Tài liệu luyện thi Đại học Môn Tiếng Anh - TEST 18

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Tài liệu luyện thi Đại học Môn Tiếng Anh - TEST 18

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  1. TEST 18 Pronunciation. Choose the word which is pronounced differently from the others. 1/ a. car b. hard c. large d. angry 2/ a. east b. gr eat c .lea d d. seat 3/ a. fuse b. t utor c. r umour d. menu 4/ a. exchanged b. learned c. laughed d. arrived 5/ a. youth b. sou nd c. pronou nce d. about Find the one choice that best completes the sentence. Vocabulary. 6/ If you want to attend the maths course you have to ______ before the end of January. a. apply b. enroll c. ask for d . give your name 7/ When you apply for a job, you need to fill in a(n) ______ . a. personal form b. work form c. application form d. job chart 8/ There are boy and girl students in my school. It is a(n) ____ school. a. single sex b. all boys' c. all girls' d . co -educational 9/ Because Mary likes meeting people, she applies for the job of a hotel ________. a. receptionist b. accountant c. typist d. cleaner 10/We are having an environment month, so we're going to clean ____ o f the lakes on weekends. a. the sides b. the beds c. the banks d. the seats 1 1/Lan likes doing ______ , so she participates in programs helping the. poor and street children. a. official work b. manual jobs c. mental work d. social work 1 2/We can plant young t rees and plants to sell in order to ______ funds for the organization. a. do b. raise c. rise d . give 1 3/We can save natural _______ with the recycling program. a. source b. materials c. resources d. things 14/Al1 you have to do is ______ used glass, paper and cans for recycling. a. to collect b. to pick up c. to get up d. make up 15/A11 of these interesting. a. hear b. listen c. sound d. watch Grammar & Structures. 16/Would you like ______ a cup of coffee with me a. have b. having c. to have d. to have had 1 7/ Do you mind _______ my questions? a. to answer b. answer c. answering d . to have answered 18/Wait a minute. Jane would like ______ you. a. see b. seeing c. to se e d. saw 19/The last train for London_______ at 9 pm. a. leaves b. will leave c. leaving d. leave 20/The new school year usually _____ in September. a. start b. starts c. will start d. starting 2 1/Water ___ _____ at 100 degrees Celsius. a. boiling b. is boiling c. boiled d. boils 22/Listen to these people. What language _______? a. do they speak b. are they speaking c. they speak d . they spoke 23/ ________you speak any foreign languages? a. Can b. Could c. Would d. Will 2 4/Tom said "Let 's have fish for dinner". Tom suggested _______ for d inner. a. have fish b. has fish c. to have fish d. having fish 25/I don't want to go out this evening. I don't fancy _______ this eve ning. a. to go out b. going out c. go out d . to have gone 26/Why do you keep on me like that? a. look at b. to look at c. looking at d. looked at



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