Giáo án Anh văn lớp 7 : Tên bài dạy : Unit 12 : Let’s eat! Lesson 2: A3 &A4

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Giáo án Anh văn lớp 7 : Tên bài dạy : Unit 12 : Let’s eat! Lesson 2: A3 &A4

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Nội dung Text: Giáo án Anh văn lớp 7 : Tên bài dạy : Unit 12 : Let’s eat! Lesson 2: A3 &A4

  1. Unit 12 : Let’s eat! Lesson 2: A3 &A4 I. Objectives. After the lesson Ss will be able to know how to prepare a meal and write the recipe. -To drill Ss the structure : first, next, then, cook, boil, heat, stir- fry. II. Teaching aids. Text book , work sheet. III. Teaching procedure. 1. Organization: 2. Oral test: - Do exercise 1 in the work book. 3. New lesson: A. Warm up. -Ask Ss to make the sentences using the structures: either, neither, so , too. -Write the sentences on the BB.And read the sentences aloud.
  2. - I love to eat fruits, and so do my parents -She didn’t eat breakfast this morning and neither did her friends. B.Presentation: *Pre- reading. - Introduce the lesson by asking the questions :  Do you always cook meals?  Do you like this work ?  What do you have to do when you cook meals? -Ask Ss to read the text in silence and give the meaning of new words: Slice: thái thành lát mỏng Boil: luộc Heat: đun nóng Stir- fried: xào Add: thêm vào -Ask Ss to read the new words in the chorus after teacher. - Ask Ss to read the reading and answer the questions : What did Hoa’s aunt do ? What did she do first? How did she boil the spinach?
  3. What did she do last? What did Hoa do? * While –reading. -Ask Ss to read the reading and answer the questions. -Ask Ss to share the answer the correct answer to the partners. -Give more new words: Green pepper: ớt xanh Onion: hành Salt: muối Vegetable oil: dầu thực vật Soy sauce: nước xì dầu -Ask Ss to look at : “ Answer the questions” and answer the questions. A) Menu: - Cucumber salat with onions. - Boiled spinach. - Stir- fried beef with green peppers and onions. - Rice
  4. -Ask Ss look at part b) and do the followings: look at the passage again and add the missing verbs to complete the instruction and then matsh the instructions to the pictures. -Write the answer on the BB , and read aloud. 1. Slice. 2.Slice. 5. Add 3. heat. 6. Boil 4.stir- fry. 7. Add. 1) C , 2) F ,3) A , 4) D ,5) B , 6) E ,7 ) G * Post –reading. - Ask Ss to look at the book and write the thing they ate in the morning / afternoon.... 4.Consolidation - Retell the recipe and the food you ate. 5. Home work - Do exercise B4 in the work book .


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