Tài liệu luyện thi Đại học Môn Tiếng Anh - TEST 39

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Tài liệu luyện thi Đại học Môn Tiếng Anh - TEST 39

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  1. Tµi liÖu luyÖn thi §¹i häc * M«n TiÕng Anh * TEST 39 – Multiple Choice. Page 1 Name: ……………………………… Duration: 90 minutes Test 39 Total marks: A – PHONETICS: I/ Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest in each group: 1) A. fatigue B. mosquito C. alunmi D. marine 2) A. salutary B. regular C. stimulus D. futurism 3) A. hatred B. wretched C. asked D. naked 4) A. airports B. suitcases C. things D. calculators 5) A. collision B. pension C. mission D. tension II/ Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from the other words in each group: 1) A. textual B. vanguard C. watery D. irrelevant 2) A. photograph B. prospective C. essential D. respective 3) A. photographer B. prospect C. admire D. commercial 4) A. medical B. business C. instead D. company 5) A. valuable B. interrupt C. pocket D. brochure B – VOCABULARY, GRAMMAR & STRUCTURE: 1) The definition for “gram calories” or “calories” is _____________ for most engineering work. A. accurate as enough B. enough accurate C. as accurate enough D. accurate enough 2) The motorbike was badly smashed up but the rider escaped without any _____________. A. injury B. wound C. destruction D. damage 3) The rotten oranges should be _____________ so as not to affect the others in the basket. A. thrown in B. thrown over C. thrown back D. thrown out 4) There has been a great _____________ for motorbikes in Vietnam for the last 10 years. A. urge B. request C. demand D. application 5) I am bringing an umbrella in _____________ it rains in the evening. A. event B. circumstances C. occasion D. case 6) Jane was full of ______________ towards her stepmother. A. retribution B. resentment C. reprisal D. vengeance 7) When Wilson’s company was hit by the recession, he decided to take early ______________. A. redundancy B. retirement C. redevelopment D. resignation 8) I presume you declare any private _____________ to the appropriate authorities. A. income B. revenue C. interest D. allowance 9) There were no lifeboats on the ship because it was _____________ to be unsinkable. A. argued B. claimed C. believed D. told 10) I wish they _____________ change their mind so often! A. shouldn’t B. wouldn’t C. mightn’t D. couldn’t 11) Many countries have sent medicines for _____________ of the latest fighting. A. injured B. wounded C. victims D. culprits 12) As soon as the supplies arrive, they will be _____________ to the starving people. A. dispersed B. assigned C. dealt D. distributed 13) Education is desperately needed in many countries where a high percentage of the population is ______. A. illiterate B. illegible C. illegal D. illustrate 14) I am sorry that I giggled so much. I was in rather a silly _____________. A. temper B. mood C. feeling D. outlook 15) The film didn’t really _____________ our expectations, unfortunately. A. meet with B. fall short of C. put in for D. come up to 16) The government is building a nuclear power _____________ not far from here. A. works B. factory C. station D. industry 17) After the dentist extracted my tooth, I was in _____________. A. peril B. suffering C. agony D. aches 18) Metal pipes _____________ if you heat them. A. enlarge B. expand C. extend D. encroach 19) It is by no _____________ certain that Margaret Jones will win the election. A. less B. respect C. sense D. means 20) After the dentist extracted my tooth, I was in _____________. A. peril B. suffering C. agony D. aches 21) Tim never comes here now. We only see him once in a _____________ moon. A. white B. gold C. yellow D. blue 22) She’s not a teenager any more. She looks quite _____________ now. A. overgrown B. outgrown C. grown-through D. grown-up 23) John was _____________ something under his breath, but I didn’t catch what he said. A. whispering B. muttering C. growling D. swallowing 24) I didn’t go to the party as I felt a bit under _____________. A. the weather B. the water C. the blankets D. the clouds 25) It’s a small black dog and _____________ to the name of “Emily”. A. belongs B. answers C. obeys D. responds 26) More than 200 police officers are _____________ in the investigation. A. absorbed B. engrossed C. specialized D. involved 27) The meeting didn’t _____________ until late. A. end up B. break up C. come about D. fall through 28) At the end of the match the players were _____________ exhausted. A. solely B. utterly C. actually D. merely 29) After its engine failed, the small boat _____________ with the current. A. waved B. tossed C. hastened D. drifted 30) I bought a new stereo but I didn’t have enough money for new _____________. A. echoes B. announcers C. megaphones D. speakers 31) One of the superstitions related to weddings is that the bride should wear something blue. A. rules of conduct B. irrational beliefs C. religious ceremonies D. nuptials C - READING COMPREHENSION: PARAGRAPH ONE: Read the following paragraph and choose the best answer. Precipitation, commonly referred to as rainfall, is a measure of the quantity of water in the form of either rain, hail, or snow which reaches the ground. The average annual precipitation over the whole of the United States is thirty-six inches. It should be understood however, that a foot of snow is not equal to a foot of precipitation. A general formula for computing Nguyễn Đức Hưng* * - Marie Curie School (: 031.3710743 – 0912.883.190)
  2. Tµi liÖu luyÖn thi §¹i häc * M«n TiÕng Anh * TEST 39 – Multiple Choice. Page 2 the precipitation of snowfall is that ten inches of snow is equal to one inch of precipitation. In N ew York State, for example, twenty inches of snow in one year would be recorded as only two inches of precipitation. Forty inches of rain would be recorded as forty inches of precipitation. The total annual precipitation would be recorded as forty-two inches. The amount of precipitation is a combined result of several factors, including location, altitude, proximity to the sea, and the direction of prevailing winds. Most of the precipitation in the United States is brought originally by prevailing winds from the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Great Lakes. Because these prevailing winds generally come from the West, the Pacific Coast receives more annual precipitation than the Atlantic Coast. Along the Pacific Coast itself, however, altitude causes some diversity in rainfall. 1) What does this passage mainly discuss? A. Precipitation B. Snowfall C. New York State D. A general formula 2) Which of the following is another word that is often used in place of precipitation? A. Humidity B. Wetness C. Rainfall D. Rain-snow 3) The term “precipitation” includes A. Only rainfall B. Rain, hail and snow C. Rain, snow, and humidity D. Rain, hail and humidity 4) What is the average annual rainfall in inches in the United States? A. Thirty-six inches B. Thirty-eight inches C. Forty inches D. Forty-two inches 5) If a state has 40 inches of snow in a year, by how much does this increase the annual precipitation? A. By two feet B. By four inches C. By four feet D. By 40 inches 6) Where is the annual precipitation highest? A. The Atlantic Coast B. The Great Lakes C. The Gulf of Mexico D. The Pacific Coast PARAGRAPH TWO: Read the following paragraph and choose the best answer. Over a period of time, many habitats change with respect to the types of plants and animals that live there. This change is known as succession. Succession occurs because plants and animals cause a change in the environment in which they live. The first weed and grasses that appear on a bare field, for example, change the environment by shielding the soil from direct sunlight. As these plants spread, the ground surface becomes cooler and moister than it was originally. Thus, the environment at the ground surface conditions favour the sprouting of shrubs. As shrubs grow, they kill the grasses by preventing light from reaching them and also build up the soil in the area. In addition, they attract animals that also enhance the soil. Pine seedlings soon take hold and as they grow, they in turn shade out the shrubs. They are not able to shade out oak and hickory seedlings, however, that have found the forest floor suitable. These seedlings grow into large trees that eventually shade out the pines. 1) What is the best title of this passage? A. The Importance of Weeds and Grasses. B. How environmental Habits Change. C. The Success of Oak and Hickory. D. Animal and Plant Habitats. 2) Which is the correct order of plant succession in the example in the passage? A. Weeds, pines, shrubs. B. Oak, pines, shrubs, weeds. C. Weeds, shrubs, pines, oak. D. Shrubs, weeds, pines, oak. 3) According to the passage, how do weeds and grasses affect the soil? A. They make it cooler and wetter. B. They attract animals to it. C. They spread seeds on it. D. They add nutrients to it. 4) It can be inferred from the passage that A. oak and hickory trees grow taller than pines. B. weeds and grasses prefer cool climates. C. pines and grasses can exist together. D. birds discourage the growth of shrubs. 5) Which of the following is a stage of succession as described in the passage? A. A forest cut down to build an airport. B. A flood washing away a crop of wheat. C. Wild flowers growing in an unused parking lot. D. Animals being tamed by children. PARAGRAPH THREE: Read the following paragraph and choose the best answer. Rainforests circle the globe for twenty degrees of latitude on both sides of the equator. In that relatively narrow band of the planet, more than half of all the species of plants and animals in their world make their home. Several hundred different varieties of trees may grow in a single acre, and just one of those trees may be the habitat for more than ten thousand kinds of spiders, ants, and other insects. Unfortunately, half of the world’s rainforests have already been destroyed, and at the current rate, another 25 percent will be lost by the year 2000. Every sixty seconds, one hundred acres of rainforests is being cleared. By the time you finish reading this passage, two hundred acres will be destroyed! When this happens, constant rains erode the former forest floor, and the ecology of the region is altered forever. Thousands of species of plants and animals are condemned to extinct ional and, since we aren’t able to predict the ramifications of this loss to a delicate global ecology, we don’t know what we may be doing to the future of the human species as well. 1) What is the point of view that the author expresses in this passage? A. The author believes that the rainforest will survive. B. The author believes that preserving the rainforest is important to the global ecology. C. The author believes that he can predict the future of global ecology. D. The author believes that the extinction of species is a natural process. 2) According to the passage, more than half of all the species of plants and animals A. live in twenty rainforests. B. live in several hundred different varieties of trees. C. live in a forty-degree band of latitude. D. live in areas where rainforest has been cleared. 3) What is the meaning of the word “just” in line 3? A. fairly B. only C. correctly D. precisely 4) How many of the world’s rainforests are projected to be destroyed if the current rate continues? A. All of them will be gone by the year 2000. B. Three-quarters of them will be gone by the year 2000. C. Half of them will be gone by the year 2000. D. One-quarter of them will be gone by the year 2000. 5) What is the current rate of destruction? A. One acre per minute. B. One acre per second. C. One hundred acres per minute. D. Two hundred acres per hour. 6) What will NOT happen if the rainforest continues to be cleared? A. The land will be eroded by the rains. B. The future of the human species may be changed. C. Many species of plants and animals that depend on the rainforest will become extinct. D. The rainforest will grow, but at a much slower rate. PARAGRAPH FOUR: Read the following paragraph and choose the best answer for each blank. In 776 B.C. the first Olympic Games were held at the foot of Mount Olympus to 1)___________ the Greek's chief God, Zeus. The Greeks emphasized physical 2 )___________ and strength in their education of youth. Therefore, contests in running, 3jumping, discus and javelin throwing, boxing, and horse and chariot racing were held individual 4cities, and the winners )___________ every four years at Mount Olympus. Winners were greatly honored by having olive )___________ placed in their heads and having poems sung about their 5)___________. Originally these were held as games of friendship, and any wars in 6)__________ were halted to allow the games to take 7)___________. Nguyễn Đức Hưng* * - Marie Curie School (: 031.3710743 – 0912.883.190)
  3. Tµi liÖu luyÖn thi §¹i häc * M«n TiÕng Anh * TEST 39 – Multiple Choice. Page 3 The Greeks 8 )___________ so much importance to these games that they calculated time in four-year 9)___________ called "Olympiads" 1 0)___________ from 776 B.C. 1) A. respect B. honor C. adore D. idolize 6) A. process B. progress C. duration D. continuation 2) A. propriety B. fitness C. temerity D. bravado 7) A. place B. charge C. part D. care 3) A. competed B. strived C. fought D. combated 8) A. associated B. attached C. lent D. proffer 4) A. bouquets B. piles C. wreaths D. circles 9) A. circles B. rotations C. cycles D. swings 5) A. movements B. motions C. postures D. deeds 10) A. dating B. timing C. setting D. fixing D - WRITING: Which is the best transformation of the given sentence? 1) No sooner had he been appointed to the post than the new director fell ill. A. Immediately after his appointment to the post, the new director fell ill. B. Because he had been appointed to the post, the new director fell ill. C. After the new director fell ill, he had been appointed to the new post. D. The new director had no sooner been appointed to the post when he fell ill. 2) She would have sung for us if he had asked her. A. He didn’t ask her to sing, and she didn’t sing. B. She sang for us although he didn’t ask her. C. She was going to sing for us but then changed her mind. D. He asked her to sing but she refused. 3) They would have never accepted his money if they had known his plan. A. They knew what he wanted to do, so they refused his money. B. They agreed with his wishes because they were glad to have his money. C. They took the money he offered them without realizing his purposes. D. They didn’t know his plan and never took the money from him. 4) “Let’s go on a walking holiday!” said Jane. A. Jane suggested going on a walking holiday. B. Jane wanted us to go on a walking holiday. C. Jane invited us to go on a walking holiday. D. Jane allowed us to go on a walking holiday. 5) It was difficult for us not to laugh at Tom’s joke. A. Tom’s joke made us laugh. B. Tom’s joke was funny so we laughed. C. We couldn’t help laughing at Tom’s joke. D. We laughed because Tom’s joke was funny. 6) She had only just begun to speak when people started interrupting. A. She hardly had begun to speak when people started interrupting. B. Hardly she had begun to speak when people started interrupting. C. Hardly had she begun to speak when people started interrupting. D. She hadn’t begun to speak when people started interrupting. 7) It’s not the job I’m interested in; it’s the people. A. I'm more interested in the people than the job. B. I'm not as interested in the people as the job. C. I'm as interested in the people as the job. D. I'm more interested in the job than the people. Nguyễn Đức Hưng* * - Marie Curie School (: 031.3710743 – 0912.883.190)



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