Đề thi chọn HSG cấp tỉnh môn tiếng Anh lớp 12 năm 2015-2016 - Sở GD&ĐT Sóc Trăng (Vòng 2)

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Đề thi chọn HSG cấp tỉnh môn tiếng Anh lớp 12 năm 2015-2016 - Sở GD&ĐT Sóc Trăng (Vòng 2)

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Với mong muốn giúp các bạn đạt kết quả cao trong kì thi, TaiLieu.VN đã sưu tầm và chọn lọc gửi đến các bạn Đề thi chọn HSG cấp tỉnh môn tiếng Anh lớp 12 năm 2015-2016 - Sở GD&ĐT Sóc Trăng (Vòng 2). Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo!

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Nội dung Text: Đề thi chọn HSG cấp tỉnh môn tiếng Anh lớp 12 năm 2015-2016 - Sở GD&ĐT Sóc Trăng (Vòng 2)

SỞ GIÁO DỤC VÀ ĐÀO TẠO<br /> SÓC TRĂNG<br /> <br /> KỲ THI CHỌN HỌC SINH GIỎI CẤP TỈNH<br /> Năm học 2015-2016<br /> <br /> Đề chính thức<br /> <br /> SỐ PHÁCH<br /> <br /> Môn: Tiếng Anh - Lớp 12<br /> (Thời gian làm bài 180 phút, không kể phát đề)<br /> Ngày thi: 26/9/2015<br /> <br /> (do Chủ tịch hội<br /> đồng chấm thi ghi)<br /> <br /> Đề thi này có 7 trang<br /> Họ tên – chữ ký<br /> Giám khảo 1<br /> <br /> Họ tên – chữ ký<br /> Giám khảo 2<br /> <br /> Điểm<br /> (bằng số)<br /> <br /> Điểm<br /> (bằng chữ)<br /> <br /> - Thí sinh làm bài trên đề thi.<br /> - Thí sinh làm phần nghe hiểu trước.<br /> A. Listening. (3.6 points)<br /> Part 1. You will hear people talking in eight different situations. For question 1-8, circle the<br /> best answer (A, B or C). (1.6 points)<br /> 1. On a train, you overhear a woman phoning her office. Why has she phoned?<br /> A. to apologize for being late<br /> B. to check the time of an appointment<br /> C. to find out where her diary is<br /> 2. You switch on the radio in the middle of a programme. What kind of programme is it?<br /> A. a news programme<br /> B. a nature programme<br /> C. a cookery programme<br /> 3. You overhear a conversation between a watchmaker and a customer. What does the watchmaker<br /> say about the watch?<br /> A. It is impossible to repair it.<br /> B. He does not have the parts to repair it.<br /> C. It is not worth repairing.<br /> 4. You overhear a woman talking about her new neighbours. How does she feel?<br /> A. shocked<br /> B. offended<br /> C. suspicious<br /> 5. You hear a man talking about deep-sea diving. Why does he like the sport?<br /> A. It suits his sociable nature.<br /> B. It fulfils his need for a challenge in life.<br /> C. It contrasts with his normal lifestyle.<br /> 6. You turn on the radio and hear a scientist being interviewed about violins. What is the scientist<br /> doing?<br /> A. explaining how a violin works<br /> B. explaining how a violin is made<br /> C. explaining how a violin should be played<br /> 1<br /> <br /> 7. You hear part of a radio programme about CD-ROMs. What is the speaker’s opinion of the CDROMs about Australia which she tried?<br /> A. There is little difference between them.<br /> B. Most of them are disappointing.<br /> C. You are better off with an ordinary guidebook.<br /> 8. You turn on the radio and hear a woman giving advice to business people. What advice does she<br /> give about dealing with customers?<br /> A. Don’t allow them to stay on the phone too long.<br /> B. Don’t let them force you to agree to something.<br /> C. Don’t be too sympathetic towards them.<br /> Part 2. You will hear part of a radio interview with a woman who sailed round the world on<br /> her own. For question 9-18, complete the sentences. (2.0 points)<br /> Anna was employed by a (9) _________________ when she first started sailing. The idea<br /> of sailing round the world came from a book called (10) _________________. Anna spent some<br /> time (11) _________________ the boat before taking it out to sea. Anna tested her boat on a trip<br /> which lasted for only (12) _________________ because it was damaged. Anna got the money she<br /> needed to make the trip from various (13) _________________ companies. Anna’s worst problem<br /> during the trip was when she felt (14) _________________ because the boat was going so slowly.<br /> Anna found the (15) _________________ in the Southern Ocean the most exciting part of the trip.<br /> On her return, Anna phoned the (16) _________________ to ask for a certificate. Anna’s claim was<br /> doubted because she hadn’t been in contact with people on (17) _________________ during her<br /> trip. Anna’s story was finally believed after her (18) _________________ had been checked.<br /> B. Lexico - Grammar (7.4 points)<br /> Part 1. Circle the best answer to complete each sentence. (1.6 points)<br /> 1. Our children should be educated and trained well enough to perform the ____ jobs of<br /> contemporary society.<br /> A. diagnostic<br /> B. high-tech<br /> C. fiction<br /> D. safe<br /> 2. Although he was completely ____ as a furniture-maker, he produced the most beautiful chairs.<br /> A. incapable<br /> B. uneducated<br /> C. untrained<br /> D. unable<br /> 3. Parents are ____ by law to send their children to school.<br /> A. obliged<br /> B. conducted<br /> C. confided<br /> D. demanded<br /> 4. There is no reason to ____ his honesty. He is absolutely sincere.<br /> A. ask<br /> B. search<br /> C. inquire<br /> D. doubt<br /> 5. “Mum, I’ve got 620 on the TOEFL test”. – “____”.<br /> A. Oh, hard luck<br /> B. Good job<br /> C. Good way<br /> D. You are right<br /> 6. Mr. and Mrs. Baker are always ____ with each other.<br /> A. discussing<br /> B. annoying<br /> C. arguing<br /> D. shouting<br /> 7. Martin enjoys having fun by causing trouble. He is a very ____ boy.<br /> A. mischievous<br /> B. bright<br /> C. spoiled<br /> D. stubborn<br /> 8. Having ____ the table, Ms. Robert called the family for dinner.<br /> A. ordered<br /> B. spread<br /> C. completed<br /> D. laid<br /> <br /> 2<br /> <br /> Part 2. Circle the correct verb tense. (1.0 point)<br /> 1. I didn’t see anyone but I felt as though I ____.<br /> A. was watched<br /> B. was being watched<br /> C. have been watched D. am watched<br /> 2. The topic ____ at yesterday’s meeting was of great importance.<br /> A. to be discussed<br /> B. having been discussed C. discussed<br /> D. was discussed<br /> 3. “Did you finish the test?” – “Yes, but I ____ better if I had had more time”.<br /> A. could have done<br /> B. could do<br /> C. should do<br /> D. should be doing<br /> 4. The existence of many stars in the sky ____ us to suspect that there may be life on another planet.<br /> A. lead<br /> B. led<br /> C. have led<br /> D. leads<br /> 5. There’s no doubt that if I ____ a lot of money, I’d definitely stop working.<br /> A. win<br /> B. won<br /> C. would win<br /> D. had won<br /> Part 3. Circle the underlined word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that needs correcting. (2.0 points)<br /> 1. Due of the government’s policy, some farming areas have been abandoned.<br /> A<br /> B<br /> C<br /> D<br /> 2. The better you are at English, more chance you have to get a job with international organizations.<br /> A<br /> B<br /> C<br /> D<br /> 3. Small town newspapers often urge readers to make business with local merchants.<br /> A<br /> B<br /> C<br /> D<br /> 4. The woman of whom the red car is parked in front of the bank is a famous pop star.<br /> A<br /> B<br /> C<br /> D<br /> 5. Police believes that Sam is in Brazil although his exact whereabouts is unknown.<br /> A<br /> B<br /> C<br /> D<br /> 6. It was a six-hours journey; we were completely exhausted when we arrived.<br /> A<br /> B<br /> C<br /> D<br /> 7. The British national anthem, calling “God Save the Queen”, was a traditional song in the 18th<br /> century.<br /> A<br /> B<br /> C<br /> D<br /> 8. Education is a subject which many British people deeply care about it.<br /> A<br /> B<br /> C<br /> D<br /> 9. There are differences and similarities between Vietnamese and American culture.<br /> A<br /> B<br /> C<br /> D<br /> 10. Professor Jones said that a good way to improve your language are learning to practise it<br /> frequently.<br /> A<br /> B<br /> C<br /> D<br /> Part 4. Use the correct form of the word in parentheses. (2.0 points)<br /> 1. The government has promised to deal with the problem of __________________ among young<br /> people. (employ)<br /> 2. Less public transport is now available because of the _____________ of staff. (short)<br /> 3. Will you please give us some _____________ explanation? (far)<br /> 4. A man was being questioned in connection with his girl friend’s __________________. (appear)<br /> 5. The ______________ of natural resources is becoming inadequate for the support of increasing<br /> population. (place)<br /> 6. Dozens of _____________ are injured on the city road each year. (cycle)<br /> 7. The grammar section provides coverage of all the most __________________ areas. (problem)<br /> 8. She left school with good __________________. (qualify)<br /> 9. This knife is very blunt. It needs ___________________. (sharp)<br /> 3<br /> <br /> 10. I stayed with them during my holiday last year and their ______________ made me feel like at<br /> home. (friend)<br /> Part 5. Circle the correct preposition. (0.8 point)<br /> 1. I ran ____ Long this morning when I was doing the shopping at a grocery store.<br /> A. after<br /> B. away<br /> C. back<br /> D. into<br /> 2. They kept ____ digging despite the governor’s warning.<br /> A. for<br /> B. on<br /> C. in<br /> D. away<br /> 3. You need to ____ smoking as soon as possible. Your health is getting very bad.<br /> A. give up<br /> B. turn up<br /> C. show up<br /> D. blow up<br /> 4. Luckily, the fire had been ____ completely before the strong wind came.<br /> A. dealt with<br /> B. taken on<br /> C. put out<br /> D. thrown away<br /> C. Reading (4 points)<br /> Part 1. Fill in each numbered space with one appropriate word. (2 points)<br /> FRUITIBIX<br /> Do you want to be slim?<br /> Do you worry about your family’s health?<br /> Then you should try Fruitibix, the new (1) _____ fruit and nut biscuit. Fruitibix (2) _____<br /> wonderful, but it contains less sugar than most other biscuits. Each biscuit contains dried fruit and<br /> nuts, (3) _____ apples, coconut and bananas. Sometimes you (4) _____ like eating something<br /> between meals. Now, instead of (5) _____ a chocolate bar, bite into a Fruitibix. It will keep you<br /> healthy.<br /> At lunchtime, instead of chips or hamburgers, have a Fruitibix. It contains all the essential<br /> foods for a balanced (6) _____. And if you are in a (7) _____, and don’t have time for a proper<br /> meal, Fruitibix will give you the (8) _____ to keep on going.<br /> So whenever your children ask for (9) _____ sweet, give them Fruitibix instead of cakes or<br /> chocolate. They will love the taste and it won’t (10) _____ their teeth. Discover Fruitibix. It’s on<br /> your supermarket shelves now!<br /> Part 2. Read the passage below and then circle the correct answer A, B, C or D. (1.0 point)<br /> THE STATUE OF LIBERTY<br /> One of the most famous statues in the world stands on an island in New York Harbour. This<br /> statue is, of course, the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty is a woman who holds a torch up<br /> high. Visitors can go inside the statue. The statue is so large that as many as twelve people can<br /> stand inside the torch. Many more people can stand in other parts of the statue. The statue weighs<br /> 225 tons and is 301 feet tall.<br /> The Statue of Liberty was put up in 1886. It was a gift to the United States from the people<br /> of France. Over the years France and the United States had a special relationship. In 1786 France<br /> helped the American colonies gain independence from England. The French wanted to do<br /> something special for the U.S. centennial, its 100th birthday.<br /> Laboulaye was a well-known Frenchman who admired the United States. One night at a<br /> dinner in his house, Laboulaye talked about the idea of a gift. Among Laboulaye’s guests was the<br /> French sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi. Bartholdi thought of a statue of liberty. He offered to<br /> design the statue.<br /> Many people contributed in some way. The French people gave money for the statue.<br /> Americans designed and built the pedestal for the statue to stand on. The American people raised<br /> 4<br /> <br /> money to pay for the pedestal. The French engineer Alexander Eiffel, who was famous for his<br /> Eiffel Tower in Paris, figured out how to make the heavy statue stand.<br /> In the years after the statue was put up, many immigrants came to the United States through<br /> New York. As they entered New York Harbour, they saw the Statue of Liberty holding up her<br /> torch. She symbolized a welcome to land of freedom.<br /> 1. All of the following statements are true EXCEPT<br /> A. The statue was the result of a very good relationship between France and the USA.<br /> B. The statue is large enough for twelve people to stand in it.<br /> C. The French made the statue a gift to the USA on the occasion of its 100th birthday.<br /> D. The Statue of Liberty is a woman who holds a torch up high.<br /> 2. 1886 was a special year for the US because……………….<br /> A. it was the 100th birthday of the nation<br /> B. the Statue of Liberty was put up then<br /> C. it marked a special friendship between France and the US<br /> D. the US gained independence from England<br /> 3. The first person to think of a statue as a gift was……………….<br /> A. Laboulaye<br /> B. Alexander Eiffel<br /> C. The French people<br /> D. Frederic August Bartholdi<br /> 4. The pedestal for the statue was ……………….<br /> A. designed and built by Bartholdi<br /> B. as famous as the Eiffel Tower in Paris<br /> C. designed and paid for by Americans<br /> D. not strong enough for the heavy statue to stand on<br /> 5. Alexander Eiffel was the person who ……………….<br /> A. designed the statue<br /> B. figured out how heavy the statue would be<br /> C. figured out how to make the statue stand<br /> D. chose New York harbour for the statue to stand<br /> Part 3. Read the following passage and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap.<br /> Write your answer in the numbered box. (1.0 point)<br /> There is no doubt at all that the Internet has made a huge difference to our lives. However,<br /> most parents worry that their children spend too much time browsing the Internet or playing<br /> computer games, hardly (1) ____ doing anything else in their spare time. Naturally, parents want to<br /> know if these activities are harmful to their children. What should they do if their children spend<br /> hours staring at a computer screen? Obviously, if children spend too much time (2) ____ in some<br /> games instead of doing their homework, then something is wrong. It is a good idea if parents and<br /> children decide together how much use should be made of the Internet, and the child should (3)<br /> ____ that it won’t interfere with homework. If the child does not stick to this arrangement, parents<br /> can take more drastic steps. Any parent who is (4) ____ alarmed about a child’s behaviour should<br /> make an appointment to talk the matter with a teacher. Spending time in front of a computer screen<br /> does not (5) ____ affect a child’s performance at school. Even if a youngster seems obsessed with<br /> the computer, he or she is probably just going through a phase, and in a few months parents will<br /> have something else to worry about!<br /> 1. A. always<br /> B. never<br /> C. ever<br /> D. rare<br /> 2. A. absorbed<br /> B. occupied<br /> C. taken<br /> D. involved<br /> 5<br /> <br />



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