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  • The Great Prepotion Mystery is designed to be used as a review of prepositions in an intermediate/ advance grammar course. The vocabulary is not grades, and some students may have to use a dictionary more frequently than others. The student gets practice with preposition in three ways: by choosing an appropriate preposition in context; by selecting an appropriate in a narrowly defined situation; and by using prepositions in student- generated sentences....

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  • Test Your Prepositions forms part of the Test Your Vocabulary series and, in keeping with the series, the emphasis is on variety, with tests ranging from gap-filling exercises to multiple- choice, crosswords, rewriting sentences, cartoons, word association, finding the misprints in newspaper headlines, and so on.

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  • Prepositions are a class of words that indicate relationships between nouns, pronouns and other words in a sentence. Most often they come before a noun. They never change their form, regardless of the case, gender etc. of the word they are referring to. Each definition of a preposition is followed by one or more patterns, which indicate the word order appropriate for the definition. The verbs in each pattern can be changed to other tenses.

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  • Tài liệu Lí thuyết tiếng Anh – Topic – Giới từ – Prepositions sau đây sẽ giúp các bạn nắm bắt được những kiến thức về phân loại giới từ; giới từ theo sau danh từ, tính từ và động từ (Prepositions following nouns, adjectives, and verbs). Bên cạnh đó, những bài tập củng cố được đưa ra ở cuối bài sẽ giúp các bạn hệ thống lại kiến thức một cách tốt hơn.

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  • Complete the following sentences with proper prepositions: 1.We’ll buy a smaller house when the children have grown _______ and left home. 2. The computer isn’t working. It broke _________ this morning. 3. My headaches have been much better since I gave ________ drinking coffee. 4. I turned _______ their offer because they weren’t going to pay me enough money. 5. It was not a problem. We looked _______ his number in the telephone book. 6. Helen takes ________ her mother in many ways. 7. We need to set ________ early tomorrow. 8. The plane took ________ very quickly. 9.

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  • "Thực hành sử dụng giới từ tiếng Anh" được dịch từ cuốn sách "Working with English preposition" của tác giả Diane Hall. cuốn sách cung cấp cho người học 7 bài học cơ bản về giới từ. Sách được chia thành 2 phần, trong phần 1 sau đây sẽ giới thiệu đến các bạn các nội dung như: Movement (chuyển động), position (vị trí), time (thời gian), ways and means (phương pháp và phương tiện). Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

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  • We present a preliminary study on unsupervised preposition sense disambiguation (PSD), comparing different models and training techniques (EM, MAP-EM with L0 norm, Bayesian inference using Gibbs sampling). To our knowledge, this is the first attempt at unsupervised preposition sense disambiguation.

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  • We present several unsupervised statistical models for the prepositional phrase attachment task that approach the accuracy of the best supervised methods for this task. Our unsupervised approach uses a heuristic based on attachment proximity and trains from raw text that is annotated with only part-of-speech tags and morphological base forms, as opposed to attachment information. It is therefore less resource-intensive and more portable than previous corpus-based algorithm proposed for this task. ...

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  • Ill this paper we describe a neural network-based approach to prepositional phrase attachment disambiguation for real world texts. Although the use of semantic classes in this task seems intuitively to be adequate, methods employed to date have not used them very effectively. Causes of their poor results are discussed. Our model, which uses only classes, scores appreciably better than the other class-based methods which have been tested on the Wall Street Journal corpus. To date, the best result obtained using only classes was a score of 79.1%; we obtained an accuracy score of 86.8%. ...

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  • Machine translation of locative prepositions is not straightforward, even between closely related languages. This paper discusses a system of translation of locative prepositions between English and French. The system is based on the premises that English and French do not always conceptualize objects in the same way, and that this accounts for the major differences in the ways that locative prepositions are used in these languages.

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  • A problem frequently encountered in the automatic parsing of Russian texts is the correct structuring of prepositional phrases in sentences. Studies of text samples indicate that, when other criteria are absent, the syntactic governors of prepositions can be determined with a high degree of accuracy by reference to the relative position and part-ofspeech of elements in the clausal environment.

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  • This paper summarizes stratificational theory, and applies its linguistic methods in a sememic analysis of English prepositions. The phenomenon of interlocking diversification is shown to be quite generally present among the prepositions. Also, the analysis of prepositions is shown to entail a partial sememic analysis of other words; it therefore provides a starting point for the sememic analysis, on stratificational principles, of the rest of the language.

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  • We evaluate the effect of adding parse features to a leading model of preposition usage. Results show a significant improvement in the preposition selection task on native speaker text and a modest increment in precision and recall in an ESL error detection task. Analysis of the parser output indicates that it is robust enough in the face of noisy non-native writing to extract useful information.

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  • The ability to understand spatial prepositions and motion in natural language will enable a variety of new applications involving systems that can respond to verbal directions, map travel guides, display incident reports, etc., providing for enhanced information extraction, question-answering, information retrieval, and more principled text to scene rendering.

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  • There are some sorts of ‘Preposition + Noun’ combinations in Farsi that apparently a Prepositional Phrase almost behaves as Compound Prepositions. As they are not completely behaving as compounds, it is doubtful that the process of word formation is a morphological one. The analysis put forward by this paper proposes “incorporation” by which an No is incorporated to a Po constructing a compound preposition. In this way tagging prepositions and parsing texts in Natural Language Processing is defined in a proper manner. ...

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  • Prepositional phrase attachment is a common source of ambiguity in natural language processing. We present an unsupervised corpus-based approach to prepositional phrase attachment that achieves similar performance to supervised methods. Unlike previous unsupervised approaches in which training data is obtained by heuristic extraction of unambiguous examples from a corpus, we use an iterative process to extract training data from an automatically parsed corpus.

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  • A pattern in the translation of locative prepositional phrases between English and Spanish is presented. A way of exploiting this pattern is proposed in the context of a multilingual machine translation system under development. Introduction Two of the main problems in machine translation (MT) are ambiguity and lexical gaps. Ambiguity occurs when a word in the source language (SL) has more that one translation into the target language (TL). Lexical gaps occur when a word in one language can not be translated directly into another language.

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  • ON REPRESENTING GOVERNED PREPOSITIONS AND HANDLING "INCORRECT" AND NOVEL PREPOSITIONS Hatte R. Blejer, Sharon Flank, and A n d r e w K c h l e r SRA Corporation 2000 15th St. N o r t h Arlington, VA 22201, USA ABSTRACT NLP systems, in order to be robust, must h a n d l e novel a n d ill-formed input. One c o m m o n type of error involves the use of n o n - s t a n d a r d prepositions to m a r k arguments. In this paper, we...

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  • This paper presents a format for representing the linguistic form of utterances, called situation schemata, which is rooted in the situation semantics of Barwise and Perry. A treatment of locative prepositional phrases is given, thus illustrating the generation of the situation schemata and their interpretation in situation semantics.

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  • Preposition Review Read these sentences aloud using the correct prepositions: 01. He talked to me ....................... the problem. 02. The room measured three metres ............................. five. 03. Throughout the holidays it rained day

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