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  • Trade finance has received special attention during the financial crisis as one of the potential culprits for the great trade collapse. Several researchers have used micro level data to establish the link between trade finance and trade, especially so during the financial crisis, and have found diverting results. This paper analyses the effect of trade credit on trade on a macro level through a whole cycle. We employ Berne Union data on export credit insurance, the most extensive dataset on trade credits available at the moment, for the period of 2005- 2011.

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  • Next, we can modify our model to account for different firm sizes. For notational convenience and ease of exposition, we have used a continuum model. A firm hires a unit mass of consumers. The size of the firm then becomes a normalization and hence has no bearing on the dynamics and steady-state properties. In practice, firms hire a finite number of workers, and the law of large number becomes a poor approximation when the firm is small. Even when a small firm draws from the same work force as any other firm, the variance of workers’ health-care cost may be larger.

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  • The appeal of alcohol to underage youth can also be limited by reducing youth exposure to alcohol advertising and marketing. The Federal Trade Commission has issued a series of reports on the topic and has encouraged voluntary action on the part of the alcohol indus- try.1, 12, 13 In response, alcohol marketers have made some limited reforms in their volun- tary codes. However, these revisions fall far short of recommendations from the National Academy of Sciences,14 state attorneys general, 15, 16 and other scientific and advocacy organ- izations.

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  • Prompted by the intriguing pattern in stock returns, in this section we broaden the investigation of lunar cycle effects to other related variables in the U.S. economy. First, we extend the analysis to other variables related to stock trading, specifically the standard deviation of stock returns and volume of trading. Recall that the magnitudes of the standard deviations in Table 1 suggest that there is little difference between new moon and full moon volatilities of returns.

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  • 1. PNTR là gì? - PNTR là chữ viết tắt tiếng Anh của từ Quy chế Quan hệ thương mại bình thường vĩnh viễn (Permanent Normal Trade Relations). 2. ESCAP là gì? - ESCAP (United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific) là tên viết tắt tiếng Anh của Ủy ban Kinh tế xã hội châu Á - Thái Bình Dương.

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  • The Voice of America has been broadcasting programs in Special English since 1959. Special English is VOA’s method of communicating with English learners around the world in a way that is easy to understand. The vocabulary is limited to about 1,500 words. The sentences are short. The speed is slower than normal. Special English programs are broadcast on the Voice of America, on radio stations around the world, on satellite television and on the Internet.

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  • Contents Acknowledgments Introduction Chapter 1: RDBMS Basics: What Makes Up a SQL Server Database? Chapter 2: Tools of the Trade Chapter 3: The Foundation Statements of T-SQL Chapter 4: JOINs Chapter 5: Creating and Altering Tables Chapter 6: Constraints Chapter 7: Adding More to Our Queries Chapter 8: Being Normal: Normalization and Other Basic Design Issues Chapter 9: SQL Server Storage and Index Structures Chapter

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  • Introducing a produduct uct into the commerce of another country at less than its normal value.

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  • Other retailers would rather save the time and money spent on trade shows and have sellers with wonderful products contact them directly via email so that they can concentrate on ‘minding the store.’ If you decide to contact retailers directly be sure to send excellent photos and pricing information. All of the retailers we spoke to stressed the importance of the story behind the product. The stories of your products, your producers and the species you are working to conserve are very important in building a relationship with green consumers.

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  • Chapter 18 Return, Risk, and the Security Market Line The return on any stock traded in a financial market is composed of two parts. The normal, or expected, part of the return is the return that investors predict or expect. The uncertain, or risky, part of the return comes from unexpected information revealed during the year.

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  • Vietnam’s economic growth is quickening, fueled by the momentum of the manufacturing and construction sector, while the growth of agriculture and servic. The trade deficit tended to drop after a surprise surge in Q1. The trade balance was in a slight deficit of USD 700 million in Q3.

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  • The international consequences of zero-interest-rate policies are also negative. With interbank markets in the U.S. and Europe congested, forward foreign exchange markets become more difficult to organize. Without forward cover, exporters and importers find it more difficult to secure normal letters of credit. In the financial panic of 2008, foreign trade imploded much more than domestic trade. In addition, the Fed’s zero interest rate strategy inevitably weakens the dollar in the foreign exchanges.

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  • Many equity investments have a quoted market price in an active market, which is used as fair value. These market prices reflect normal market transactions and are readily avail- able from brokers or in the financial press.When trading is light, recent bid prices are accept- able, although light trading may indicate that estimating fair value is problematic. For exam- ple, a recent price might not be relevant if significant events had taken place after the bid date (CICA ED 3855.A26).

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  • Having ranked countries by their relative macroeconomic performance during the recent crisis, we explore possible explanations for this cross-economy variation. Table 2 summarises four categories of variables measuring: banking system structure, trade openness, financial openness, and monetary and fiscal policy frameworks. Except where otherwise noted, all of these variables are measured at the end of 2007. We also consider the policy response to the crisis, looking at measures such as monetary policy easing, fiscal stimulus and bank bailouts.

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  • There is an adjustable feedback from the main valve to the pilot valve to adjust the ratio of main valve to pilot valve movement. By changing the amount the main valve moves for a given movement of the pilot valve, the relative speed of the servomotors is changed. This is independent of the setting for wicket gate travel rate. The main valve normally doesn’t move far enough to contact the stop nuts during a load change. The feedback acts on the pilot valve bushing to close off the pilot valve ports to stop the flow of oil...

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  • or purposes of this book the term private equity refers to the common stock of a corporation where that common stock is held by a relatively few investors and is not traded on any of the conventional stock markets. Normally the senior managers of the firm hold a significant percentage of the firm's stock, and we will assume that is the situation in all the cases discussed in this book. F

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  • Free trade normally increases a country's stock of resources while increased supplies of labor and capital from foreign investors become available for use within the country. This has been occurring in Eastern Europe since the read more

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  • More importantly, while most of the theoretical models which we use to evaluate mutual fund performance are based on the assumption of efficient markets, emerging markets fail to meet these assumptions. Returns in emerging markets suffer from several chronic conditions such as high volatility, high trading cost, non-normality, and infrequent trading (Bekaert and Harvey, 2002). Furthermore, there is still some doubt whether the factors documented in developed markets can also explain stock returns in emerging markets (for example, Claessens et al.

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