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  • The main purpose of this study is to better understand how the post merger integration contributes to a successful merger or acquisition transaction. This study attempts to find out why the numbers of failures in M&A are so high. This study used data from two sources, primary and secondary data. The primary data was collected by in depth interviews. In fact, two interviews were done to achieve valuable information. Secondary data was collected from different sources such as libraries, journal articles, books, catalogues, textbooks and Internet.

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  • The  literature  reviewed  provides  a  concise  outline  to  the  concept  of  employer branding  including  branding,  the  corporate  brand  and  the  internal  brand,  corporate culture,  organisational  attractiveness  and  reputation  as  well  as  service  quality.  The thesis is descriptive and uses a qualitative, inductive approach.

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  • This study will analyse the tax strategy that shaped the design of the suite of local property tax from the enactment of the legislation to the implementation of the tax and active collection programme by the Revenue Commissioners that lead to the high compliance rate. The fallout from this is discussed in addition to the advantages, disadvantages and obstacles to implementing such a framework. This paper also highlights the possible expansion of Revenues effective tax collection abilities to encompass future taxes and increased responsibilities.

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  • This research aims to provide an insight into the Irish construction industry and the role digital marketing can play within that industry. The digital marketing industry in Ireland has grown over the last number of years in conjunction with continued advancements in technology and infrastructure. This study will investigate the attitudes of construction industry professionals towards digital marketing and will also analyse what benefits digital marketing can bring to the industry. To consult more Economic essay sample, please see at: 123p nguyenyenyn117 18-06-2019 47 3   Download

  • The findings in the dissertation support the conclusion that the fundamental phases proposed by the St. Gallen succession model are suited as a basic structure in a company transfer. Nonetheless, the possible solutions in the principal-agent theory appear to be appropriate as support for the succession process. In addition, it is possible to identify other process-supporting measures, which can be considered from the perspective of the transferring party and the acquiring party. In a consolidated form, these measures result in a model of company succession.

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  • The researcher intended to address this fact within this dissertation and to understand whether the traditional retail banks are competitive towards the Internet banking and if the CRM have a positive impact on the customer loyalty in traditional banking? The study could contribute to the bank managers in France in order to help them in their actual strategy and the orientation of their future strategy. However the study could also be useful for bank managers in other countries.

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  • The research provides descriptive findings of financial management characteristics and working capital management practices and demonstrates the simultaneous impact of poor working capital management on SME financial position. Financial ratios will be calculated including debt ratios, all other variables including current ratio, working capital management ratios and short-term planning practices, fixed asset management and long-term planning practices, and financial and accounting information systems related to working capital management practices.

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  • This research investigates the current white spaces of green marketing and country of origin effects, where new research could contribute theoretical value. The conducted research examines American and Swedish consumers’ environmental awareness, willingness and initiative in contributing to their societies for future sustainability. Using a sample of 118 consumers from an intermediated questionnaire for the offline market, a conceptual framework was developed where the study created the foundation and reasonable support for the purposed framework.

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  • Nowadays, the concept of globalization seems reduced to the size of the market and, export is only one aspect of the phenomenon of globalization. In global industries, it is now the most competitive positions and bases of competitiveness which should be established worldwide. Therefore, globalization raises strategies to become more global rather than local. Those strategies consist in expanding and coordinating all activities of the company worldwide.

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  • Employee benefits can be divided into two main categories; mandatory (or legally required) benefits which are usually made obligatory by the government of a country, and non-mandatory (or discretionary) benefits which a benefits provided by employers at their own will. Mandatory benefits differ from country to country and usually include benefits such as pension schemes (including retirement, widows), social security etc. non mandatory benefits include perks such as cycle to work schemes, medical insurance, canteen facilities, dental insurance, employee training etc.

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  • This study seeks to evaluate the barriers to employment in the UK which limit the mobility of EU nations between EU member states. Three objectives were set which consist of the following: identify the ability of doctors and nurses to move between EU countries, identify the main stakeholders of the UK's healthcare industry and identify mobility barriers present in UK hospitals. The literature suggests that the main type of professional migrants going to UK hospitals consist of permanent settlers and temporary professional transients.

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  • This research was undertaken targeting the Irish financial market where Islamic finance is the main focus. It is a research instigated by the Irish government‟s announcement in the summer of 2012 where it aims to be a “Centre of excellence” for Islamic finance in Europe. Therefore, this research will help identify how Ireland can achieve this objective. Three interviews were conducted with professionals that are directly involved in the Islamic finance system in Ireland. Findings from data‟s collected are transcribed and coded to provide guidance for interpretations.

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  • The concept of change management has been evident for centuries. However, it has dramatically increased in the twenty first century as forces driving change are evolving at an increasing speed and the effects of a worldwide recession can be felt. Throughout the years organisations have put in place various methods and methodologies to manage change which include; structural, process and technological change. However, it is interesting to note that despite the fact that change is a topical subject amongst academics and consultants, only one third of all change initiatives succeed.

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  • The Central Statistics Office has registered increased availability in part-time courses in Ireland over recent years. This study aims to investigate the motivators driving part-time study and the impact studying part-time has on professional and personal lives of full-time employees in Ireland. Utilising a qualitative research approach, data was collected using open ended, semi-structured interviews on six desirable participants and examined using thematic analysis. Extracted information was interpreted and discussed.

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  • The main aim of this research is to find Is copper still economic indicator or not. The first part of this study will concentrate on whether copper is an economic indicator or not and also find the reason behind why it is economic indicator. The second part of this research aims on comparing copper with other metals and important commodity, to understand why not other metals seen like an economic indicator. To consult more Economic essay sample, please see at: 92p nguyenyenyn117 18-06-2019 24 1   Download

  • The research study is an investigation into customer perceptions of service quality in the commercial banking sector of Nigeria: A case study of Skye Bank Plc. The overall goal of the study is to identify the level to which customers perceive service quality currently practised in Nigerian banking industry. To consult more Economic essay sample, please see at: Bộ Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Kinh tế

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  • This dissertation researched the effects of imported goods on the local producers through a case study of the Libyan poultry industry. Firstly, a full description of the terms international free trade and protectionism was developed, including the trade barriers and the evolution of international free trade in terms of globalization and the free movement of goods. Also this description has discussed the recent and old literatures and scholars in this area and covers the main aspects for this argument to provide a full understanding.

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  • The main purpose of this study is to better understand the impact of the financial crisis of 2008 on both private wealth management and customers‟ behaviour. This study attempts to fill a gap in the existing private wealth management services with their customers. A number of changes have taken place in the French private wealth management industry and it appears to be a gap between those changes and the customers‟ expectations. To consult more Economic essay sample, please see at: 81p nguyenyenyn117 18-06-2019 19 1   Download

  • The primary research carried out in this thesis consists of two questionnaires administered online, the first directed at Brazilians living in Ireland and the second directed at potential Irish visitors to Brazil. These surveys investigate the demand, interest, price range and possible destination airports for a direct air service between Brazil and Ireland. Based on the first survey of three hundred Brazilians who are resident in Ireland and the second survey of fifty-two Irish potential visitors to Brazil, price ranges for the flight service from both categories are obtained.

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  • This thesis aimed to identify the approaches with the most academic impact and to explain them in greater detail. Hence, models of each category were chosen and compared. The non-parametric models were represented by the historical simulation, the parametric models by GARCH-type models (GARCH, RiskMetrics, IGARCH, FIGARCH, GJR, APARCH and EGARCH) and the semi-parametric models by the Monte Carlo simulation. The functional principle of each approach was explained, compared and contrasted.

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