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  • Since the mid-20th Century the electronics industry has enjoyed phenomenal growth and is now the largest industry in the world. The foundation of the electronics industry is the semiconductor device. To meet the tremendous demand of this industry, the semiconductor-device field has also grown rapidly. Coincident with this growth, the semiconductor-device literature has expanded and diversified.

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  • Introduction: The modern interest for phenomena at the semiconductor–electrolyte interface dates back to experiments performed in the 1950s with germanium, and has extended to most semiconducting materials for reasons of fundamental knowledge or potential application, going from semiconductor processing technology to heterogeneous photocatalysis to sensors. The subject is highly interdisciplinary and involves fields like electrochemistry, solid-state physics, and surface science.

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  • This chapter presents the basic theory and characteristics of stimulated emission and optical amplification gain in semiconductors. The former is the mostimportant principlethat enablessemiconductorlaserstobeimplemented, and the latter is the most important parameter for analysis of the laser performances. First, stimulated emission in semiconductors is explained, and then quantum theory analysis and statistic analysis using the density matrix of the optical amplification gain are given.

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  • Since the first edition of this handbook, semiconductor technology has gone through a continued evolution of new devices and materials like never before. Wafer sizes continue to grow with most of the new fabs equipped for 12-inch wafers. The changes are triggered by many considerations: continued need to provide more functions at lower cost; technology features less than 1000 Å requiring new processes, and exponential increase in the number of device elements.

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  • This book consists of a collection of review chapters that summarize the recent progress in the areas of metal and semiconductor nanosized crystals (nanocrystals). The interest in the optical properties of nanoparticles dates back to Faraday’s experiments on nanoscale gold. In these experiments, Faraday noticed the remarkable dependence of the color of gold particles on their size. The size dependence of the optical spectra of semiconductor nanocrystals was first discovered much later (in the 1980s) by Ekimov and coworkers in experiments on semiconductor-doped glasses.

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  • Semiconductor lasers are among the most important optoelectronics devices. Remarkable development has been accomplished in the three decades since the first achievement in room-temperature continuous oscillation, which opened the possibility of practical applications of semiconductor lasers. Today, various types of semiconductor lasers are mass-produced and widely used as coherent light sources for a variety of applications, including optical fiber communication systems and optical disk memory systems....

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  • The increasing demand on ultra miniturized electronic devices for ever improving performances has led to the necessity of a deep and detailed understanding of the mathematical theory of charge transport in semiconductors.

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  • Semiconductor nanostructures are currently one of the largest and most exciting areas in solid state physics. Low-dimensional electron systems (realized in semiconductor quantum structures) are particularly appealing because they allow one to study many-particle effects in reduced dimensions. Inelastic light scattering gives direct access to the elementary excitations of those systems.

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  • Semiconductor lab gồm các bài thực hành thí nghiệm dụng cụ bán dẫn – Kit Elvis II. Đây là tài liệu thí nghiệm Điện hữu ích cho các bạn sinh viên ngành Điện và những ai quan tâm đến vấn đề trên. Tham khảo nội dung tài liệu để nắm bắt nội dung chi tiết.

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  • Semiconductor detectors, structures, materials and engineering processes for Semiconductor detectors, Principles of operation and applications of Semiconductor detectors,... invite you to refer

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  • The Hall effect is studied theoretically in a doped semiconductor superlattice (DSSL) subjected to a crossed dc electric field and magnetic field in the presence of an intense electromagnetic wave (EMW). By using the quantum kinetic equation for electrons interacting with acoustic phonons at low temperature, we obtain expressions for the magnetoresistance as well as the Hall coefficient in dependence on the external fields and characteristic parameters of the DSSL. Analytical results are numerically evaluated for the GaAs:Si/GaAs:Be DSSL.

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  • The Yukawa - like screening potential is suggested to describe the effect of environment on the binding energy of an exciton in the monolayer semiconductor WS2. The FK Operator Method combined with the Levi-Civita transformation is used to retrieve energies for the states of n= 1, 2, 3 which agree with experimental data.

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  • To improve the noise characteristics, software-based noise reduction algorithms are widely used in cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) pixelated semiconductor gamma camera system. The purpose of this study was to develop an improved median filtering algorithm using a thresholding method for noise reduction in a CZT pixelated semiconductor gamma camera system.

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  • A diode-pumped solid-state (DPSSL) laser system with 808 nm laser as pump source has been developed successfully. We used the optically anisotropic crystal Nd:YVO4 as the active medium. The threshold pump power and slope efficiency were measured and discussed. With lowly doped crystal Nd:YVO4 0.27% and concave-plane cavity, the laser showed good performance in the pumping range up to 11 W. Using the 1064 nm beam, micromachining were successfully conducted upon some normal materials such as plastic, wood; some semiconductors such as silicon and metals such as aluminum, copper, steel.

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  • Aiming to compare the cooling effect, two types of solar-powered semiconductor air-conditioning devices were designed in different structures. According to the cooling load in an experimental room, the solar panels and battery capacity were determined for the development of a test system.

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  • Existing productivity improvements activities such as inventory buffer, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and total productive maintenance (TPM) do not associate the throughput shortage with the process parameters. The paper aims to develop and validate an integrated model to recover the throughput shortage through adjustment of process parameters in a semiconductor assembly setting.

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  • The following will be discussed in this chapter: Intrinsic Intrinsic bond model : electrons lectrons and holes, generation and recombination, intrinsic semiconductor, doping: extrinsic semiconductor, charge neutrality.

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  • The semiconductor diode laser chips AlGaAs of the matrix structure (linear bars arrays structure), having an output opticalpower of 2W were packaged at the semiconductor laser labrotary - Institute of Materials Science. We have studied some its properties such as: the temperature dependence of laser threshold, output optical power; the transfer heat of laser chip and pump current of laser. The study of spectral structure showed that the operating wavelength area of laser and structure of the longitudinal multimode depend on temperature and pump current.

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  • The optical resonance of a three-level system of the strongly correlated electrons in the twolevel semiconductor quantum dot interacting with the linearly polarized monochromatic electromagnetic radiation is studied. With the application of the Green function method the expressions of the state vectors and the energies of the stationary states of the system in the regime of the optical resonance are derived. The Rabi oscillations of the electron populations at different levels as well as the Rabi splitting of the peaks in the photon emission spectra are investigated.

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  • Bipolar magnetic semiconductors (BMSs) are a new member of spintornic materials. In BMSs, one can obtain 100% spin-polarized currents by means of the gate voltage. However, most of previous studies focused on their applications in spintronics instead of spin caloritronics. Herein, we show that BMS is an intrinsic model for spin Seebeck effect (SSE). Without any gate voltage and electric field, currents with opposite spin orientation are generated and flow in opposite directions with almost equal magnitude when simply applying a temperature bias.

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