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Tham khảo tài liệu 'phần ii: bài tập trắc nghiệm tính từ, trạng từ và so sánh', tài liệu phổ thông, ôn thi đh-cđ phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

Chủ đề:


  1. PHẦN II: BÀI TẬP TRẮC NGHIỆM TÍNH TỪ, TRẠNG TỪ VÀ SO SÁNH 1.Jane is ______ because her job is ______ . A.bored - bored B.boring - boring C.boring - bored D.bored -boring 2.Jane doesn’t speak English_______Betty. good as B.better as well as D.well as 3.Mai has lived in London for five years so she speaks_________. A.perfect English B.perfectly English C.English perfect D. English more perfect 4.Her illness was _______ than we had thought first. A.seriouser B. more serious C. seriousest D. most serious 5. The garden looks ______ since you tidied it up. A.better B.gooder C.weller D.more well 6.Gasoline is twice _______ it was a few days ago . a.more expensive than B.much expensive as expensive as expensive than 7.The house over there is _______ building in the city. A.the eldest B.the oldest C.the older D.the older 8.Mr Davis doesn’t work here ______. He left about 6 months ago A.any long B.some long C.any longest D.any longer 9.I am sorry I am late. I got here _______ I could. fast as fast as fastly as fastly as 10.Your English is improving . It is getting_______. A.good and well B.up C.of 11.Ann works ______ than most of her friends. harder B.a lot more hardly C.more hardly D.many harder 12.The shop centre wasn’t ______ crowded this morning _____ it usually is. than - as C.more- than - than 13.There are ………………………in the universe that we cannot count them. much stars many stars C.such stars many D.such stars much 14.Nam is ……………………………………student in his class. A.good B.a best C.the best 15.John is………………………………….of the boys. A.the tallest B.the taller C.the most tall D.tallest 16.He’s …………………………………..his father. tall than tall than tall as tall as 17.It’s a long journey by train. It’s much………………………… road. A.quickly B.more quickly C.more quick D.quicker 18………… we leave, ………. we will arrive. A. Earlier – sooner B. The earliest – the soonest C. The earliest – the sooner D. the earlier - the sooner 19.It’s ……… ………… . film I have ever watched. A. best boring B. most boring C. the best boring D. the most boring 20. These days ………. ………People are learning English. A. much and more B. many and many C. more and more D. many and much
  2. 21. I have never had a …………….. meal than that. a. more delicious b. most delicious c. delicious more d. delicious most 22. This jacket is too small. I need a …….. …………….size. a. largest b. larger c. most large d. more large 23. We didn’t go out because it was raining………………... a. heavy b. heavily c. heavier d. heavilier 24. Don’t walk so ………….. ! Can’t you walk …………………….. ? a. fast – slower b. fast – more slowly c. fastly – slower d. fastly – more slowly 25. You ‘re always tired in the morning. You should go to bed ……………….. a. earlier b. more early c. more earlier d. more earlily 26. It was …………… That she passed the exam. Everyone had thought that she failed. a. surprising b. surprised c surprisingly d. surprisedly 27. I don’t like this coffee because it tastes very ………………... A. strength B. strong C. strongly D. strengthly 28. She looked at me …………… when I interrupted her. A. angry B. angrier C. angrily D. more angrier 29. The driver of the car was …………… in the accident. A. serious injured B. seriously injured C. serious injuredly D. seriously injuredly 30. It’s _____ to go by car than to go by train. A. as cheap B. so cheap C. cheaper D. cheapest 31. I don’t know ____ people in our neighbourhood as you do. A. as much B. so many C. more D. much more 32. It’s ______ decision I’ve ever made in years. A. more difficult B. most difficult C. the more difficult D. The most difficult 33. This book is _____ of the two I have. A. better B. best C. the better D. the best 34. ____ he tried, _____ he danced beforethe large audience. A. Harder- worse B. The harder-the worst C. The hardest- the worst D. Hardest – worst 35. Because of the lights, the city seemed_____ from the way that I had remembered it. A. different B. differently C. to different D to be differently 36. he is _____ boy I have ever met for the last ten years A. cleverer B. more clever C. most clever D. the cleverest 37. She types ______ now than she used to. A. quicker B. quiclier C. more quicly D. more quiclier 38. it’s becoming ______ difficult to find a job in this city. A. much and many B. much and more C. more and more D. more and most 39. Vietnam is now the _____ rice exporting country in the world. A. two bigger B. second bigger C. two biggest D. second biggest 40. The climate in Sa Pa is much colder _____ of Ha Noi. A. than it B. than that C. than there D. than this 41. I______ stay at home to watch TV than go to the cinema. A. would rather B. prefer C. want more D. more like
  3. 42. This is the _____ dog I’ve ever seen. A. dirtier- looking B. dirtiest – looking C. more dity-looking D. most dirty –looking 43. The more popular television programmes become, ____ they seem to get. A. worse B. worst C. the worse D. the worst 44. She ______ Chinese food to Korean food. A. would rather B. prefer C. would like D. more like 45. Jim has _____ opportunities to play tennis than me. A. less B. least C. fewer D. fewest 46. John’s brother drives more carefully than _____ A. he drives B. he does C. him does D. his drives 47. She speaks English ______ than me. A. more better B. much better C. more well D. so better. 48. At school , David was _____ any one else in his class. A. as clever as B. as clever than C. cleverer D. cleverest. 49. The job was more difficult than I _____ expected it to be. A. have B. had C. would D. might 50. He is one of the most _____ people I have ever met A. bored B. bore C. boring D boredom 51. It’s too noisy here. Can we go somewhere _______? A. quietly B. more quietly C. quieter D. quiet 52. John drove _____ I did . A. faster than B. fastly than C. more fastly than D. more faster than. 53. The problem was _____ we thought at first. A. much serious than B. seriouser than C. much more serious than D. much seriously than 54.The new hospital is bigger than the old one. A.The new hospital is not as big as the old one. B.The new hospital is smaller the old one. C.The old hospital is more smaller than th new one. D.The old hospital is smaller than the new one. 55. The Caribean Sea is ______the Mediteranena Sea. A.the most largest B.larger than C.largest D.the largest 56. Your watch is ______ mine. Yours is 300$ and mine is 200$ only. A.cheaper than B.more expensive than expensive as D.the cheapest 57. I am worse than she is . A. She is as worse as I am B. She isn’t as worse as I am C. A. She isn’t as badly as I am D. A. She isn’t as bad as I am 58. They spoke English better than you . A. You didn’t speak English as well as they . B. You don’t speak English as well as they C. You didn’t speak English as good as they. D You don’t speak English as good as they
  4. 59. She doesn’t think my students are more intelligent than yours . A. She doesn’t think yours are as intelligent as my students . B. She doesn’t think your students weren’t as intelligent as my students . C. She doesn’t think your students aren’t as intelligent as mine . D. She doesn’t think your students don’t be as intelligent as my students 60. No student in my class can run as fast as Jack A. Jack is the faster student in my class . B. Jack runs the fastest in my class C. Jack can run faster . D. Jack can run as fast as the student 61. No one in my village was prettier than she . A. She is the prettiest girl in my village B. She is prettier than girl in my village C. She is as pretty as girl in my village D. She was the prettiest girl in my village 62. Mr Lam drives more carelessly than he used to . A. Mr Lam doesn’t drive as carelessly as he did B. Mr Lam didsn’t drive as careless as he does . C. Mr Lam drove as carelessly as he did D. Mr Lam didn’t drive as carelessly as he does now 63. The suitcase seemed to get heavy and heavier as I carried it along the road. A B C D 64. The more expensive the hotel is , the best the service is. A B C D 65.Our teams lost the game because we didn’t play very goodly A B C D 66. We should go sightseing today because it is a sunny nice day. A B C D 67. The most you practice your English , the faster you will learn. A B C D 68. she is very intelligent. In fact, she is one of the more intelligent students in our school. A B C D 69. I think she’s 20, but in fact she is much elder than she looks. A B C D 70. As I waited for the interview, I became much and more nervous A B C D 71. Your English has improved. You speak more fluently as you did the first time we last met A B C D 72. give my best wishes to your parents. I hope they are good. A B C D 73. Classes in the University are more difficult than them in the college A B C D 74. Why does he always come to see us at the daddest possible moment? A B C D 75. Tom looks sadly when I saw him yesterday. Do you know the reason? A B C D
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