Bài giảng Tiếng Anh lớp 11: Unit 11 - Language focus

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Bài giảng Tiếng Anh lớp 11 "Unit 11 - Language focus" được biên soạn dành cho quý thầy cô giáo và các em học sinh tham khảo, để hệ thống kiến thức Unit 11 trong chương trình Tiếng Anh lớp 11 - Language focus. Hy vọng đây sẽ là tài liệu tham khảo hữu ích phục vụ quá trình học tập và giảng dạy của mọi người.

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  2. Match the symbols with their names coal oil 1 2 3 hydropower gas wind 4 5 6 geothermal nuclear biomass 7 8 9 solar
  3. Grammar: Relative clauses replaced by participles 1. The man who spoke to John is my brother. -> The man speaking to John is my brother. (active voice) 2. The boy who is playing the piano is Ben. -> The boy playing the piano is Ben. (active voice) 3. The woman who was injured is an actress. -> The woman injured is an actress. (passive voice)
  4. Reduced Relative Clauses/ Participial phrases • Active voice: Noun + (who/which/that) present participle + V-ing • Passive voice: Noun + (who/which/that) past participle + V-ed/V3
  5. Rewrite the sentences, using participles 1. The people who are waiting for the bus in the rain are getting wet. waiting 2. They live in a house that was built in 1890. built 3. The fence which surrounds our house is made of wood. surrounding 4. The ideas which are presented in that book are interesting. presented overlooking 5. We have an apartment which overlooks the park. 6. They work in a hospital which was sponsored by the government. sponsored 7. The photographs which were published in the newspaper were extraordinary. published 8. I was woken up by a bell which was ringing. ringing
  6. Complete the sentences using correct form of the verbs : invite, live, call, offer 1. Somebody ______ called Jack phoned while you were out . 2. A lot of the people _______ invited to the party cannot come . 3. A few days after the interview , I received a letter ________ offering me the job . 4. Life must be very unpleasant for the people living ________ near busy airports .
  7. Rules for making reduced relative clauses 1. We can only make reduced relative clauses when the  subject relative pronoun is the ________ of the relative clause. active 2. The present participle can replace various _______ tenses,  not only present continuous. past 3. The _______ participle can replace various passive tenses. Note:  Remember that when the relative pronoun is the ________ of  object a defining relative clause, we can omit (leave out) _______,  who which that ________ or _______.
  8. Relative clauses replaced by to infinitives 1. My brother is the first person who comes home. -> My brother is the first person to come. 2. English is an important language which we have to master. -> English is an important language to master. 3. The best thing that should be done now is to sleep. -> The best thing to be done now is to sleep. 4. A good place where we can stay is Rex. -> A good place to stay in is Rex.
  9. Relative clauses replaced by to infinitives To infinitive is used after: •the first / last / only + Noun •superlative + Noun •any / no + Noun + (RC + modal verb)
  10. Complete the sentences with : tell , wear , eat , come , sell , read . 1. A good place ________ to eat is Bloom’s . 2. The next course ________ to come is French . 3. Do you have any eggs _______? to sell 4. He hasn’t got anything _______. to wear 5. They’ve got a lot of books _______. to read 6. We haven’t got any news _______. to tell
  11. Questions and Answers, using reduced relative clauses
  12. Questions and Answers, using reduced relative clauses
  13. Exercise 4: Give the correct verb forms. 1. breaking The teacher punishes everyone (break) ________ the rules. 2. having I live in a building (have) _______ forty floors. 3. thatched The tent (thatch) ________ badly is where John lives. 4. People (invite) ________ are expected to be formally dressed  invited for the occasion. 5. destroyed The building (destroy) __________ in the storm has now  been repaired. 6. missing The little girl (miss) __________ last month has now been  found safe and sound. 7. to play I wish we had a garden for our children (play) _________ in. 8. to see I’m the last person (see) _________ her alive. 9. lectured The lesson (lecture) __________ by Dr. Johnson is easily  understood.
  14. fried 10. We often have fish (fry) __________ for lunch. 11. The scientist (discover) ___________ a new medicine for  discovering AIDS has won the Nobel Prize. 12. The language (master) __________ in recent time is English. mastered giving 13. This is the book (give) __________ me lots of pleasure. to do 14. I have too much homework (do) __________ this weekend. 15. My close friend is always the last (leave) __________ the  to leave classroom. to  16. This is the only student (receive) __________ the  scholarship. receive to go 17. I don’t have anyone (go) __________ with to the party. to read 18. We have some comics for the children (read) _________. 19. She hadn’t got anyone (send) __________ cards to. to send 20. The school gate (paint) __________ yellow is brand new. painted
  15. Practice Test Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest. 1. A. service B. prospect C. improve D. solar 2. A. electricity B. respiration C. electronic D. humanity 3. A. liter B. provide C. lantern D. carry Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced  differently from the rest. 4. A. knows B. develops C. liters D. spends 5. A. provide B. family C. biogas D. grind 6. A. improve B. remote C. stove D. solar Choose the underlined part that must be changed in order for the  sentence to be correct.   7. The United States is a (A) largest energy consumer (B) in terms of  (C) total use (D) all over the world.                                       
  16. 8. The US’s oil consumption (A) is approximately (B) 21 million  barrels a day, however production that is (C) only (D) 6 million barrels  a day. 9. The remaining (A) 14% of the energy consumption was supplied (B)  by nuclear power (C) hydroelectric dams, and miscellaneous renew (D)  energy sources. 10. Over two decades Vietnam has emerged (A) as an (B) important  regional produce (C) of oil and (D) natural gas in Southeast Asia.        11. The country has boosted exploratory (A) activities and that allowed  (B) greater foreign company involvement (C) in the oil and natural gas  sectors. (D) Choose the correct answer. 12. We have run ________ coal, so we cannot heat the room.       A. up to B. into C. away from  D. out of 13. Many people suppose that non­renewable sources are being used  _______.      A. on B. to C. up D. for
  17. 14. This is one of the most efficient methods of converting fossil fuels  into ______ electricity.     A. a B. an C. the D. no article 15. By the 19th century, gas extracted from coal was being used for  _______ street lighting in London.    A. a B. an C. the D. no article 16. ________ resources are natural ones such as wind, water, and  sunlight which are always available   A. Arduous    B. Developed    C. Renewable    D. Improved 17. A ________ is a small electric light which gets its power from  batteries and which you can carry in your hand.   A. flashlight B. stove C. wood D. clinic 18. Wind and sea waves are considered as ________ energy sources  because they do not cause pollution.       A. pollution­free B. wood­burning       C. environment­friendly  D. non­renewable
  18. 19. The house ________ is red belongs to me      A. whose roof B. which roof      C. in which roof D. where roof 20. I bought a book ________ I got new ideas about teaching  grammar.     A. which B. from which C. in that D. that 21. Our children need more space ________.    A. in where they play B. in that they play    C. where to play D. to play 22. He survived in the desert for three weeks without food, ____.     A. was amazing B. in which was amazing     C. which was amazing D. that was amazing 23. Creativity, _______ may take many forms, is a quality all  human beings have.
  19. 24. We got lost in __________ caused us to be very late.   A. the city which B. the city in which   C. the city, where D. the city, which 25. Every day we spent some money _____ energy.    A. on B. which C. for D. upon 26. Wood was one of the first fuels used by ________.    A. human B. humans C. humane D. humanly 27. Energy is fundamental to most industries and services.   A. burning B. available C. essential  D. remote 28. A __________ is a substance such as tin, salt, or sulphur that is  formed naturally in rocks and in the earth.   A. mineral B. gas C. coal D. nuclear 29. Lack of _______ coal has brought on _______ energy  crisis.
  20. 30. _______ fuel is any material that is burned or altered in order to  obtain _______ energy.   A. A/ the B. The/ an C. no article/ no article D. The/ a 31. The music _____________ is good.   A. that Julie is listening B. to which Julie is listening   C. to that Julie is listening  D. which Julie is listening 32. My brother met a woman ____________.   A. with who I used to work B. with whom I used to work   C. with that I used to work D. whom I used to work 33. I visited the city ___________.   A. from that John comes B . John comes   C. from where John comes D. from which John comes 34. The job __________ is well paid.   A. that she applied for it B. for which she applied    C. that she applied for D. for that she applied



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