Tài liệu luyện thi Đại học Môn Tiếng Anh - TEST 40

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Tài liệu luyện thi Đại học Môn Tiếng Anh - TEST 40

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  1. Tµi liÖu luyÖn thi §¹i häc * M«n TiÕng Anh * TEST 40 – Multiple Choice. Page 1 Name: ……………………………… Duration: 90 minutes Test 40 School: …………………………….. Total marks: A - PHONOLOGY: I/ Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others in each group: 1) A. automobile B. mobile C. facile D. compile 2) A. forgo B. forgive C. forget D. forever 3) A. breathe B. with C. southern D. thorough 4) A. idiot B. idiom C. recipient D. fetus 5) A. message B. privilege C. college D. collage II/ Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from the other words in each group: 1) A. textile B. silence C. believe D. nothing 2) A. photograph B. payroll C. accent D. regretful 3) A. sarcastic B. mathematics C. laboratory D. denial 4) A. tolerable B. glamorous C. peanut D. initial 5) A. imperative B. atomic C. detest D. cover B - VOCABULARY, GRAMMAR & STRUCTURE: Choose the best answer to completes each sentence. 1) Grace: I wish your parents invite us for holiday. - Monty: They can't. They have ________ to accommod ate us and the children too. A. such a small house B. a too small house C. very small a house D. too small a house 2) When they had ________ the new carpet, the workmen went back to the office. A. laid B. lain C. lied D. been lying 3) It will ________ be Christmas. A. soon B. fast C. quick D. next 4) Do be careful not to ________ your coffee on this white rug, Bill. A. drip B. spill C. filter D. leak 5) She had to leave her family ________ when she went abroad to work. A. at a loss B. behind C. out D. at all costs 6) Metal ________ at high temperatures. A. grows B. increases C. enlarges D. expands 7) Because of the poor harvest, wheat prices have ________ in the last six months. A. grown up B. gone up C. jumped up D. sprung up 8) I'm ________ worried about Jane; she always seems to be tired. A. as B. so C. such D. too 9) I have difficulty ________ without glasses these days. A. to read B. in reading C. read D. of reading 10) It's most unwise to ________ in a quarrel between a man and his wife. A. involve B. poke C. mix D. interfere 11) I will ________ the idea with the other teachers and see what they think about it. A. explain B. argue C. discuss D. talk 12) The farmer was very angry ________ the dogs chasing his sheep. A. for B. with C. because D. about 13) I think he's quite honest ________ his intentions. A. about B. with C. in D. on 14) Dick will be waiting ________ them at the entrance door. A. for B. on C. to D. at 15) It's no use complaining ________ the cold. A. on B. in C. from D. of 16) Furniture manufacturers are now ________ of the latest credit restrictions. A. feeling the pinch B. smelling the rat C. cooking the books D. feeling the smell 17) Jazz is an American art form which is now ________ in Europe through the determined efforts of ________ in France, Scandinavia, and Germany. A. foundering...governments B. diminishing...musicians C. waning...novices D. flourishing...expatriates 18) She was ________ disappointed when she learned that she had not got the job. A. gravely B. fully C. highly D. bitterly 19) They have ________ the old castle and it is now a luxury hotel. A. transformed B. undone C. remade D. constructed 20) I ________ so much last night: I feel terrible. A. shouldn't have eaten B. mustn't have eaten C. needn't have eaten D. didn't have to eat 21) He stole one of the officers' uniforms and managed to escape by passing himself ________ as a guard. A. by B. out C. through D. off 22) ________ we set off in the next few minutes, we'll be there in time. A. Provided B. Supposing C. In case D. So long 23) If he drinks any more beer, I don't think he'll be ________ to play this afternoon. A. skilled B. capable C. possible D. fit 24) My employer's ________ of my work does not matter to me at all. A. meaning B. belief C. opinion D. expression 25) The recent increase ________ violence is worrying the police. A. with B. of C. in D. about 26) We're in good time; there's ________ to hurry. A. unnecessary B. no purpose C. no need D. impossible 27) The police ________ the kidnapper from escaping by blocking all exits. A. prevented B. encouraged C. allowed D. avoided 28) This meat isn't suitable ________. A. being grilled B. to grilling C. for grilling D. the grill 29) A railway bridge is already ________ over the river. A. been erected B. erecting C. in construction D. being built 30) The pictures is ________; the thief will be most disappointed when he tries to sell it! A. priceless B. invalid C. unprofitable D. worthless C – READING COMPREHENSION: I/ Read the passage and choose the best answer for each question: Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the United States, was from a wealthy, well-known family. As a child, he attended private school, had private tutors, and traveled with his parents to Europe. He attended Harvard University, and afterward studied law. At age 39 Roosevelt suddenly developed polio, a disease that left him without the full use of his legs for the rest of his life. Even through the worst of his illness, however, he continued his life in politics. In 1924 he appeared at the Democratic Nguyễn Đức Hưng* * - Marie Curie School (: 031.3710743 – 0912.883.190)
  2. Tµi liÖu luyÖn thi §¹i häc * M«n TiÕng Anh * TEST 40 – Multiple Choice. Page 2 National Convention to nominate Al Smith for president, and eight years after that he himself was nominated for the same office. Roosevelt was elected to the presidency during the Great Depression of the 1930s, at a time when more than 5,000 banks had failed and thousands of people were out of work. Roosevelt took action. First he declared a bank holiday that closed all the banks so no more could fail; then he reopened the banks little by little with government support. Roosevelt believed in using the full power of government to help what he called the "forgotten people." And it was these workers, the wage earners, who felt the strongest affection toward Roosevelt. There were others, however, who felt that Roosevelt's policies were destroying the American system of government, and they opposed him in the same intense way that others admired him. In 1940 the Democrats nominated Roosevelt for an unprecedented third term. No president in American history had ever served three terms, but Roosevelt felt an obligation not to quit while the United States' entry into World War II was looming in the future. He accepted the nomination and went on to an easy victory. 1) What does the passage mainly discuss? A. political aspects of Roosevelt's life B. problems during the Great Depression C. Roosevelt's upbringing D. criticisms of Roosevelt's actions 2) Which one of the following statements is NOT mentioned in the passage? A. Roosevelt was elected during the Great Depression. D. Roosevelt voted for Al Smith. B. Roosevelt had difficulty walking during his presidency. C. Roosevelt supported strong government powers. 3) The phrase "took action" in lines 8 is used to illustrate the idea that Roosevelt A. performed admirably B. exerted himself physically C. responded immediately D. got assistance 4) As used in line 9, the phrase "little by little" means that Roosevelt A. opened the smaller banks first B. opened the banks for minimal services C. opened the banks a few at a time D. opened the bank for a short time 5) The word "full" in line 9 could best be replaced by which of the following? A. packed B. loaded C. overflowing D. complete 6) Where in the passage does the author discuss Roosevelt's response to the Great Depression? A. lines 1-6 B. lines 6-10 C. lines 10-16 D. lines 16-21 7) The word "affection" as used in line 10 could best be replaced by which of the following? A. fascination B. fondness C. lure D. appeal 8) The word "unprecedented" in line 13 could best be replaced by A. unimportant B. unheard of C. unjustified D. unhampered 9) It can be inferred from the passage that the people who liked Roosevelt best were A. poor people B. average workers C. rich people D. bankers 10) In line 10, the author uses the word "looming" to indicate a feeling of A. reservation B. determination C. regret D. threat II/ Read the passage and choose the best answer for each question: Although they are an inexpensive supplier of vitamins, minerals, and high-quality protein, eggs also contain a high level of blood cholesterol, one of the major causes of heart disease. One egg yolk, in fact, contains a little more than two-thirds of the suggested daily cholesterol limit. This knowledge has caused egg sales to plummet in recent years, which in turn has brought about the development of several alternatives to eating regular eggs. One alternative is to eat substitute eggs. These egg substitutes are not really eggs, but they look somewhat like eggs when they are cooked. They have the advantage of having lower cholesterol rates, and they can be scrambled or used in baking. One disadvantage, however, is that they are not good for frying, poaching, or boiling. A second alternative to regular eggs is a new type of egg, sometimes called "designer" eggs. These eggs are produced by hens that are fed low-fat diets consisting of ingredients such as canola oil, flax, and rice bran. In spite of their diets, however, these hens produce eggs that contain the same amount of cholesterol as regular eggs. Yet, the producers of these eggs claim that eating their eggs will not raise the blood cholesterol in humans. Egg producers claim that their product has been portrayed unfairly. They cite scientific studies to back up their claim. And, in fact, studies on the relationship between eggs and human cholesterol levels have brought mixed results. It may be that it is not the type of egg that is the main determinant of cholesterol but the person who is eating the eggs. Some people may be more sensitive to cholesterol derived from food than other people. In fact, there is evidence that certain dietary fats stimulate the body's production of blood cholesterol. Consequently, while it still makes sense to limit one's intake of eggs, even designer eggs, it seems that doing this without regulating dietary fat will probably not help reduce the blood cholesterol level. 1) What is the main purpose of this passage? A. to inform people about the relationship between eggs and cholesterol B. to convince people to eat "designer" eggs and egg substitutes C. to persuade people that eggs are unhealthy and should not be eaten D. to introduce the idea that dietary fat increases the blood cholesterol level 2) As used in line 3, the word "plummet" refers to which of the following? A. drop abruptly B. bounce uncertainly C. hesitate unexpectantly D. rise gently 3) According to the passage, which of the following is a cause of heart disease? A. minerals B. cholesterol C. vitamins D. canola oil 4) As used in line 8, which of the following could best replace the word "somewhat"? A. indefinitely B. in fact C. a little D. a lot 5) According to the passage, what has been the cause for changes in the sale of eggs? A. dietary changes in hens B. decreased production C. increasing price D. a shrinking market 6) According to the passage, one egg yolk contains approximately what fraction of the suggested daily limit for human consumption of cholesterol? A. 1/3 B. 1/2 C. 2/3 D. 3/4 7) As used in line 13, the word "claim" means A. guarantee B. assert C. deny D. confirm 8) The word "portrayed" in line 12 could best be replaced by which of the following? A. described B. studied C. destroyed D. tested 9) As used in line 12, what is the meaning of the phrase "back up"? A. reverse B. advance C. support D. block 10) What does the author mean by the phrase "mixed results" in line 14? A. The results are blended. B. The results are inconclusive. C. The results are a composite of things. D. The results are mingled together. 11) According to the passage, egg substitutes cannot be used to make any of the following types of eggs EXCEPT A. scrambled B. fried C. poached D. boiled 12) According to the author, which of the following may reduce bl ood cholesterol? A. reducing egg intake but not fat intake B. increasing egg intake and fat intake C. increasing egg intake but not fat intake D. decreasing egg intake and fat intake D - ERROR IDENTIFICATION: 1) While verbalization is (A) the most common form of language in (B) existence, humans make use of many (C) others systems and techniques (D) to express their thoughts and feelings. 2) It was (A) her, Elizabeth I, not (B) her father, King Henry, (C) who (D) led England into the Age of Empire. Nguyễn Đức Hưng* * - Marie Curie School (: 031.3710743 – 0912.883.190)
  3. Tµi liÖu luyÖn thi §¹i häc * M«n TiÕng Anh * TEST 40 – Multiple Choice. Page 3 3) (A) The amount of women earning (B) Master's Degrees (C) has risen sharply in (D) recent years. 4) When a patient's blood pressure is (A) much higher (B) than it (C) should be, a doctor usually insists that he (D) will not smoke. 5) When (A) I last saw Janet, she (B) hurried to her next class on (C) the other side of the campus and (D) did not have time to talk. 6) Writers and media (A) personnel sell (B) theirselves best (C) by the impression given in their verbal (D) expression. 7) The master (A) of ceremonies announced in a loud and clear voice (B) and told that the dinner (C) would be late (D) due to unforeseen circumstances. 8) Canoeing is the activity of (A) paddling a canoe for the (B) purpose of (C) recreation, sport, or (D) transport. 9) Water skiing is a sport and (A) recreation activity and is popular in many countries (B) around the world where (C) appropriate conditions (D) exist. 10) Players can move the ball by (A) throwing to a teammate or (B) swimming while (C) pushing the ball (D) in front of them. E - WRITING: Choose the sentence that has the closest meaning to the original one. 1) We will never be able to get all these exhibits dated and labelled for the opening of the museum unless we get a lot of assistance. A. It would help us to finish the dating and labelling of the exhibits if the museum is not opened for a while. B. With just a little extra assistance we shall be able to get all these exhibits dated and labelled before the museum is opened. C. The opening of the museum does not depend on whether or not we can get all these exhibits dated and labelled. D. We’re going to need an awful lot of help if we’re to date and label these exhibits in time for the opening of the museum. 2) Optimists believe that life will be far better than it is today. A. Optimists cannot tell any differences between today life and future life. B. It is believed by optimists that there will be no changes for life in the future. C. Optimists believe that today’s life is not as good as it will be. D. Optimists believe that we will have a worse life in the future. 3) In spite of his poverty, he led a devoted life to the revolutionary cause. A. He could not devote his life to the revolutionary cause because of his poverty. B. If he had not been so poor, he could have devoted his life to the revolutionary cause. C. Poor as he was, he led a devoted life to the revolutionary cause. D. He led a devoted life to the revolutionary cause, but he was so poor. 4) Slippery as the roads were, they managed to complete the race. A. The roads were so slippery that they could hardly complete the race. B. The roads were slippery but they managed to complete the race. C. The roads were slippery so they could hardly complete the race. D. The roads were so slippery, therefore, they could hardly complete the race. 5) It was your assistance that enabled us to get achievement. A. But for your assistance, we could not have got achievement. B. Your assistance discouraged us from get achievement. C. If you assisted us, we could not get achievement. D. Without your assistance, we could get achievement. 6) You must never take your helmet off while you are riding a motorcycle. A. If you are riding a motorcycle, you needn’t wear a helmet. B. When you are riding a motorcycle, wearing a helmet is not a must. C. You needn’t wear a helmet whenever you are riding a motorcycle. D. Helmets must be worn at all times when you are riding a motorcycle. 7) It was his incompetence which led to their capture. A. Because he was incompetence, they were captured B. If he had been incompetence, they would have been captured C. In spite of his incompetence, they were not captured D. But for his incompetence, they would not have been captured Nguyễn Đức Hưng* * - Marie Curie School (: 031.3710743 – 0912.883.190)



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