Giáo án Anh văn lớp 7 : Tên bài dạy : Unit 12 :Let’s eat! Lesson 3: B -1.

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Giáo án Anh văn lớp 7 : Tên bài dạy : Unit 12 :Let’s eat! Lesson 3: B -1.

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Nội dung Text: Giáo án Anh văn lớp 7 : Tên bài dạy : Unit 12 :Let’s eat! Lesson 3: B -1.

  1. Unit 12 :Let’s eat! Lesson 3: B -1. I. Objectives. After the lesson Ss will be able to know how the unhealthy food cause disease to people : stomachache ............. -To drill Ss the structure : It must be ..../ It was probably....., make sb + V-infinitive. II. Teaching aids. Tape + cassette +Text book , work sheet. III. Teaching procedure. 1. Organization: 2. Oral test: - Do exercise 3 in the work book (page 78). 3. New lesson. A. Warm up. -Ask Ss to write the recipe for stir -fried beef. -Write the recipe on the BB.
  2. -Read the recipe aloud. + Slice the beef. + Slice the green pepper and onion. + Heat the pan and stir - fried the beef and green pepper. + Add the soy sauce. B. Presentation. -Ask Ss to look at the picture and then answer the questions : Where is Ba ? Can you guess what ‘s wrong with Ba ? - Introduce the lesson and ask Ss to listen to the tape to find the cause that make him worry. *Practice. - Play the tape twice and ask Ss to find the answer for the question. + Why did Ba have a stomachache? -Call some Ss to answer the question. Introduce the tructure and the new words: It must be : chắc hẳn là. It is / was probably..........: Chắc có thể là
  3. Make sb + adj / do smt: làm cho ai đó thế nào/bắt ai đó thế nào. Have an awful headache: bị đau đầu kinh khủng. Wash smt well/ carefully: rửa cái gì sạch/kỹ Dirt( n) -> dirty ( adj) -Ask Ss to read the structure and make the sentences with the structure. - Ask Ss to work in pairs to complete the story by using the information in the conversation -Write the answers on the BB. -Read the story aloud. Ba went to the doctor because he was sick. The doctor asked Ba some questions. Ba said he had some spinach last night. The doctor said he must wash the spinach more carefully. Vegetables can be dirty. The dirt can make people sick. She gave Be some medicine to make him feel better. -Check if necessary. *Production. -Read the dialogue, and call some pairs to role play the dialogue.
  4. - Ask Ss to give the food that cause diseases. And tell them what should we do to prevent ? - Wash the food carefully . - Eat the fresh food. - Eat the ripe food. - Eat the food sensibly. - Stop eating sweet. - Wash the hand before meals. 4. Consolidation -Retell the main content of the lesson and the way to prevent the diseases caused by food. 5. Home work - Do exercise B4 in the work book ( page: 78).



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