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  • This book is dedicated to the rapidly grown field of microporous ceramic membranes with separating layers of pore diameter less than 2 nm. In spite of the recent rapid growth of the research effort directed towards the development of microporous ceramic membranes the field is still considered to be at its infancy and exhibits a significant future growth potential.

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  • Dams and particle separation is important in the process of harvesting rice (rice; wheat) and energy intensive. There have been many studies on various parts of the dam to improve your drum beats combine harvesters were introduced in recent years. Research division beating drums beating two types of tangential to the direction tangential feed was made in 2007 with the aim of: increasing particle separation distribution of the dam, the dam reduced energy costs, reduce the impact split ...

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  • Poster phim "A Separation" Một nghệ sĩ từng nói với tôi rằng: có những phim “bắt buộc” phải xem, không xem thì không thành người. Các phim đó không nhiều, một năm may ra chỉ có 3, 4 tác phẩm là cao. Năm nay, A Separation (Chia ly) được xếp vào cái danh sách “xem hay là chết” của tôi. Ừ, có lẽ bạn chẳng phải nghệ sĩ gì, hay yêu nghệ thuật một cách quên ăn quên ngủ, nhưng nếu bạn cho rằng mình thuộc dạng quan tâm vừa phải đến văn .

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  • The aim of Caffeine and chlorogenic acid separation from raw coffee beans using supercritical CO2 in water was to develop new process for extracting and separating hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds from coffee beans using supercritical CO in water. In this work, experiments and simulation of the process has been conducted. Chlorogenic acid and caffeine from coffee beans were used as model compounds of hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds, respectively.

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  • We present an architecture and an on-line learning algorithm and apply it to the problem of part-ofspeech tagging. The architecture presented, SNOW, is a network of linear separators in the feature space, utilizing the Winnow update algorithm. Multiplicative weight-update algorithms such as Winnow have been shown to have exceptionally good behavior when applied to very high dimensional problems, and especially when the target concepts depend on only a small subset of the features in the feature space. ...

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Chiral separation techniques" has contents: Techniques in preparative chiral separations; method development and optimization of enantiomeric separations using macrocyclic glycopeptide chiral stationary phases; method development and optimization of enantiomeric separations using macrocyclic glycopeptide chiral stationary phases;...and other contents.

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  • Separable verbs are verbs with prefixes which, depending on the syntactic context, can occur as one word written together or discontinuously. They occur in languages such as German and Dutch and constitute a problem for NLP because they are lexemes whose forms cannot always be recognized by dictionary lookup on the basis of a text word. Conventional solutions take a mixed lexical and syntactic approach. In this paper, we propose the solution offered by Word Manager, consisting of string-based recognition by means of rules of types also required for periphrastic inflection and clitics. ...

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  • A new approach to structure-driven generation is I)resented that is based on a separate semantics as input structure. For the first time, a GPSGbased formalism is complemented with a system of pattern-action rules that relate the parts of a semantics to appropriate syntactic rules. This way a front end generator can be adapted to some application system (such as a machine translation system) more easily than would be possible with many previous generators based on modern grammar formalisms.

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  • Các thiết bị phân tách được chia ra làm 3 nhóm: Các thiết bị tách lỏng khí Separator 2-pha và 3-pha, tính tháp chưng luyện Shortcut Column, thiết bị chia tách cấu tử Component Splitter. Nhằm giúp các bạn hiểu hơn về vấn đề này mời các bạn cùng tham khảo bài giảng "Separation Operations: Phase Separator, Shortcut Column, Component Splitter". Hy vọng nội dung bài giảng là tài liệu tham khảo hữu ích cho các bạn.

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  • Bài giảng Separator trình bày các nội dung: Separator thiết bị phân tách pha lỏng hơi, cách xác định thông số sản phẩm, thành phần pha. Tham khảo nội dung bài giảng để nắm bắt chi tiết.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Chiral separation techniques" has contents: Membranes in chiral.Separations; enantiomer separations using designed imprinted chiral phases, enantiomer separations using designed imprinted chiral phases, nonchromatographic solid phase purification of enatiomers,...and other contents.

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  • This version was issued in January 2008 and includes subsequent amendments resulting from IFRSs issued up to 31 December 2008. Its effective date is 1 July 2009. IAS 27 Consolidated and separate financial statements was issued by the International Accounting Standards Committee in April 1989. It replaced IAS 3 Consolidated Financial Statements (issued in June 1976) except in so far as IAS 3 dealt with accounting for investments in associates. IAS 27 was reformatted in 1994, and limited amendments were made by IAS 39 in 1998 and 2000.

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  • In this study, poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) based nanofiltration (NF) membranes were prepared by coating a thin PVA film on polysulfone ultrafiltration support substrates. The PVA film was cross-linked using malic acid in the presence of HCl as a catalyst. The impacts of crosslinker content and PVA molecular weight on physicochemical properties and separation performance of the prepared membranes were investigated.

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  • This handbook emphasizes the use of synthetic membranes for separations involving industrial or municipal process streams. Little will be said concerning the use of membranes in medical applications as in artificial kidneys or for controlled drug release. Most of the membrane processes are pressure driven. The notable exception to this is electrodialysis (ED) by which ions are separated under the influence of an electric field. In addition, the chapter on coupled transport covers processes which are driven under the influence of a concentration gradient....

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  • These accounts ultimately provide the same benefits as other investment packages—growing capital in a systematic process using professional investment managers to help people achieve their financial objectives—but they may do so with greater satisfaction.The real issue is not whether they provide benefits (they do), but how and for whom they should be employed.

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  • The 80C51 has separate address spaces for program and data memory. The Program memory can be up to 64k bytes long. The lower 4k can reside on-chip. Figure 1 shows a map of the 80C51 program memory.

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  • The presenting training concept serves as an introduction to the modern programming of automation systems. The training document should explain the function knowledge, parameterizing and configuration of an innovative automation system to the reader and convert and strengthen the attained knowledge into practical exercises. The exercises contain examples of the automation system SIMATIC by the company SIEMENS. The document is divided into separate modules which can be executed dependent on the previous knowledge of the reader...

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  • The current text deals with several, very important topics of modern, Analytical Chemistry, such as analytical method validation in biotechnology today, principal component analysis, kinetic methods of analysis using potentiometric and spectrophotometric detectors, the current status of Analytical Chemistry and where it may move in the future, peptide and amino acid separations and identification, and several other, related topics in this growing and increasingly important area of Chemistry, in general.

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'module 4: separating code from content', công nghệ thông tin, chứng chỉ quốc tế phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • This is the first volume of Advances in Nanoporous Materials, a new book series devoted to the science and application of all kinds of nanoporous solids. Its intention is to publish comprehensive reviews of lasting value in the field of nanoporous materials written by renowned experts. Its scope covers all aspects of nanoporous solids, including their preparation and structure, their post-synthetic modification, methods for their characterization as well as their application in catalysis and adsorption/separation....

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