Đề tài " thương mại điện tử - E commerce "

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Đề tài " thương mại điện tử - E commerce "

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E-commerce is one of the most visible examples of the way in which information and communication technologies can contribute to economic growth. Thương mại điện tử là một trong những ví dụ dễ thấy nhất của cách thức mà công nghệ thông tin và truyền thông có thể đóng góp vào tăng trưởng kinh tế

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  1. Workshop for UNDP Country Office ICT Programme Officers  & Focal Points in Asia­Pacific ­ Kuala Lumpur, December 2002 e­Commerce Will Keenan Regional Advisor on Trade Facilitation  and Electronic Commerce UNESCAP
  2. Premise e­Commerce Kofi A. Annan,  UN Secretary­General E­commerce is one of the most visible examples  of the way in which information and  communication technologies can contribute to  economic growth. UNESCAP
  3. Definition e­Commerce “any form of business or administrative  transaction or information exchange that is  executed using any information and  communications technology” UNESCAP
  4. Internet users and e­C revenue e­Commerce Percent 45 of global 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 United Western Japan Asia/ Rest of States Europe Pacific the World Internet users E­commerce revenue (B2B & B2C) Source: IDC
  5. Challenges to e­Commerce e­Commerce • poor or non­existent telecom • high network (Internet, VAN) access costs • language and culture • lack of skilled personnel • legal, regulatory, taxation and consumer protection  issues • e­security and financial transactions UNESCAP
  6. Traditional EDI process e­Commerce Trading Partner EDI translation Application Application & communication Interface System software EDI documents are sent/received via a network mailbox Trading Partner EDI translation Application Application & communication Interface System software
  7. Technical standards e­Commerce • TRADACOMS • XML • ANSI X12 • ebXML • UN/EDIFACT • and many more  to come… • HTML  UNESCAP
  8. Future ebXML process e­Commerce 1 Request Business Details Business scenarios Company A Business profiles Build Local System 2 Implementation ebXML 2 Register implementation details Registry Register Company A profile Query about Company A profile Agree business arrangements 4 5 6 Download scenarios & profiles Company B Do business ebXML compliant system
  9. TIGeR Initiative ­ Malaysia e­Commerce - MIMOS
  10. Thai e­Commerce policy framework e­Commerce E­Commerce as the national trade strategy  Promote the  EC deployment  Build trust & among business  confidence sectors, esp. SMEs Government Create an  renovates &  environment for fair  creates market competition and  protect consumers Public hearing and government Collaborate proactively with  EC Strategy endorsed in 2000 EC­related international forums is integrated within IT 2010. Vision: EC for Entrepreneurs Competitiveness  EC for Exports of Trade & Services, EC for Domestic Consumption
  11. e­Commerce “Trust & Confidence”  Samples Of Some Successful e­Business Practices UNESCAP
  12. E­Commerce maturity model e­Commerce 3. c­Business Integrating/Collaborating with  the back office information systems,  e.g inventory and financial systems, and connecting with business partners 2. t­Commerce  Ordering the products online  (online transaction), E­Payment could be available online. 1. i­Commerce  Products Information available on the web, Buying and selling on the usual (analog) channel  e.g. telephone, and fax UNESCAP
  13. APEC ­ Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation e­Commerce • 21 member economies – 2.5 billion people – 50% of world trade – consensus based • APEC’s premise – trade and investment liberalisation delivers  economic growth, creates employment and  alleviates poverty UNESCAP
  14. APEC’s Digital Divide e­Commerce UNESCAP
  15. APEC and e­Commerce e­Commerce • e­Commerce becoming mainstream • B2B Internet commerce in the A­P region USD 96.8 billion in 2000 – 22 percent of world total • substantial cost reductions from streamlining business  processes and improved B2B communication UNESCAP
  16. ASEAN – Assn of Southeast Asian  Nations
  17. e­ASEAN e­Commerce • Shepherd:  Singapore • Co­Shepherd: Malaysia, Brunei • Areas of coverage: – e­Commerce legal framework – e­Commerce legislation on electronic transactions  and electronic signatures – Consumer protection ▪  Online alternative dispute resolution ▪  Privacy and personal data protection UNESCAP
  18. e­ASEAN e­Commerce • Areas of coverage (cont’d.): – Regional electronic payments system – Intellectual property rights – Cybercrime legislation and prevention – Developing authentication and security policies – Mutual recognition of digital signature framework – Security policy – Taxation issues UNESCAP
  19. ASEM ­ Asia­Europe Meeting e­Commerce An informal process of dialogue and cooperation between… Brunei Austria China Belgium Italy Indonesia Denmark Luxembourg Japan Finland Netherlands Korea France Portugal Malaysia Germany Spain Philippines Greece Sweden Singapore Ireland United Kingdom Thailand European Commission Viet Nam UNESCAP


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