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Tham khảo tài liệu 'đề thi cuộc thi trắc nghiệm trực tuyến 2011 môn thi: anh văn', tài liệu phổ thông, ôn thi đh-cđ phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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Nội dung Text: ĐỀ THI CUỘC THI TRẮC NGHIỆM TRỰC TUYẾN 2011 Môn thi: Anh văn

  1. ĐỀ THI CUỘC THI TRẮC NGHIỆM TRỰC TUYẾN 2011 Môn thi: Anh văn Thời gian làm bài : 90 phút Mark the letter a, b, c, or d to indicate the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress in each of the following questions. 1: a. universal b. revolution c. individual d. experience 2: a. familiar b. flexible c. favorite d. accurate 3: a. acid b. address c. magic d. colour 4: a. aviation b. implication c. publication d. participation 5: a. schedule b. oasis c. atlas d. compass Mark the letter a, b, c, or d to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions. 6: Half a dozen eggs is six eggs. a. fourteen b. twelve c. eight d. sixteen 7: Stop talking immediately! The test started five minutes ago. a. soon b. possibly c. daily d. right now 8: Zippers open and close by ____________ . a. shooting b. sliding c. bending d. choosing 9: The President made a wonderful___________. a. message b. talk c. lecture d. speech 10: By the time you receive this letter, I ___________ for Japan. a. will leave b. have left c. would have left d. will have left 11: A soldier has to learn to carry ________ orders as soon as they are given. a. on b. out c. through d. off 12: _________ of all the staff, I would like to wish you a happy retirement. a. Instead b. In place c. On behalf d. On account 13: Would you like some coffee? _ _______________. a. No, thanks, I prefer tea c. I like hot drinks b. That’s not my cup d. Sorry, thanks 14: May I use your telephone? _ __________________. a. I’ll call you tonight c. It’s ringing b. Of course d. Yes, you are 15: Would you like some more meat? _ __________________. a. Yes, I’d like you to meet someone c. No, thanks, I’ve had enough b. No, we didn’t have d. I don’t need 16: What is that book for? _ ____________________. a. It’s for my English class c. It’s four o’clock b. I bought four books d. It’s mine 17: Does Tom look like his father? _ ____________________. a. He likes ice cream c. take a look around b. Yes, they are very similar d. No, they don’t like 18: Martha is never on time. _ __________________ 19: ____________ is the key to efficiency. a. Organized b. Organize c. Organizer d. Organization 20: __________ are getting cheaper and cheaper! a. DVDs recorders b. DVDs recorder c. DVD recorder d. DVD recorders 21: Oliver Twist, __________, has been made into a film several times. a. that the famous novel by Charles Dickens c. whose famous novel by Charles Dickens b. the famous novel by Charles Dickens d. which famous novel by Charles Dickens 22: At the end of the term _________ student has a report to take home to his or her parents.
  2. a. both b. whole c. all d. each 23: Both tea and coffee __________ caffeine, so we shouldn’t drink too much of them. a. contain b. contains c. holds d. get 24: I’ve given the dog its dinner. Now, I’ll give the cats _________. a. their b. theirs c. their’s . they’s 25: My parents bought a small car because it is more __________ than a big one. a. economy b. economize c. economical d. economics 26: Bill Gates is not only one of _________ men in the world but he is also one of_____. a. the richest/ the most generous c. the richer/ the more generous b. richest / most generous d. rich / generous 27: Lots of people ___________ against flu nowadays. a. vaccinated c. are being vaccinated b. were being vaccinated d. being vaccinated 28: Don’t let a good chance go _______. a. on b. off c. by d. over 29: You can ________ serious damage to your eyes if you look at the sun directly. a. do b. be c. make d. effect 30: A large reptile with a shell, that walks very slowly. a. tortoise b. crocodile c. snake d. Lizard 31: A tsunami is a __________. a. tidal wave c. result of the El Nino b. series of sea waves d. large tidal whirlpool 32: What do the initials www mean? a. World wide web c. Work web wide b. Website word world d. Word wide web 33: What does the “ @” sign in e-mail addresses mean? a. at b. add c. as d. and 34: Jane lost her case because it did not have a / an ______ with her name on. a. ticket b. poster c. label d. identification 35: Take the bus, and _________ at Oxford Circus. a. get out b. get off c. get down . get away Mark the letter a, b, c, or d to show the underlined part that needs correction. 36: They didn’t object to anyone but he. A B CD 37: He looked differently after his return from Europe. A B C D 38: The chairman requested that his student studied the case carefully. A B C D 39: Rarely you find such intelligence in a child. A B C D 40: John is the smartest student than any one else in the class Read the following passage and mark the letter a, b, c, or d to inadicte the correct answer to each of the questions from 41 to 50 . It’s hard to find artifacts that are genuinely American, but the present day banjo may be one of them. Even though its ancestry is African, the modern banjo is nothing like early instruments first brought by Africans to the southern plantations. In the nineteenth century the banjo was a standard intrument in minstrel shows, and, as it continued to be used, it was changed in various ways. Machine pegs were added for precise tuning, frets were added for better intonation, and vellum heads were added to impove the tension. The number of strings also continued to change. Early banjo had four strings, while later models had as many as nine. In the late 1800s, the five-
  3. string banjo was developed, a model that had a small unfretted drone strings that was played with the thumb. This was the instrument that country singer Earl Scuggs played, and was the type used to produce that greatest style of music known as American bluegrass. In the 1920s, the four-string tenor banjo made a remarkable comeback, as banjo bands became popular in schools and clubs from coast to coast. Again in the 1960s there was a renewed interest in folk and country music that brought the banjo back into the forefront of American music. It’s an American instrument that continues to live on. 41: What does this passage mainly discuss? a. the lasting effects of bluegrass music. b. the development of an American instrument c. the life of a banjo d. changes in music in the nineteenth and twentieth century 42: The banjo originally came from………. . a. southern plantations b. folk and country music c. minstrel shows d. Africa 43: The word “plantations” in the passage most probably refers to………. . a. types of farms in the South b. southern states c. southern musical theatres d. bands common in the South 44: Which of the following words is most similar to the word “pegs” ? a. holes b. bars c. pins d. strings 45: The word “precise” could best be replaced by which of the following ? a. accurate b. confirmed c. processed d. forthcoming 46: According to the passage, all of the following are true of the five-string banjo EXCEPT a. It was used by Earl Scuggs b. It was famous in the production of bluegrass music. c. It had an unfretted string. d. It was a tenor banjo. 47: Which of the following is most similar to the meaning of “comeback”? a. performance b. reappearance c. gain d. achievement 48: The word “renewed” could be best replaced by which of the following? a. rescued b. remarkable c. revived d. renowned 49: Which of the following means most nearly the same as the word “forefront”? a. forecast b. spotlight c. footnote d. record 50: Which of the following best indicates the author’s attitude toward the banjo? a. It is a unique instrument b. It should be in a museum c. It should be used more d. It must be kept alive Read the following passage and choose the best answer. Unlike the eye the ear has no lid, therefore noise penetrates without protection. Loud noises instinctively signal danger to any organism with a hearing mechanism, including human beings. In response, heartbeat and respiration accelerate. In fact, there is a general increase in functioning brought about by the flow of adrenaline released in response to fear. Because noise is unavoidable in a complex, industrial society, we are constantly responding in the same way that we would respond to danger. Recently, researchers have concluded that noise and our response may be much more than an annoyance. It may be a serious threat to physical and psychological health and well-being, causing damage not only to the ear and brain but also to the heart and stomach. We have long known that hearing loss is America’s number one nonfatal health problem, but now we are learning some of us with heart disease and ulcers may be victims of noise as well.
  4. 51: What is the author’s main point? a. Loud noises signal danger. b. The ear is not like the eye. c. Noise may pose a serious threat to our physical and psychological health. d. Hearing loss is America’s number one nonfatal health problem. 52: According to the passage, people respond to loud noises in the same way that they respond to_______. a. annoyance b. danger c. damage d. disease 53: It can be inferred from this passage that the eye__________ . a. responds to fear b. is damaged by noise c. enjoys greater protection than the ear d. increases functions 54: Noise is___________. a. a complex problem b. an unavoidable problem in an industrial society c. not a serious problem today d. America’s number one problem\ 55: What was the topic of the paragraph that preceded this passage? a. Fear b. Unlcers c. The eye d. Heart disease Read the following passage and mark the letter a, b, c, or d to indicate the correct word for each of the blanks from 56 to 65. THE RECIPE FOR GOOD COMMUNICATION How many people do you communicate with in a day? Probably a lot more (56)_________ you did ten years ago. With a few pieces of equipment, we can ‘talk’ to people in more and more ways, not (57)_________ face-to-face and on the phone, but also via the Internet. It is very important, therefore, (58)_________ everyone to try and improve their communication skills. Despite all the technological advances of (59)________ years, the art of good conversation is still at the heart of successful communication. (60)________ it’s a good idea to remember the four golden rules of good communication. Firstly, be as clear as you can. Misunderstandings arise if we don’t say exactly (61)_______ we mean. Secondly, we have to work (62)________ at listening. Pay attention to what the other person is saying. Thirdly, ask (63)________ people what they think, don’t only tell them what you think. And finally show respect for people, give them time to say what they want, and (64)__________ interest in what they say. If you (65)_________ these rules, you will be a good communicator. 56: a. like b. than c. as d. that 57: a. yet b. even c. just d. still 58: a. for b. if c. by d. from 59: a. close b. last c. late d. recent 60: a. There b. So c. Such d. Or 61: a. when b. what c. which d. whom 62: a. hard b. much c. great d. very 63: a. every b. other c. each d. another 64: a. get b. put c. be d. show 65: a. act b. move c. follow d. go Mark the letter a, b, c, or d to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions. 66: One of the professor’s greatest attributes is __________________. a. when he gives lectures c. the way to give lectures b. how in the manner that he lectures d. his ability to lecture 67: It was not until she had arrived home ____ remembered her appointment with the doctor. a. when she b. that she c. and she d. she
  5. 68: The students liked that professor’s course because _________________. a. there was few if any homework b. not a lot of home work c. of there wasn’t a great amount of homework d. there was little or no home work 69: Lee contributed fifty dollars, but he wishes he could co ntribute ___________. a. one other fifty dollars c. another fifty b. the same amount also d. more fifty dollars 70: Since he changed professions, Fred’s yearly income has ______________. a. nearly tripled c. almost grown by three times b. got almost three times bigger d. just about gone up three times 71: Anthony Burgess, ___________ as a novelist, was originally a student of music. a. because of being famous c. who because he was famous b. who has achieved fame d. he achieved fame 72: A fine tomb, ____________, marks the grave of the poet Chaucer. a. which in the fifteenth century c. erecting in the fifteenth century b. erected in the fifteenth century d. being erected in the fifteenth century 73: Grace Kelly was first famous as a Hollywood actress and then _________ Prince Rainier of Monaco. a. to be the wife of c. the wife b. she was the wife of d. as the wife of 74: __________ places which attract so many art lovers as Florence, Italy. a. Fewer b. As few c. There are few d. That fewer 75: __________ that F.W. Frohawk made his greatest contribution to the field of natural history during the Victorian period. a. It was as a butterfly- illustrator c. A butterfly illustrator b. He was as a butterfly illustrator d. When he was a butterfly illustrator Mark the letter a, b, c or d to indicate the sentence that is closest in meaning to each of the following questions. 76: “ Tsunami” is a Japanese word. This word means “ harbor wave”. a. “Tsunami” is a Japanese word which it means “ harbor wave”. b. “Tsunami” is a Japanese word it means “harbor wave”. c. “Tsunami” is a Japanese word which means “harbor wave”. d. “Tsunami” means “ harbor wave” is a Japanese word. 77: Hanoi is famous for its beauty. a. It is the beauty of Hanoi that makes it famous. b. Hanoi is a beautiful city. c. It is Hanoi whose beauty attracts many foreign visitors. d. Because Hanoi is famous, it is beautiful. 78: In comparison with last year, the price of food has doubled since April. a. The food has doubled since April. b. The price of food has been twice as much as it was last year since April. c. In April last year food was more expensive than this year. d. Since April the price of food has been cheaper in comparison with last year. 79: The weather was fine enough for them to spend the day in the garden. a. The weather was such fine that they could spend the day in the garden. b. The weather was so fine one that they spent the day in the garden. c. The weather was so fine that they had spent the day in the garden. d. The weather was so fine that they could spend the day in the garden. 80: It’s high time you started revising for the coming exam. a. I think you should start revising for the coming exam right now. b. Revising for the coming exam takes your time. c. It’s time to come to the exam after revising. d. The time is high because you started revising for the coming exam.



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