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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học Critical Care giúp cho các bạn có thêm kiến thức về y học đề tài: The Surviving Sepsis Campaign: raising awareness to reduce mortality...

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  • Acknowledge and draw upon students’ strengths asoral communicators. Develop activities that help students discover learning preferences: oral, aural, written. Guide students in making connections between how they speak and how they write.Help students raise awareness about the connection between spoken language and written discourse.

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  • PROPOSAL SUMMARY 1. Project Title: ‘Vietnam Green Generation for a Green Globe’ 2. Project Site: Vietnam 3. Proponent: Raising Awareness on Environment and Climate Change Program 4. Project Objective: To improve the knowledge on environment and establish a sustainable life style for Vietnamese youth 5. Cooperating Organizations: • • • SMAX Live & Learn US – Vietnam Trade Council 6. Start-Up Date: December 2008 7. Project Period: 2 years 8. Total Project Cost: 44,561 USD 9.

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  • Chapter 20 Ten Ways to Use Your Business Plan In This Chapter Getting the most out of your business plan Raising awareness inside and outside your company I leave you with these 10 parting thoughts to reinforce your decision to write and use a business plan to bolster your success.

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  • Microsoft offers great breadth and depth of learning content for information workers. Our Microsoft Learning division produces e-learning, books, and training courses that are delivered by our partners. Our extensive Windows Help system consists of several thousand topics. Feedback from our customers has taught us that for Windows Vista, we needed to provide more short content, more content for raising awareness before deployment, and pointers to the most critical topics.

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  • Arthur Bromfield, my father, friend, and confidant. He has helped me in countless ways to shape my life and achieve suc- cess in my career. I am grateful for all of his love and confi- dence, and for always believing in me. Ken, Yukari, Evan, and Jessica Bromfield; Wendy and Mark Rapaport; Michelle, Dave, and Elise Andelman; Sy and Phyllis Bendremer; Linda Bromfield; Rick Bendremer; Jeff, Ellie, and Sol Bendremer; Danielle Wozniak; as well as my dearest friends, Mark Giordani and Jason Rich, who prove over and over again that the limits of friendship are boundless....

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  • Acknowledgements Governing Water (2004 – 2007) is a project funded by the European Commission. The aim is to raise awareness and promote dialogue on good governance, using water as a discussion issue, within and between communities in Fiji. More than 40 rural and urban communities on Viti Levu and Vanua Levu have participated in the Governing Water project. Through Governing Water, over 300 community facilitators and schoolteachers have been trained.

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  • We have reviewed the high level aims and objectives of our Customer Service Strategy and Service Delivery. Our Strategy details the overriding principles, which govern how we will develop and deliver our services raising awareness of the crucial role customer service plays within our Community Centres. It also lets our customers know how committed we are to customer service

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  • With this in mind, Roberts met with Holscher and together they created YouthAIDS, sketching the logo and mission on a napkin over coffee in a Washington, DC café. YouthAIDS would be a specific entity within the PSI portfolio of activities. The concept was to begin with a cause-related marketing campaign that would provide a platform from which to raise awareness, promote PSI’s work and provide a novel source of funding. The cause – preventing young people from becoming infected with HIV – would form the core of the campaign.

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  • This study investigated the potential impact of e-learning on raising overseas students' cultural awareness and explored the possibility of creating an interactive learning environment for them to improve their English academic writing. The study was based on a comparison of Chinese and English rhetoric in academic writing, including a comparison of Chinese students' writings in Chinese with native English speakers' writings in English and Chinese students' writings in English with the help of an e-course and Chinese students' writings in English without the help of an e-course.

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  • The purpose of the Industrial Sector Guides for Cleaner ProductionAssessment is to raise awareness of the environmental impacts associatedwith industrial and manufacturing processes, and to highlight theapproaches that industry and government can take to avoid or minimisethese impacts by adopting a Cleaner Production approach.

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  • The overall objective of the project is to reduce the use of N fertilizer use on legumes soybean and groundnut in Vietnam through by increasing legume inoculants. Replace N fertilizer with legume inoculants will provide both economic benefits and environmental benefits for farmers and reduce financial stress for poor farmers by reducing input costs. The approach is to raise awareness and demand for inoculants through an expanded program including live demonstrations of the benefits of inoculants and training in the functions and their use.

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  • Although women are a minority in national prison populations all over the world, the female prison population is increasing. This increase in women’s imprisonment is part of a global trend towards the increasing popularity and use of imprisonment and a corresponding under- use of constructive alternative, non-custodial sanctions. This applies particularly to drug offences and non-violent theft (Penal Reform International, 2007).

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  • For all these reasons, many teachers now refer to the initial stages of grammar learning as awareness raising. Awareness raising is what happens when the current state of the learner's grammar knowledge re-organises itself in response to new discoveries. Unlike traditional (teacher-led) presentation, awareness raising is essentially learner-led.

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  • On many levels, YouthAIDS revealed the power of celebrity advocates in promoting awareness and raising funds for a cause. Celebrity advocates were able to raise funds through conventional and unconventional means for the organization. For example, actress Debra Messing’s field visit to Zimbabwe raised awareness for PSI’s work in that country and provided the additional advocacy needed to raise millions of dollars of additional funding from USAID so many more kids could be saved.

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  • Classic Elite Yarns is proud to participate in Stitch Red, a fastgrowing campaign to “stick it to heart disease” started by Jimmy Beans Wool and supported by many in the needlearts industry. When you buy our designated Stitch Red yarns, CEY will donate 5% of proceeds to the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH) in support of The Heart Truth®. Joining thousands of knitters and crocheters by supporting Stitch Red, and help raise awareness and prevent heart disease in women. To learn more about Stitch Red, visit www.stitchred.com and see how you can get involved!...

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  • Work and Employment. Women play an extremely important role in all dimensions of agricultural production. In certain regions, women's time input equals men's, but in other regions traditions restrict their work to the household where they are involved in crop processing (threshing, cleaning, drying, preserving) and also are in charge of most of the household-based activities (water and fuel collection, cooking, cleaning, sewing, tailoring, weaving, and child rearing). Women play an increasingly important role in opium production, livestock production and processing of dairy products.

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  • Since the 1990s, Pollution Probe has focused its programmes on issues related to air pollution, water pollution and human health, including a major programme to remove human sources of mercury from the environment. Pollution Probe’s scope has recently expanded to new concerns, including the unique risks that environmental contaminants pose to children, the health risks related to exposures within indoor environments, and the development of innovative tools for promoting responsible environmental behaviour.

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  • The aim of this document is to provide guidance for teachers, and learning support assistants where appropriate, on ways to teach writing skills in order to help learners to become more effective writers. This document is designed to raise awareness of the many individual skills that a learner has to grasp (including consideration of the content of their writing, the ideas, arguments or plot) when learning to write.

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  • The proposed activity is the most appropriate approach to the problems outlined under Section 1.5. Vietnamese and Australian scientists and industry stakeholders will work jointly, intensively and sequentially to: (i) describe the existing situations; (ii) identify and describe problems and constraints; (iii) develop recommendations and plans for mitigating the constraints and encouraging future research and development in the industry; and (iv) seek industry feedback by wide dissemination and discussion of the plans, proposals, and findings and recommendations....

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