack mounted central office chassis and a wall mounted customer premises chassis.

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  • ADC has designed a family of Fibre Loop Converters (FLCs) that provide a cost-effective alternative to deploying service over copper while avoiding the high capital investment of primary multiplexers and Fibre optic terminals. This family includes products designed for economical distribution of single or multiple 2.048 Mb signals. The E1 Quad FLC multiplexes up to four 2.048 Mb signals for transport over two fibres at typical distances of 72 Km (44 miles). The E1 QFLC system consists of a rack mounted central exchange shelf and a wall or rack mounted customer premises shelf.

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  • Soneplex Loop Extender Modules Central Office HDSL Remote HDSL Standard Simplex Power Simplex Power and Idle Code Simplex Power and Local Power HDSL Repeater Repeater Loop Extender (T1) Plus Repeater Loop Extender (T1) Quad Loop Extender Module SC connector FC connector Quad Loop Extender Module - Short Range SC connector FC connector

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  • The DS1 Loop Extender (DLX) module is used to extend a DS1 up to 655 feet to a digital cross-connect (DSX-1). The DLX receives a non-return to zero (NRZ) 1.544 Mbps signal from the DS3 Soneplex multiplexer module, converts the NRZ signal to a bipolar DS1 signal and transmits a DS1 signal that meets the industry standard DSX-1 template boundaries as defined by TR- NWT-000499.

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  • The Soneplex Quad Loop Extender (QLX) module converts four multiplexed, DS1 signals into an optical DS2 for delivery over singlemode optical fibers. The optical DS2 is converted back to four DS1s at the customer premises. It supports op- tional 1+1 protection and provides extensive alarms and diagnostic capabilities.

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  • The for loop is a MATLAB construct that allows a sequence of MATLAB statements to be executed more than once. The for loop repeats a block of commands for a specified number of times; the specified number is established before the loop is executed.

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  • Trong bài viết này, dữ liệu trình tự vùng D-loop trong nghiên cứu này từ 77 cá thể chó Phú Quốc và 30 chó nhà được phân tích để có thể kết luận về nguồn gốc của giống nòi chó quý này. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

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  • In tbis study we will devise an algorithm which can effectively solve the simultaneous linear equation system for the looped channel network based on the similar procedure used for the Double Sweep Method. We also consider the calculation order of branches and the classification of channel networks as welt.

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  • Introduction to java programming: Chapter 4 - Loop's Objectives is to use while, do-while, and for loop statements to control the repetition of statements; understand the flow of control in loop statements; use Boolean expressions to control loop statements.

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  • After completing this chapter, students will be able to: Understand ‘for’ loop in ‘C’, work with comma operator, understand nested loops, understand the ‘while’ loop and the ‘do-while’ loop, work with break and continue statements, understand the exit() function.

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  • After completing this unit, you should be able: To write programs for executing statements repeatedly using a while loop, to develop a program for GuessNumber, to follow the loop design strategy to develop loops, to develop a program for SubtractionQuizLoop, to control a loop with a sentinel value,...

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  • Vùng điều khiển của DNA ty thể (Displacement loop hay D-loop) có tốc độ tiến hóa nhanh gấp 5-10 lần với các gen ty thể khác. Trình tự nuleotide của vùng D-loop là một công cụ rất hữu hiệu để đánh giá tính đa dạng di truyền và sự phân hóa bên trong loài và giữa các quần thể cùng loài. Trên thế giới và ở Việt Nam đã có một số công trình nghiên cứu về vùng điều khiển D-loop ty thể của lớp chim, gà (Randi et al., 1997 [4]; Lê Đức Long et al., 2007 [3]...

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  • We study one-loop quantum gravity corrections to the standard model Higgs potential V(φ)a` la Coleman-Weinberg and examine the stability question of V(φ) in the energy region of Planck mass scale, µ ' MPl (MPl = 1.22×1019GeV). We calculate the gravity one-loop corrections to V(φ) in Einstein gravity by using the momentum cut-off Λ. We have found that even small gravity corrections compete with the standard model term of V(φ) and affect the stability argument of the latter part alone. This is because the latter part is nearly zero in the energy region of MPl.

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  • Lepton flavor violating (cLFV) decays of charged leptons such as τ → µγ, τ → eγ, µ → eγ,..., are now the subjects of experiments as signals of new Physics beyond the Standard Model (SM). In the limit of the unitary gauge, we prove that contributions from one loop corrections to the above decays are very small in the framework of the economical 3-3-1 model.

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